Operation Pillar of Defense Is Not The Answer

On Friday, November 16th, 2012 in Press Releases

Again, Hamas bombing and Israeli retaliation have escalated. It should be clear that continuing to make war will not bring peace.

Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense comes a mere three years after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead. The former operation was followed by a significant reduction in Hamas rocket fire, but only for a while. There needs to be a non-violent way to stop the violence.

“The Green Party of Canada urges both sides de-escalate the violence immediately, so a peace process can move forward,” said Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

The Green Party of Canada supports Palestinian statehood. We base our support on U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181 and U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, advocating a two-state solution and defining borders.

One possible avenue is the Quartet Conditions. They were put forward a decade ago by the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia, and negotiations based on them, under U.N. aegis, are still ongoing. The Quartet offers support and aid to Palestine once Hamas agrees to non-violence, recognizes Israel’s right to exist, and commits to current peace agreements.

“We urge bringing all parties together in negotiation premised on the rights of all to space in the part of our planet from which so much of our religious and ethical tradition comes. Canada now has a recognized, growing number of accredited peace professionals. We recommend their participation be included,” added Ms. May.

“Peace-building will enable more aid to Palestine for health care and education, and will make possible focus on green economic development and attention to water conservation and distribution, for the future welfare of the region and its people,” noted Green Party of Canada International Affairs Critic Eric Walton.

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  • d_nantais

    The world needs more leaders who can think outside the bomb.

  • Mary S.

    Harper’s response was shocking – absolute parrotting of the most hard-line American position with no apparent connection to reason. I bet he hasn’t even heard of UN General Assembly Resolution 181.
    I appreciate you letting us know so quickly and clearly the Green position on this.

  • rjm

    al jaabari was working on peace deal with israel… a perfect target for assasination. peace constrains israel’s perpetual expansionist agenda. as it is, the worst bullies on earth are at it again. http://www.lobelog.com/assassinated-hamas-leader-jabari-was-working-on-permanent-israel-truce-agreement/

  • JB

    Yes, support Palestinian statehood, but in the mean time, the Hamas, who currently lead the Palestinian people are a terrorist organization and are bombing Israel. It’s impossible to negotiate with them, let alone come to peace with them. Elizabeth, I’d like to see you come out and support Israel’s right to defend herself.

  • Jb

    I just read Thomas Mulcair now supports Israel’s right to defend herself. Now all the party leaders have come out in support of Israel’s right to defend her borders except for you. It’s important to me.

  • benoNetanya .

    Islam means surrender, can Hamas take a hint.

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