Parliament: Asking the Minister of Democratic Institutions to keep the conversation going on electoral reform

On Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 in Debate, Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, to clarify, the committee report on electoral reform did not contain any dissent from the New Democrats or the Greens. We filed a supplemental report in support of the recommendations. In support of those recommendations, within the hour, I am certainly hoping that many MPs, in fact most of us, will vote to support the recommendation of the report so that we can continue to have a conversation. We have never had the conversation to find common ground. Common ground is within our reach if we agree to keep working toward it. Will the minister agree?

Karina Gould - Minister of Democratic Institutions

Mr. Speaker, of course I would like to thank my hon. colleague for the hard work that she put into the report. The report is thorough and extensive. I look forward to working with members in this place on many of the things with regard to making voting more accessible, with regard to getting youth involved in politics, with regard to political financing, with regard to fundraising, and of course, with regard to cybersecurity. There are many things that matter to all of us in this place when it comes to improving, strengthening, and protecting our democracy.

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  • JanetHudgins

    Elizabeth’s Tenacity! Great stuff to have working for us.

  • Angela Muellers

    Thank you Elizabeth for your continued strength and resolve to make the Liberals stand up to their election promise. The reply by the minister was lame as she did not respond to the real issues.

  • Noel Crawford

    They will lose the next election as the opposition will play up the breaking of a promise and other non work the government has done in it’s term of office. Waste of time is this government I am very sorry to say. Frigates costing so much and nothing is done yet The Netherlands has frigates that they produce for a fraction of what the defence dept says it will cost. No helicopters, no fighter jet contracts – nothing for the military and we spend less than 1% of our GDP. Disgraceful! Who will defend us if we are threatened? Trump? ha. We need a government for the people and not for themselves. Thank you Elizabeth for your hard work. I wish you were our Prime Minister!!!!!!! Wow would we see action !

  • RovingReader

    I have observed that when a man wants to shut a woman up without looking bad, he thanks her for all she’s done, and continues to ignore her concerns. I guess this proves that women can use the suppression techniques that men have honed so perfectly, just as well as the men.

    • Helmethair

      What a dumb comment. Yes, because both men and women can possess the tendency to interrupt and be rude. Of course it’s not exclusive to one gender.

  • D Jackson

    Is this a new government? Looks feels and sounds just like the old one…if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck…

    Protecting our democracy should start with trust. Trust that has to be earned with a commitment to living up to one’s word. If the current government wants the support of Canadian’s then Canadian’s want a government that responds to their wishes and follows through with them in a open and productive manner. Double speak and self promotion does not replace promises and a workable plan to move Canada towards being a country that we can all be proud of.

    I think Elizabeth should be the Prime Minister, she speaks from the heart and her honesty is always forefront. Integrity is a rare trait in politics and I for one, am grateful that Elizabeth continues to shine bright.

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth, many, many happy returns.

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