Mike Duffy, Nigel Wright and Stephen Harper

On Sunday, May 19th, 2013 in Blogs

There are so many questions raised by the disclosure, by the Prime Minister’s Office no less, that the Chief of Staff cut a personal cheque to cover Mike Duffy’s illegitimate claims for a housing allowance in the place where he has been ordinarily resident for decades, that even to list them is a challenge.

The problem with most of the questions is that they start a bit later in the scenario than they should.

First up, was Mike Duffy promised a Senate seat if he worked really hard to sabotage the Liberals in the 2008 election?

I had been interviewed by Mike Duffy and known him for years.  I was fond of him.  I never thought he was biased one way or the other – until his coverage of the 2008 campaign.  Some may recall me taking him on in a live interview when his introductory set up for Peter MacKay (interviewed just ahead of me) was so outrageous that I accused him of a lapse in journalistic ethics.  When the interview was over, I remember thinking, “Well, I will never be on Mike Duffy Live ever again.”  And when he was appointed to the Senate right after the election, I knew I was right as the show ceased to exist.  His lapse of ethics was more spectacularly evident in broadcasting out-takes from the Atlantic bureau’s interview with Stéphane Dion.  Opportunities to do “re-asks” are not uncommon and they are never broadcast.  Doing so, when Dion’s team had been told they could ask the questions over again, was outrageous.  It clearly impacted the election results.

The other questions also matter.  Did the Prime Minister promise Duffy he would fix the financial and legal mess created by false claims for a housing allowance?  Why would the Prime Minister do such a thing?  Does Duffy have anything he can hold over the PM, such as proof of the Senate seat for journalistic shilling in an election campaign?  Did the Prime Minister ask his Chief of Staff to write the cheque?  Frankly, I can see no other reason why a smart person like Nigel Wright would do something so obviously wrong, unless he was directed to do so by the Prime Minister.

Normal people are asking questions like “who has $90,000 in their chequing accounts?  Who has $90,000 in their chequing account and they have it to spare in case someone needs it?”

None of these questions matter as much as why is it that no reporter has been able to get a response from anyone in Harper’s administration about the chemistry of the atmosphere now being dangerously altered.  The news that we have hit 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere makes Mike Duffy’s expense account scandal look like the petty criminality it likely is.  And, of course, there are approximately 1% as many words in our press about the 400 ppm news as there is about the Mike Duffy scandal.

The big crime continues to hide in plain sight while Stephen Harper continues his looting of our children’s future.

UPDATE: Just received news that Nigel Wright has fallen on his sword for the PM and become the literal fall guy. All questions still stand.

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  • Elaine

    Well put, Elizabeth May! Thank you.

  • Eve Millington

    Thank you for staying on the Mike Duffy controversy. Although it does pale in comparison to a number of global environmental and other issues, it is nonetheless the tip of the iceberg in the Harper government’s abuse of office. I used to respect Mike Duffy the journalist, many years ago when he routinely skewered public figures on various misdeeds. What I don’t understand, is why so many people are still complacent about all of the above.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      the truth is very hard to swallow – easily denied – and others’ lives are too frantic to pay attention, UNTIL IT WILL BE TOO LATE!

  • Doone

    I am speechless, truly speechless at what has been happening and continues to happen to our country under Harper’s government. What a devious man he is.

    • Dad G

      Harper truly believes he is Open, Transparent and Accountable….it’s just that he doesn’t accept the generally accepted definition of those words….and seeks to reverse their meaning in Canadian Dictionaries and Canadian History!!

      • Sought Truth & Found It

        Daddy G, he DOESN’T CARE … he’s so busy dismantling Canada & carry out the ‘Implementation Schedule’ of the secret Free Trade Agreement, seen & warned to us by the courageous insider Shelley Ann Clark (greatly muzzled & life-threatened) Do your homework.

    • pmagn
  • http://www.facebook.com/forest.green Frederick Leidemer

    The fact that we have managed to reach 400ppm of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is totally devastating and irreversible. We can skip any thoughts of saving the planet, and instead should begin to plan for a world rife with major climatic events that will disrupt life on the planet as we know it. That my species would knowingly destroy its own environment is the single largest disappointment of my life. And all for greed. Unbelievable.

  • l

    I don’t for a second think that this Duffy/Wright/Harper story is not important. I am sure there is more to this whole sordid story. However, it is getting all the media attention at the expense of other issues. While Canadians debate the validity of the Senate Harper and his Cons continue to destroy this country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588614851 Chris Conway

      You’re entirely missing the significance of what happened. This matter epitomizes the destruction of Canadian democracy, in fact there is no better example and it directly and undeniably involves the PMO itself. This is the smoking gun of that which you complain and the perpetrator is still holding it in his hand.

      • bill

        Chris, “anti-democratic Harper” is the rebranding of “hidden-agenda Harper.” Since we still have abortion, gay marriage, gun laws and no capital punishment, the previous image lost its believability. Saying that, some people still want to believe he has a hidden agenda, which defies all logic.

        As to your reply, the Senate is not a democratic body. It’s an appointed body. The person who has campaigned on making it a democratic body is Stephen Harper.

        If Duffy had been elected by the people as Harper would prefer, he Duffy would be on his own. The media and other parties wouldn’t be making political hay over the situation. Their focus would be elsewhere, hopefully on something worthwhile. No guarantees on that though.

        We need to reform the Senate and give provinces the ability to recall their Senators.

        • Matt Harley

          We need to reform the whole system, a system that was designed (in a much simpler time) as a two-party system. 24.24% of eligible voters should not be able to elect a majority government that runs rough-shod over the country as a whole, institutions, regulatory bodies, social safety net, etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/derek.j.andrews Derek Andrews

    What I find odd is that Duffy couldn’t find 90k of his own. OK, he may not have it in his chequing account, but I don’t believe he doesn’t have plenty of equity elsewhere that he could have liquidated fairly quickly if he wanted to.

  • Pierre P-R, Ottawa

    Which PC MP will be fielding the tough questions on Tuesday? The bench is getting rather thin now that even the Sun has slammed Pierre Poilievre. Surely the PM’s parliamentary secretary should stand to reclaim his “pit bull” reputation. Maybe they’ll just draw straws. Sad.

    • Denise R.

      Yes they are looking haggard and exhausted. One scandal and challenge after another. I can’t wait for the sky to fall and the truths are out.

      • Sought Truth & Found It

        the truths are there, but too many have their heads in the sand.

    • Andrew

      Not to split hairs too much but they are not the PC’s. That party is gone. All the better we eliminate that acronym so as not to accidentally associate the Harper Government with the term “progressive”.

      • Sought Truth & Found It

        no time for language lessons

    • Sam

      I’m astounded that the Sun actually slammed a Conservative. They must have received permission from Herr Harper

    • Seeking Truth

      this MP is vicious

  • Dave Roddick

    Still worried about the precedent: private giving to sitting members of Parliament/Senate okay, setting aside the fact for the moment Wright was a public official.

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.fraser.7359 Linda Fraser

    It is evident that the Conservative Government’s stronghold over parliament is crumbling around the edges and i predict bigger cracks will become evident in the coming months. As science is more and more vocal about the signs of climate change, people are realizing old party policies are not working and not leading us in a helpful direction. Thank you for this confirmation about Mike Duffy. I haven’t had any respect for him since I was a teacher on strike and he made some disgusting offhanded remarks about my profession.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588614851 Chris Conway

    A high ranking federal public official (Wright) intimately connected to the Prime Minister, gifts the payment of a huge and unlawful public debt incurred by an appointed member (Duffy) of the upper house of Parliament that votes on the legislation advanced by the Prime Minister and THAT action is apparently not considered a criminal act in Canada?? Same official orders non-cooperation with a public forensic audit as a condition of the payment – and this is not BRIBERY? People, this is not just a scandal – this is political corruption and interference in public process at the highest level of elected political office in Canada. It is a political crisis that goes far beyond any notion of partisan politics and strikes at the already wounded heart of Canadian parliamentary democracy. Harper MUST resign immediately and all persons involved must be investigated and charged. Otherwise Canada becomes worse than a banana republic.

    • sdgreen46

      Nonsense. All are in the same Party!

      • Seeking Truth

        well, the Cons & Libs are! .. Tory 1 & Tory 2

    • Neb

      Totally agree! It was going on for a long time and Harper should not only resign but should be charged. Bravo!

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      It’s worse that you all think! Elizabeth May is thankfully passing along valuable & indicting info. But the kind words, hand-wringing & petitions have not changed the government HUBRIS. If you want to thank her, do your homework! S.H. vowed to CHANGE CANADA FOREVER! & he’s doing it as quick as he can. The info is no secret … it’s there for all to see, hard as it may be to swallow. 1. Read about the set-up of the Bank Of Canada & why our gov. debt is so enormous (the banks have tipped their hands by their ‘outsourcing’, etc. 2. Read ‘Mark Carney/Goldman Sachs’ & see how the GS ‘graduates’ have advised state financial ministers all over the world into the cruel ‘austerity’ which has not solved anything, but has crashed world economies. 3. Read about the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, & the heads of the state Banks – the members & meetings. 4. Most of all, read about Shelley Ann Clark/NAFTA (the greatly muzzled, harassed & life-threatened insider) – she wants to save Canada by disclosing the back-room scandal of the Free Trade Agreement. SH is Mulroney’s protege & is dismantling Canada the way that the ‘Implementation Schedule’ that Shell Ann Clark saw. Join up the dots & you won’t be wondering any more! OVER & OUT!!!

    • Angelina

      Absolutely right on! Sick of the crooked politicians. There should be complete investigations into all of their expenses and the people who okayed these expenses and authorized payment of same. Bring back Bev Oda as well. Anyone who is guilty should face criminal charges and definitely should lose any pension they may have otherwise been entitiled to. No wonder we don’t have enough subsidized housing for people like the mentally ill who have to live on under $1,000.00 per month. Impossible! The wealthy get greedier. The poor stay poor.

  • WesternGirl

    In 2005 Stephen Harper told Paul Martin that “Corruption is not a Canadian value.” I hope that’s still true. But the #harpergovernment on the other hand, is another story. This one won’t go away.

    • sdgreen46

      But there is no corruption in this.

      • Sought Truth & Found It

        Heh, Heh, Heh!… no corruption, only treason

  • Larry Norman

    Certain amount of self deception and media manipulation when all the pieces of the puzzle helpform the completed picture &Mr. Duffy’s puzzle piece is a big one!

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      not a match for the REAL BIG ONE! do your homework …

  • Andre Hall

    I am liberal supporter..but this statement has made me stand up and applaud you. Spot on!

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.squissato Laura Squissato

    I agree that Duffy-gate is but another distraction from other far more significant failings of this gov’t. The 400 ppm is not being addressed in any way by policy – quite the reverse in fact. And …. where is that darn $3.1B anyway?

    But perhaps something like this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. And in this instance, let us not forget – and as Elizabeth points out – why and by whom Duffy was elevated to the Canadian Senate. The fault is not all with the Senate in and of itself and although reform was promised, we have seen this gov’t do nothing but make it much, much worse.

  • http://twitter.com/frackfreenb Kevin Aubie

    Excellent insights as usual Elizabeth. If Mr Duffy or Mr Wright broke the law they should be tried for those crimes. I wonder if they’ll lie under oath for Dear leader?

  • http://twitter.com/PitchforkTorchz Canadian Patriot

    This corruption has been encouraged by a disgraceful Canadian media full of lapdogs and Presstitutes that have ignored scandal after scandal.
    One would think this has to be the last straw.
    There’s only so many minions you can throw under the bus.
    This Prime Minister is garbage.
    He needs to resign immediately.

  • http://twitter.com/OldMan1o Bruce Grainger

    I do not understand stand all the moaning and crying. This has absolutely NO effect on Mr. Harper nor will it. He is by virtue of his sanctity and lofty position untouchable until 2015. The Political parties and Canadians in general do not have the will or the ability to force his compliance or resignation. Until you do , you are no more productive than a fart in a windstorm. Nixon was held accountable, Harper will never be.

    • Chris Harwood

      Wouldn’t it be interesting if… The Con MP’s who have a PC background (excluding MacKay) said “enough of this” and bolted from Caucus causing a real crisis amongst the Government Benches. Remember when Diefenbaker’s gov’t was defeated when some gov’t members (including cabinet ministers) abstained from a confidence vote related to the bomarc issue.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      unfortunately right, to Canada’s probable disappearance.

  • Warren Bell

    The mere FACT that Nigel Wright, being who he is, can hand over a $90,000 cheque is, as you have rightly pointed out, alarming for its far broader implications,
    Some of these implications are (in no order):
    a) that Stephen Harper is so bold in his sense of dominance that he can tolerate or even invite this act, without concerning himself about the repercussions;
    b) that his world is so populated with moneyed individuals that an unnecessary and entirely discretionary cheque for $90,000 in today’s economic and political climate can be a casual thing (SH’s own current net worth is estimated at $5 million);
    c) he knew this would catch the public’s eye, and perhaps he sacrificed (in a very modest sense) Nigel Wright’s position as a distraction from other, more critical issues he chooses to ignore (e.g. the 400 ppm of CO2 and many others);
    d) he has communicated such a sense of immunity to those around him, through past demonstration of fierce defense of his “own”, that they feel enabled (in the Alcoholics Anonymous sense) in such behaviour, knowing that “the boss” will always back them and bail them out, not matter what scandalous things they do;
    e) Nigel Wright won’t go far, as he is too valuable and committed to the PM’s ideology for Stephen Harper to let him go far.
    The current PM is not the first to allow partisanship to get out of hand. But he is one of the most fiercely ideological leaders we have seen, and one of the most coldly efficient at using the overly-centralized power of the PMO to achieve his political goals. This event, as I see it, is just a spill-over from that underlying and relentless drive — a bit of minor collateral damage on the road to his darker ends.
    It wouldn’t matter so much if this wasn’t the 21st century — but it is. There 7 billion of us, and we are clearly (and negatively) affecting the functions and behaviour of this planetary home of ours, because of practices that Stephen Harper wants to expand and amplify. Now such an effective and skilful manipulator of power is a tremendous liability and threat to us all — and especially to future generations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573031038 Martin Golder

    Thank you so much Elizabeth. You and now Andrew are great reasons to vote green and forget about so called strategic voting. I sometimes feel that you are the only live body in Ottawa amongst a gaggle of scifi clones.

  • Earl Warning

    Thank you for representing not only Saanich-Gulf Islands, but also the rest of Canada. Sometimes a lone voice in the wilderness is all it takes to stand up to the bully. Think David & Goliath.

  • http://www.facebook.com/linden.wiebe Lyndon Mark

    I cannot decide whether I am MORE impressed by Elizabeth May or more OUTRAGED by the slime and filth that is our government.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      you can have BOTH … Elizabeth May is supplying indictable info & our government is busily DISMANTLING CANADA … TIME FOR ACTION, NOW

  • boris moris

    Ms. May writes: ” I never thought he was biased, one way or the other, until his coverage of the 2008 election campaign.” You have got to be kidding. It’s been a well known fact in Ottawa since the Mulroney years that he was an active Conservative back room player. This man was NEVER a journalist…only a thinly disguised partisan hack.

  • Dad G

    E.M.—-Lot’s of people have $90K AND MUCH MORE in Chequing Accounts…..even little olde me (several times after selling a home…but it was gone soon thereafter to pay for another one) mostly though they’re CONS or CON supporters. That’s exactly why they have it. As far as ‘giving it’ to someone, that’s quite another question….a question for which we’ll never get an honest answer…..its not as if Duffy is related by blood to Wright!

  • Ginger

    Harper is going to do nothing on climate change, nothing to improve the democratic process, nothing to improve Canada’s standing in the world, nothing meaningful for the 99%. The sooner he gets out of office, the better. If this sorted mess forces him to resign – that’s a good thing.

  • Lorenzo

    One word describes the Harper Government to a T…..and that word is ‘corruption’.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      no, the “T” stands for “treachery”, or???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588614851 Chris Conway

    Elizabeth – can you be my MP even if I live far away from your riding? I don’t want the one I’ve got.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      yes, we have one of the bobble-head MPs & their supporters, with their heads in the sand.

  • ect

    The various parties opposed to Harper et al. need to unite. This is much bigger than party politics.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      the Libs (Tory 2) refuse to unite with the Opposition because they agree with the DISMANTLING! why else???

  • bill

    This is being reported as the biggest scandal that Harper has faced. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. If Duffy was repaid with taxpayer dollars, it would be serious, worthy of an RCMP investigation. That doesn’t appear to be the case. As you say, it’s likely “petty.”

    If Bob Rae wants a public inquiry, I’m all for it, but only if it’s paid for by the Liberal Party of Canada. The wasting of taxpayer dollars to make political hay is, IMO, far more criminal than what obviously happened here.

    People seem to overlook that fact that it was because of Harper that the Duffy’s of the senate are being exposed. The results of senate audits are never made public. This transparency was a pretty big step towards making Senators more accountable. A good next step would be legislation for Senator recall. Whether Senators are elected or not, there could be a vote of non-confidence for Senator’s at election time. If they get voted out after one term, they wouldn’t be eligible for a pension.

    • Sir_Francis

      Agreed. As long as obstruction of justice is executed through private funds, it’s all good.

  • pmagn

    Brilliant as usually May.

  • steve

    Thanks to PM, corruption is now the new normal in Federal Politics

  • Joanne Lord MacLeod

    I truly think Mike must have something ‘on’ the PM .I also think he’s not ALL wrong in that expense account -I wouldn’t be surprised the PM told him to charge all his travel /lodging expenses while he told the world Stephen Harper should be our PM. If Duff had been paid ,it probably would have exceeded his allowable expenses ;so ,he told him to charge them to the Senate . I kinda dreamed that up ; but ,it makes sense to me . He would also think nothing of making his chief of staff the fall guy -he hasn’t any conscience .That’s been shown too often to argue it’s an untruth .

  • http://www.facebook.com/nadene.morton1 Nadene Morton

    thank god we have an honest woman in parliament. this is so wrong on so many levels. after the republican / tea party style antics to re-elect a liberal government in b.c, i am losing my faith in our democratic system.

  • Heinz Mayr (PEI)

    Mike Duffy is NOT a Senator, period !!! Reason: His primary residence is Ottawa. He does have a summer cottage in Cavendish PEI, which is NOT his primary residence.. Now , since he is not a permanent resident of PEI, PEI only has 3 Senators. He can not be a Senator of Ontario, since Ontario has her number of Senators. Further more, since Mr. Harper appointed Mike Duffy to the Senate for PEI, Mr Harper is wrong in doing so, and he acted against Senate Rules…..maybe even a crime against our Canadian Constitution was committed here.

    I hope this explains it once and for all.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      …straining at a gnat & swallowing a fly! Canada was signed away at the time of the FTA!

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      and have you heard whether the Coast Guard’s rub-a-dub down-grading was sent out in a ‘timely’ manner to rescue those Newfoundland fishers who went aground in the St. Lawrence estuary this week? ..possibly another nail in the coffin for this gov’t.

  • http://www.facebook.com/weldon.long.9 Weldon Long

    Right on Elizabeth!!!!!

  • Meliora Cogito

    Where’d the 90k$ come from? Very likely the Conservative Party of
    Canada. They did pay 44k$ for Peter Penashue’s 2011 campaign
    over-spending after all.

    I figure Nigel was used as a front-man
    to pass the funds to Duffy – ‘plausible deniability’ for the PM &
    the party. Sadly, “accountability” & “transparency” (when spoken by
    Conservatives) are just buzzwords for the gullible & naïve.

    As for the 400 ppm of CO2… it’s business as usual in the mad dash to sell bitumen to Amerika & China.

  • Aquilex

    And please, let’s not forget the missing three billion dollars of our money. It is our money folks. It continues to astonish me how the CPC government managess to slither through one egregious offense after the other. There must be some way to hold them to account now!

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      don’t count on their appointed judges & other minions .. don’t hold your breath

  • Margaret

    I completely agree with Heinz Mayr – Mr. Duffy (I refuse to refer to him as “Senator”) should never have been appointed to represent the people of PEI – he does not reside here – he tried to fast track a health card to prove he was a resident when senators were being questioned on this very fact. He claims that his cottage is his primary residence and, when locals say that he rarely visits his cottage, he claims it’s because one cannot possibly guarantee the roads are driveable in the winter months from Cavendish to Charlottetown and he must be able to get to a hospital because he has a health condition. Therefore, he rents rooms at the Great George Inn as, so he claims, do many Islanders. None that I know of – but then we can’t pay for our homes with ill-gotten housing allowances. And – these same roads that are unsafe for Mr. Duffy to travel from Cavendish to Charlottetown are perfectly safe for seasonal workers to travel up to an hour commute each way to accept a job at a local coffee shop because, if they do not, they will be ineligible to collect EI. I am sure that those coffee shop wages will pay for a room at the Great George Inn when the roads are unsafe to drive. He does not qualify to be the senator of PEI and, therefore, should never have been appointed. He then would not have had the opportunity to embezzle funds to the tune of over $90,000 – not including the double-dipping on his expense accounts.

  • Joni McMillan

    Elizabeth, glad you can speak to this as you seem to be one of the few voices of sanity in that House. I am so fed up to the teeth with Harper and his cronies that I end up not reading anymore about it. I really am amazed that so many sitting members of the “Harper” government are remaining quiet about this and not raging mad. They are being complicit by their silence and I bitterly resent them hanging on to their seats like gutless wonders while our democracy is under assault by their leader. Ye gods! History repeating itself but without the brown shirts. It is to weep.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      maybe not brown ‘shirts’ – maybe a part of their anatomy

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.mcqueen.33 Rob McQueen

    On the issue of transparency and accountability take a look at this. http://pushinback.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/canadian-cabinet-members-under-control-by-foreign-nations/

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      wonderful, wonderful & wonderful! the journalists Walter Stewart & Linda McQuaig wrote about the Bank Of Canada in the 1990′s. Peoples’ eyes glaze over & still buy the mantra “either raise taxes or cut programmes” spin. When I asked a well educated family why they weren’t angry about our hard-earned tax revenue going to satisfy the enormous interest payments to the private banks, the reply was “well, I’m glad YOU”RE interested”!????? Loved the item “…doesn’t fall far from the tree”…LOL, LOL, LOL! you gotta laugh if you don’t die weeping!

  • Blake

    Mike Duffy claimed false housing allowances, double dipped on expense claims and tried to influence the CRTC. Those things alone should have had him turfed from the Senate. But now it’s become a huge question of integrity. Duffy wrongfully took money from the public purse, then allowed the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff to bail him out financially. Now you’ve got to ask yourself ….. how can Duffy sit back and watch Nigel take the fall and do absolutely nothing to defend him. That’s like having someone save you from drowning and then, once safe on shore, not throwing that person a life jacket. Instead of stepping up to the camera and taking the blame for his actions, Duffy is willing to watch Nigel go down in flames instead.. What kind of guy allows that to happen! Duffy….. a true Selfservative.

  • Ryder

    Just my observations on what I have seen in this thread so far.

    The carbon emissions increase is very important, but none of us will ever change Herr Harper’s ideas on “private business/friendships before the Canadian people’s health”, that to me is a given. The only way we can change it is to get this person OUT of Parliament, either now by pushing our utter disdain for the Progressive Communist’s actions back onto their own elected officials (not senators who couldn’t care less what we think, they don’t get put in Senate by us) and the others that support (or are forced to support Harper, by Harper), or at the next election. And the reason is, in my mind, that Canada has been going over to what I’m calling Progressive Communism. The reason for my definition is this, it is the way Harper handles his own people, and the Canadian public!

    Look at how Harper handles all problems that are discovered with his party. First he denies any wrongdoing by himself and his people. If that doesn’t work, he tries to bury the problems. Then, if that doesn’t work, he throws his people under the proverbial bus! And the last thing I’ve heard is that he is going to shut down parliament early this session, hopefully to let the dust settle without the Canadian people hearing any outcomes. And him hoping I’m sure, that it all gets forgotten over the summer. Even the newest problem, with his personally nominated Senators (and a few others too) is the same. Defend Duffy, defend Wallin, nothing more to see here people, move along now. And when that didn’t work, all of a sudden these people “resigned” from the Comm…errr…Conservative Party. Can any of them be trusted? let’s just bury the problem by having them “resign”. Take a close look at Harper’s “right hand man”, who also “resigned” this weekend! But out of all of those things happening, not once have we received clarification on what has happened, with them, the party, or why none of them have been jailed over very obvious wrongdoings. Our money being spent by Senators as frivolously as Harper spends it in Canada, his own personal playground! And always with Harper denying first, burying second, abandoning third and shutting us out fourth. All that from a man that campaigned on reforming/abolishing the Senate, open accountability in Government, tougher punishment for those who break the law, and punishing the people of Government the same way us regular Canadians would be if caught doing wrong. All have become the running jokes when being associated with the name Harper, at least in my part of my province!

    This isn’t “typical” Communism, but it is what it would have evolved into I’m sure. The basics are the same, have no accountability to the people of the country in which you stand over as dictator. Sadly, Canadians do have a short memory at the polls, and are a very forgiving bunch at all times. All he has to do is make some small improvements before the next election, continue with his massively rude smear campaigns (Jack Layton I miss you terribly!), tell us more BS about what he will do if we put him back in yet again, and he will make it back in, yet again. And that is when I start looking for a new country to call my own, one that has a lot more respect for it’s citizens. And citizens that are not afraid to tear down a PM that has gone the polar opposite of what he campaigned on, and have the Governor General remove him from office!

    And yes, the Senate NEEDS to be abolished, but that will never happen under Harper, he has too many friends that he appointed in there to stack the deck, and they have lavish lifestyles to support! Short of that though, the Senate HAS to be reformed. But the reform must NOT come from within the Senate itself, you do not let thieves guard the vault with just a promise that they won’t steal anything, or anything more! And for those found to rob Canadians, money must be repaid, charges must be laid and pensions must be denied, the same as if you or I had stolen from our “employer” (Note to Senators: your employer is us BTW, not Harper!).

    Ok, getting off my soapbox now, thanks for coming out, please return to your regularly scheduled reading.

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      You’ve described the Trilateral Commission’s ‘mission’ perfectly – the dismantling of sovereign states, ‘disappearing’ the middle class whose revenue USED to support government services. See who the 20 Canadian members of the Trilaterals are. See how the Goldman Sachs’ star graduates’ (Mark Carney is one of their ‘stars’) are inserted as advisors for many world states’ Ministers of Finance, leading to that country’s screw-up!
      You’re well on the way to ‘joining up the dots’ Congrats!

  • Farm Lady

    Wonder if N Wright will put a Stop Payment on “the cheque” now he is out of favour and position?

    • Sought Truth & Found It

      wasn’t it given to him months ago in February???

      • Farm Lady

        I guess it was…..and that could mean that The Not-so-Great Dictator must also have known about it then …doesn’t it?

  • Ll

    Should the average Canadian commit such things we would face criminal charges. Why are politicians exempt? ie Bev Oda, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin etc. I am sure there are many, many more. Shame! Fire them, prosecute them and let’s have some honest people step up. We do not need Senators anyway, just another waste of taxpayers money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rocky.racoon.334 Rocky Racoon

    That is right these petty criminals cannot handle running this government and I fear the billions he has spent and the trade deals he is making is going to do grave damage to this nation perhaps beyond recovery. A billion for the g20 that is 1,000 million dollars, F-35 computer software goes down-millions in funds disappear- and on and on it goes-robo-calls…and on and on it goes.

  • David Huntley

    What I do not understand is why Mike Duffy could not pay the $90,000 himself. He is, apparently, wealthy. Surely he had at least one of the following options. (a) cash some stocks, (b) mortgage one of his houses, or (c) negotiate a repayment schedule. That he did none of these indicates to me that he knows something that the Conservative Party of Canada does not wish to become public knowledge.

  • jesse26

    you are doing a lot of speculating based on nothing more than you clear dislike of Harper.. Very poor taste, people have done same thing to you,, did you like it.?

  • Stella

    Rasenberger, conservative Alberta MP who just resigned and is sitting as an Independent may be the conduit to finally put the nail in Harper’s political coffin…so much bad stuff coming from this government. Watch Power and Politics.

  • Eric

    Duffy’s is an Independent NOW so his name will not have
    Conservative displayed under it on TV. How convenient and dishonest. Ever
    notice when Harper’s media refers to bad stuff Conservatives did they are always
    referred to as Tories. Conservatism is an insult to ones intelligence. Harper
    and his people are propagandist in the worst way and do not deserve to Govern in
    a democracy.

  • doris

    not sure of all of these scandals going on, who monitors all of them other than opposition and they probably have some skeletons too that won’t be brought out unless they get caught too.They should be charged as the criminals they are and jailed but oh no, just pay it back and all’s well, fire the suckers. just makes me more suspicious of all politicians as they feed at the trough! They hold so much power and do so little and we just keep paying and paying. Elizabeth at least speaks her mind and doesn’t overcharge as I just read so good for you but it’s a long fight and always an ulterior motive on all of you for whatever is done. Can’t they just do their job they are paid to do with honestly and be glad they have faith from people that they will but the almighty dollar takes precedence, shame on those that do this. Good luck Elizabeth and the few honest people I keep hoping are out there.

  • Don Halligan

    I had always thought that Duffy was appointed to the Senate because of the Dion interview. I have nothing but disdain for Harper & never refrain from expressing it in our local newspaper, if they print it. Right back to the attempted bribery of Chuck Cadman in 2005, the 66 Conservative candidates in the “IN & OUT” scam of 2006, the $ 46 million secretly funnelled to Tony Clement’s re-election unsupported by invoices, the $ 9 billion F35s that really cost $ 46 billion or more, the hiring of Bruce Carson & appointing Porter to oversee CSIS, CWB plebicite issue, underfunding CBC & attempting control ; it just never ends. Al Capone had more character than this guy.

  • Cjulian

    Thank you again Elizabeth for your on-the-ground insight, and intelligent questions. It is now almost mid July, and this scandal has continued to explode – BUT WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE! Besides your voice Elizabeth, public outrage seems to be virtually mute! A few days ago I saw Terry Milevski (CBC) courageously unveil the crux of the argument indicating deliberate deception by the PMO, and yet it all continues to seem like “business as usual”. Surely, when a government is shown to be deliberately going out of its way to deceive it’s citizens, there is more public outrage!!!! Or are we all settling into a comfort zone, where abuse of power, being the new norm, is something we just shrug our shoulders at?

    By the way, I sure hope Harper was asked some very uncomfortable questions as he visited his home “town” of Calgary following the “smash the record” floods, such as: “is this what climate change looks like?”; why did you abolish the Round Table on Climate Change”; “why has Canada obstructed national and international efforts to try and address climate change solutions?” . . . Well if the difficult questions didn’t come from Calgary, I sure hope they come from Toronto!

  • D Vandeleur

    there’s a great Wallin – Duffy cartoon in the Whistler Q(uestion)Opinion, Aug. 22, 2013, p 8 :Wallin – “The whiff of impropriety, mysterious pay-offs, falsified records, RCMP raids, PM turning a blind eye …..” Duffy – “sure makes me long for the good old days when we were the ones sinking our teeth into big, fat, juicy political scandals …” –walking off with huge bites out of their behinds – Duffy: “tell me about it” heh, heh hope it’s in lots of newspapers.

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