Parliament: Will the government reconsider pipelines approved through the deeply flawed NEB process?

On Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 in Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, the National Energy Board expert panel that reported this week included prominent industry people, such as Brenda Kenny of the Canadian Pipeline Association and Hélène Lauzon of the Quebec Business Council on the Environment. The report was damning.

This is an agency that has no credibility whatsoever, and needs to be massively overhauled. Coupled with the expert panel on environmental assessment, it is clear that the bogus process upon which Kinder Morgan was subjected to a sham of a review does not have any credibility.

Will the government reconsider approving a pipeline that should never have been approved?


Jim Carr - Minister of Natural Resources

Mr. Speaker, the member knows that when we took office, there were a number of major infrastructure projects under review. We established a set of principles that would govern how they would be reviewed, and one of the important ones was that no proponent would be asked to go back to square one, which I am sure members of the House would agree is fair.

We knew and announced at the time that this would be an interim step leading to a longer term reform of environmental assessment in Canada, a reform and a process that is now well under way.

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  • Mary Anne Schleinich

    What is wrong with square one of a right process? What is wrong with square one of a fair process? What is wrong with square one of a process that includes the most current information and best practices? If there is a problem with square one, then the specifics of that need to be known and taken into consideration.

  • Eric

    Double speak by the Minister of Natural Resources. Jim Carr never answered the question; “Will the government reconsider approving a pipeline that should never have been approved?” The implied answer was actually; “no”.

  • Gordon Ellis

    How do we get a straight answer?

  • Roger Emsley

    The Fraser River and Estuary are under threat and the Liberals are ignoring the issue. We voted for Real Change and instead we got a reincarnated Stephen Harper.

  • Noel Crawford

    Yes, this is all bafflegab. We have a Harper Government reincarnated. The issue really should be refining the product in Alberta for Canadian use and the surplus shipped abroad as refined product.

  • Noel Crawford

    In addition to my last comment. Ms. May would be a wonderful Prime Minister! What a marvellous government for the people, the economy, and the environment we would have with Ms. May in the Prime Leadership Role in this country! Prime Minister Trudeau is proving to be a huge disappointment and I am unsure if he will win the next election as it all depends upon the Conservative Leadership and how they relate to issues in this country. Trudeau was to be a breath of fresh air but I see the same lack of action that comes out of charismatic leadership. Sad for Canada. Mostly talk and little action from this government.

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