Parliament: Question to PM Trudeau on whether he will reaffirm Canada’s commitment to meeting the Paris Agreement

On Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 in Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, next week in Fairbanks, Alaska is an all-important meeting of the Arctic Council where eight nations of the Arctic will be holding a meeting, represented by foreign ministers.

It is clear, based on the most recent science, that the Arctic is the fastest warming region in the world and that thawing permafrost and melting ice represent a threat not just to the future of the Arctic but to global climate systems.

Will Canada stand firmly with the Nordic nations in reaffirming the urgency of reductions of greenhouse gases and meeting the Paris agreement, no matter what the Trump administration might say?

Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister

Mr. Speaker, Canada is proud of its commitments under the Paris agreement. We continue to lead the way, not only in having ambitious targets but in ensuring we have a plan to meet those targets.

That is what is important, particularly important among Arctic nations. As the hon. member pointed out, Arctic populations and ecosystems are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change than just about anywhere else in the world.

That is why we are working very strongly with all our friends and allies to ensure leadership on the environment that goes beyond our nation’s borders and that demonstrates our true commitment to protecting both the economy and the environment for generations to come.

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  • Sally AJ Abraham

    Good question Elizabeth, and when is someone going to point out that Fracking, LNG projects, the Site C dam project, thermal coal use and other environmentally damaging projects will not reduce, but add to our Carbon emissions. This will threaten not only Canada, but the World, targeting developing nations especially and their peoples.
    We are a leader alright, as Mr Trudeau claims, but a leader in producing Carbon emissions and a leader in old, dirty technologies. Instead of looking ahead for new clean technologies, many of which have not been discovered, to reduce, possibly solve problems.
    The two goals of reducing carbon emissions and developing industry using the Tar sands are in opposition to one another.
    How can we progress and move forward while looking backward, in due respect, think about it Mr Trudeau!

  • preConfederation

    The recent comments by Stephen Hawking – Humans must leave planet Earth within 100 years or face extinction. I think he has come to the conclusion that man has no idea what’s happening regarding climate change and it’s already too late. If you hear are PM ramble on, trying to catch his breath on every less-thought-out-word, I would have to agree.

  • Anti

    When are we going to have our government reps DEMANDING that the oil companies and power companies STOP any industries making Free Energy machines, Then we could have electric cars runninmg on them our homes heated and energy use covered, but all we hear is MORE TAXES for carbon… just a SCAM as usual, there are several inventions up and running but are stopped from reaching the public or their inventors meet their demise.. Enough of the rhetoric and MORE on doing something to stop power companies protecting their profits over resource depletionm and let these inventions reach us the public.

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