Petitions (Lyme Disease & Blood and Organ Donation)

On Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 in Parliament, Petitions

Lyme Disease

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I rise today to present two petitions.

The first is relevant to business that we will take up later this afternoon in private members’ business. My bill, Bill C-442, calling for a national Lyme disease strategy, is up for the second hour of its second reading. Citizens from Etobicoke, St. Marys, and other locations in Ontario have petitioned this House to support the bill. I hope that will be the case.

Blood and Organ Donation

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, the second petition is from residents of Victoria and southern Vancouver Island. It calls upon the government to review and reaffirm the rights of any healthy Canadian to make donations of blood, bone marrow, and organs. Canada ranks well behind other industrialized countries in our rates of organ donation. We should not be refusing organs that have been pretested and proven to be safe because of prejudice toward the sexual preference of the donor.

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