Green Party condemns destruction of world-renowned Department of Fisheries and Oceans libraries

On Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 in Debate

The dismantling of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans library system has taken a dramatic turn, with thousands of valuable books and scientific documents, some dating back to the 19th century, being sent to the dumpster over the past week.

The Green Party of Canada today voiced its condemnation of this reckless destruction of scientific resources. “Consistent with their policy of muzzling scientists, the Conservatives have now moved on to trashing libraries,” said Elizabeth May, Green Leader and MP for Saanich–Gulf Islands. “This administration seems to be deliberately undermining our ability to make good policy decisions by limiting access to scientific evidence.”

Some 40,000 documents from the now-defunct Eric Marshall Aquatic Research Library at the University of Manitoba are currently being relocated to a federal library in the Green Leader’s own riding. “Some of the library’s materials won’t be destroyed, but it is impossible to say just how much we’ve lost,” said May.

“This is the latest in the methodical destruction of fisheries and marine ecosystem intellectual resources,” said Janice Harvey, Fisheries Critic for the Green Party. “The same thing happened last year at the St. Andrews Biological Station, the oldest federal research facility in Canada.”

In addition to a state-of-the-art library facility with thousands of scientific documents, The St. Andrews Biological Station lost its ecotoxicology unit, whose scientists were at the forefront of research into the ecosystem effects of toxic chemicals used in the farmed salmon industry in the Bay of Fundy.

To date, the Harper administration has already shut down or consolidated an additional twelve library systems, serving departments ranging from Natural Resources to Parks Canada.

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  • anonymous

    I’m really sick of Harper. Worst Prime Minister in history. I hope his spies read this too!

  • Tim Marrin

    Fahrenheit 451 !!!

  • No more!

    Millions of people want to end the “crimes” bombarding our once proud nation. How do we oust this leader and take Canada back? How can we follow Iceland, Thailand…Pleeeease!!! I can’t sleep, I am so disturbed by this dictatorial tyrannical oppression. Everyone is now scared to say anything like this.

    • Marilyn Goode

      I don’t think we should be scared, I think we need to speak out and speak out loudly!!

      • No more!

        Yes, yes, but how do we make drastic changes.

        • Marilyn Goode

          Get involved at all levels of government and try to engage others to do the same…..there is a lot of apathy in this country where people complain but don’t take any action. Action is the key….if enough of us get involved and write letters to national newspapers, sign petitions and protest it WILL make a difference. As Nelson Mandela said, ‘It seems impossible until it has been done!”

          • Cris Paunescu

            You know Mandela’s legacy is the crime capital of the world, don’t you? Or that he really admired communist leaders?

          • Grace Joubarne

            Yes, and that he invented necklacing…

          • Grace Joubarne

            The parliamentary system is designed to ensure that grass-roots have no say whatever and even less power to cause change.

      • jeanoudy

        Marilyn you should be scared. Harper is capable of doing the most heinous things and this type of act proves it. What is going on between Harper and the secret trade deals is another story we should all be very scared of. If that deal is signed as it is being written it WILL be the end of Canada. There is so much to fear from this psychologically warped man. There really is something not quite right about him.

        • Cris Paunescu

          I wonder what “secret deal” awaits to be signed and how do you know about it if it’s “secret”. I think you should enlighten us, you know, we don’t want anything that will be “the end of Canada”.
          Are you feeling ok?

          Oh, and just so you know, nothing can go on “between Harper and the secret trade deals”, you might want to express yourself better. Maybe you can mention Harper’s partners in these “secret trade deals”.

          Aren’t you people tired of “Harper’s secret agenda”? It’s been 7 years already, nothing happened…

          • No more!

            Look up TPP and FIPA to start Don’t wait too long…your demi god might burn it after its signed so nobody can prove him wrong. Read a lot, then join us to reestablish Canada as a respected nation and a tourist destination…instead of a polluted foreign owned unsustain
            able has been.

          • Cris Paunescu

            We already ARE the world’s number 1 respected country, for three years now, what exactly are you talking about?

          • Don Moody

            Really, have you forgotten the “Border Deal” with the US and how Canadian financial and other data is now shared with the US government?

            BTW he did warn us that we would not recognise Canada when his dictatorship ends, sorry, benign dictatorship.

          • Cris Paunescu

            Indeed, it’s hard to recognize – we are the most respected country in the world three years running – when did that happen before?

            That while Ontario, under a liberal government, has become the worst province…

            Most important, please study the definition of the word “secret”.

          • Grace Joubarne

            Heads up everyone…Cris sounds like a Harper shill. You can tell: vague, idiot BS to baffle brains, no evidence and with self-serving references to ‘most respected’ without saying by whom and for what. I will not be dignifying your nonsense with responses any longer Cris…hope other commentors don’t engage you anymore either. We want to keep this discussion meaningful and educational.

          • Cris Paunescu

            Yet you did just below…
            You know, if you can’t do a very simple google search – and I posted about this several times on this website – how could you wish for “meaningful and educational” discussion?

            Not to mention that you are about one month behind times… People move on, and so should you.

          • Grace Joubarne

            Heck, his last deal with the Chinese have them exporting to us the most polluted cheese, chicken and pork in the world…and we send them much better quality cheese, chicken and pork to be sure the trade deal is fair.

          • Grace Joubarne

            Nothing has happened??? Gee Cris, where have you been hiding. There have been so many secret deals and dirty tricks secretly embedded in huge omnibus bills to sink the country in one sitting.

          • Cris Paunescu

            I’m sorry, I thought those omnibus bills were public? Aren’t MPs supposed to study them and debate – sometimes for months? Or is that your definition of “secret”?

      • Grace Joubarne

        Harper is deaf…no point in talking. As I’ve asked before, how do we start an action to have Harper and cronies charged with Treason…he has done enough secret things that damage our security at all levels that it should be easy to prove Treason.

    • Audra

      shoot him. shoulda firebombed the Calgary Convention Centre when he and his cronies/ minions were there.

    • Cris Paunescu

      Canada has been nominated the most respected country in the world for the last 3 years. I hope this leader continues the great work, and the leaders after will follow the example.
      You really need to find some proper sources of information. The Green party does not qualify.

      Oh, and you don’t have a clue what “dictatorial”, “tyrannical” and “oppression” mean. Try Google.
      Hint: you just expressed such an opinion about your government and a call to action against it’s leader – online, for everyone to see. I lived in a dictatorship, you couldn’t say things like this even to your friends, in private…

      It’s depressing to see that 14 people voted ^…


      • No more!

        3rd by Forbes, polling “suits” from only g8 country consumers, based on 4 really significant questions…lol, c’mon. Tell us now, you’re an economist aren’t you?

        • Cris Paunescu

          1st by Forbes, ahead of Sweden and Switzerland, 27,000 people interviewd, from G8 countries – do you really expect to discuss opinions with people from Iran or Bangladesh?
          And those four questions are indeed significant when you talk about respect and reputation. What else would you ask?

  • lucy segatti

    Harper government is acting like marauding vandals, destroying Canada’s forests, waterways, laws, regulations, democracy, … What will be left of the Canada we used to know when they’re done?

    • Clare Brett

      He himself said we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he was done with it…. I don’t recognize it now!

    • Cris Paunescu

      Please provide some information to back up your statements, particularly regarding the destruction of democracy.
      Thank you.

      • David Maxwell

        Who are you, Mr Paunescu? What is your agenda? And do you feel that calling any who differ from your views by a most impressive array of epithets is likely to advance this agenda productively?

        • Cris Paunescu

          Just an individual, Mr Maxwell, with no agenda. I wonder what you consider a >most impressive array of epithets” here, I don’t remember calling people many things…
          To the point of this thread, I just asked for some supporting information – I asked a person calling the government “marauding vandals”, destroyers of democracy and other good stuff… I even said “thank you” in advance.
          Should you not be concerned about lucy’s statements and epithets instead of mine?

          Who are you, Mr Maxwell and what is your agenda?

  • Christellar

    Another knotch on the CPC belt of their anti-science-environmental-strategy encompassing deregulation, cutting
    information and research and targeting dissenting voices

  • James Emler

    The Nazis burned books in 1933, maybe someone should remind Harper that it didn’t work.

  • lk

    can someone link to other sources talking about this? i can’t find anything else about it online!

    • jeanoudy

      I suspect it hasn’t been reported yet. This news is coming from Elizabeth May who as a sitting MP would get these kinds of reports. The media is all off on holidays after Parliament closed. This was the plan to destroy the library after parliament closed for the season and they could destroy the library in the dark of night when no one would see. People should go on Twitter asking reporters to get the details for us and Harper’s Facebook page and tell them we want answers.

      • Cris Paunescu

        You need to pay attention to what you read. Here:

        Parliament closed yesterday, the 10th. It was the same day that May issued her condemnation.

        The dismantling process has been going on for some time now. 40,000 documents are currently transferred to May’s riding. It did not start today.

        Media is not “off on holidays”. They are quite active, actually. Try and read a paper or watch/listen to the news. This is a non-story, as nothing stated in this article has any value. Yes, some government employees (librarians) will lose their fat paycheques. Good stuff, maybe they can find some useful employment, off the taxpayers’ teat. We live in an age of technology, we might as well use it.

        • jeanoudy

          Most of them had left Ottawa including Harper. There were a few around but they left the next day. Yes this destruction has been going on for a long time but never anything quite as large and as incredibly stupid as this. If Elizabeth has had documents sent to her riding good for her, but that doesn’t mean all the old data that was there was saved. This issue has nothing to do with saving librarians and their salaries although it should be. Only Cons don’t see the benefits of education.

          • Grace Joubarne

            Honestly Jeanoudy, most of us have stopped wasting our time with Cris Paunescu…cleary a Harper Shill.

    • froddard

      Lots of info about the consolidation of DFO libraries across the country. It’s been happening for quite a while.
      Google “save DFO libraries Canada” for a start.

  • Nick Tošaj

    Would it be possible to have the sources for this statement? As a historian and an environmentalist I’d like to get a petition up around this if at all possible, combined with something opposing this!

    Thanks, Nick

    • jeanoudy

      Nick it is too late. The library has been dismantled and destroyed. There is nothing left to save. What I want to know is where were the librarians? Did they not know this was coming? If they did why did they not call out for help to save it? There is just something so insidious about how all the scientific history of Canada is being destroyed. I’m so tired of trying to get people to see what Harper is doing. No one wants to believe it.

      • Nick Tošaj

        Having the information would still be interesting so that it can be used at a later time, as it stands it’s a tad worrisome that it isn’t available!

        • jeanoudy

          I suggest sending Elizabeth May a note and ask her where she got her info from. It’s probably from one of the many notices the Gov’t puts out but this one would be labeled with an ambiguous title.

          • Nick Tošaj

            I definitely should, it does seem rather strange…

        • Cris Paunescu

          There is no information related to this. May said it’s impossible to know how many are destroyed, wich is bullsh!t, there are inventories at each and every library in the world. All she has to do is ask, or look at the records.

          The article states the library had “thousands of documents”, and that 40 thousands have been moved to May’s riding.
          The rest is crap.

          • Nick Tošaj

            Yeah it does seem to be quite the methodological mess. I mean the article is here and if it really is happening we should definitely know about it. But I feel that we’re powerless without any further sources. We can hardly petition the government for information with only this article as evidence of what they’re doing! It’s pretty bloody frustrating!

          • Grace Joubarne

            You can do an Access to Information, wait 10 years and get a redacted copy of everything that’s gone missing.

      • froddard

        Believe me, librarians know about it and have been calling out against it for the past few years. But how to get your message heard over everything else this government has dismantled?
        Oh, by the way, our national archives and libraries are also being gutted, as well as funding programs that kept these things going across the country. There’s an advocacy website set up here:
        More about the DFO libraries situation:

        • Cris Paunescu

          Librarians are fighting for their cushy jobs, nothing else.
          With today’s technology, how many people go to a library in another province to get the information? Just about every piece of scientific information – classified or not – is available online, if you have the clearance.
          Do you really think scientists from Alberta, BC or Ontario will go to Manitoba to study one of their documents? Well, maybe, if the government pays for their trip, right?

        • Grace Joubarne

          Not only are libraries being destroyed, but land title registries. Original land titles documentation is being destroyed by the Ontario (and likely other provinces) government as we speak. Left with only computerized, unsigned ‘deeds’, no one will be able to prove they own their land. If you own property, get your Crown Patents and a full title search back to the Crown (Letters) Patent…now! For more info on this see the Ontario Landowners Association website.

      • Cris Paunescu

        You didn’t notice the part where some 40,000 (forty thousand) documents are sent to May’s riding alone! The library was not “destroyed”. Yes, the building will be used for something else, but I think we can all agree that documents from the 19th Century (we are in the 21st, just so you know) do not really qualify as up to date scientific information.

        Aside from that, it would be interesting to find out how much of this “destroyed” information has actually been computerized and is available online. My guess is 100%, but I would settle for 80%.

        Harper is doing great, it’s people like May (following frauds like Suzuki and Gore) that spread misinformation. The Green movement is a failure of colossal proportions – and it was bound to be proven so as soon as people understood that it’s nothing but a hoax and a means of domination and money gathering.

        • Joy

          You seem to have lots of time to post on this site. I guess you are a Harper “harpy”. Your job title would read something like this. “Good on opposition sites, send insulting messages to those who have clarity, attempt to confuse the “ignorant masses”, try to contradict true facts by spouting unnamed source statistics, and oh yes, spread misinformation.” Do they actually pay you for this dribble?
          Probably so, in one way or another, and armed with many “scripts” you go from site to site doing your “job”. You and liars like you will one day be exposed for what you really are when the voices can no longer be silenced, and Canadians take back their country!

          • Cris Paunescu

            This is just funny, I can’t help but answer:
            To clarify, I am self-employed, thank you so much, I get paid for real work and not a single penny ever for any of my posts (which is unfortunate, I wish I got some money for it)
            I post on only 3 sites – this one is the last one I found, I came to this site because I follow Elizabeth May on tweeter and I was appalled by some of her statements there re Warsaw.

            It’s funny calling me a liar while you have nothing to say about someone like Al Gore for example who, in 2003 if I remember right, clearly stated that there will be no more ice at the North Pole by 2012. You may be aware that 2012-2013 the ice cap grew by 60%, while the sea-ice levels at the end of March 2013 were above the 30 year median. While almost one thousand record temperature lows were established in a week around the world, while it’s snowing in Egypt for the first time in over 100 years, and so on.

            You see, people like Gore, Suzuki, (May to a certain extent, Greenpeace and such actuall DO make money off the backs of others for spreading lies. In the end – you have to admit based on the evidence at hand – there is no global warming and no man-made climate change.

            Canadians HAVE their country, what they don’t want is to lose more of it to “green” groups – see the Kyoto accord or the 100 Billion yearly “fund” (extortion money) to be administered by the greens. They don’t want oil from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Russia, etc to subvert Canadian economy. They don’t want a carbon tax, they are already going down to poverty levels due to high taxes and incompetent governments – see Ontario for example.

            They don’t want their MPs to miss work in the House while “serving” (mooching is a more appropriate term) on delegations from Afghanistan and India, only to criticize them later on human rights, like May did.

            Can you understand that?

      • Grace Joubarne

        Few people know that in Ontario, the provincial government handed a private company (Teranet) the entire Land Registry system to run. Now the deed you get when you buy a property is a computer printout with no original signatures of the parties. This ‘deed’ is absolutely useless to prove property ownership because it does not conform to the superior law (Statute of Frauds) that requires original signatures on all transfer documents. In the meantime, the provincial government bureaucrats are destroying original documents going way back to the Magna Carta…we are seeing the confiscation of private property before our very eyes…just as the Nazis did to the Jews.

  • Peter Straw

    these people should be incarcerated and made to resurrect or redo all the knowledge they have destroyed

  • Sharon Ellis

    This is wasteful, utterly stupid, and short-sighted.

  • Ken Landry

    He’s acting like a colonial leader, destroying hard core evidence…Harper puts the bull doser through years of research and knowledge, behaving like a tyrant dictator. His game is trying to get his dirty oil to his friends on the east coast the Irving’s. These 2 corporate giants, the corporation of the Givernment of Canada, and the Irving’s will make the people pay for their big projects while they rack in the profits. Canadians are a passive people, they are nice, they won t say a word about the environment, they will only act after the fact and these politicians know this for a fact because they gather intelligence on their citizens through wire tapping.

    • Cris Paunescu

      “Hard core evidence” in documents from the 19th century – oh my God, you are so right!!!

      And yeah, why should we use CANADIAN dirty oil, much better to import it (as we do today) from those wonderful countries like Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia… THEY should be raking in the profits, not your own country.

      Wire tapping… just go get your tinfoil hat. You have no idea about info gathering, you might want to study it before you open your mouth (or in this case, stress your fingertips).

  • Chris Aikman

    Closing the specialized libraries of scientific research facilities is the most direct way to take the science out of their work. Outwardly, nothing appears changed; inwardly the institution becomes hollow. Most of the damage is irreversible.

    This is not new, but it’s very sad.

    • Grace Joubarne

      To cement the actions of destroying knowledge and fact, Harper closed down entire departments, fired hundreds of scientists and researchers and refused to let them take their work with them to preserve it for the future.

  • Nancy Essig

    I am just so tired of the doings of the Harper Govt. I just want to cry.

  • William Tomlinson

    Burning libraries has been the iconic mark of ignorance since Alexandria in the 4th century. Harper is systematically moving us into a Canadian dark age.

    • Cris Paunescu

      Exactly how many documents have been destroyed?

  • Dutch Schulz


  • kpog

    I’m not a fan of Harper (to say the least) and have voted Green Party every election since old enough to vote. But I’d like more information before relying on this article. Are they being destroyed all together or have they been electronically saved beforehand? Thank you.

    • Some1whoknows

      If they are published works, and they are, copyright remains with the owner. The government legally cannot “make electronic copies”. This is happening in libraries all over Ottawa.

      • Cris Paunescu

        If they are in a library, they are public information. It has to be accessed through the proper channels, that’s all.
        And 19th century science documents are not copyrighted anymore.

        Just so you know.

    • jeanoudy

      Harper has ordered the destruction of all science documents in the Canadian libraries throughout Canada. This is just the latest go around. This is just the worst full frontal assault on science that he has done yet. They have been destroyed and there are no copies to retrieve. Where were the librarians? Why didn’t they call out for help? They were probably fired and had no idea that is what the plan was. Just a guess but that is what has happened at the Library and Archives in Ottawa. They also are destroying records of Canadian military documents. After all those years of being used by school kids to learn about their great uncles, grandparents and parents it is being destroyed. There is something psychologically wrong with someone who would destroy this kind of history and then spend 250 Million dollars on advertising the War of 1812.

      • Cris Paunescu

        You seem to be very well informed.
        Please name 3 (three) scientific documents of relevance destroyed on Harper’s orders.
        Thank you.

        • jeanoudy

          Seriously? Name 3 he didn’t.

    • froddard

      More info here:

      national archives and libraries are also being gutted, as well as
      funding programs that kept these things going across the country.
      There’s an advocacy website set up here with a petition and a full set of campaigns:

      • Cris Paunescu

        This is funny! A group of teachers, librarians and so on, all public employees, fighting cuts… Amazing! I did not see that coming! Is there a place where I could make a substantial donation? After all, you are fighting for public knowledge, not your paycheque…

        ONLINE, people, the information should be online, so everyone will find it.
        And please, don’t tell me about the people who don’t have access to a computer, they don’t care and probably never heard of the Aquatic Research Library in Manitoba.

        • jeanoudy

          You have missed the point completely but then most Conservatives do. It’s not about storing the information, data, test results etc on digitally. It’s about DESTROYING it so that no one can have access to it. Scientists need that data to complete their studies and to prove test results. How can they do this if the info has been destroyed? Obviously they can’t and that’s why Harper has ordered it destroyed because he hates science and hates that it consistently proves he’s lying and making stuff up.

          • Cris Paunescu

            I’ll ask again – please name 3 documents (scientific value) he destroyed.

  • Sarah Fairbrass

    Well, we wouldn’t want any information leaking out about radiation effects on marine life from the Japanese reactor after all!

    • Beibs

      Harper will be stuffing the radio active Tuna/Salmon etc down our throats to get rid of us 99%ers. He’s a sick, demented creature.

    • Cris Paunescu

      Indeed, there are thousands of documents from the 19th century dealing with this particular issue that are being destroyed as we speak!!!

      BTW, the reports dealing with the Japanese reactor are all available ONLINE, you can’t get them in print unless you have an official capacity.

      Some people (yes, like you) are completely clueless!

  • Comrade Dale

    Reminds me of Mao Tse Tung burning all the history of China! Today its about the fish, tomorrow its historical revisionism…then the Re-education camps….

    • Cris Paunescu

      Yeah, cause Mao has been chosen leader by the people in a number of free elections…

      Another one without a clue…

      • jeanoudy

        Do you really think “free” elections makes the difference? Dale is right. Destroying history is the first step towards Re-education and even worse. You may think you’re of superior intellect and happy with the current state of Canadian politics but you are in a shrinking minority. Harper is one dangerous ideologically driven thug.

  • Korry Zepik

    This is how you burn books in the information age.

  • Dave Poirier

    I would also be interested in any other sources that can confirm these actions. If anyone is starting a petition please contact me as I would be interested in getting signatures in my district

  • BlueMondo

    It is not simply that the Emperor has no clothes. The most dangerous thing is that he is a pathological liar and a certifiable psychopath. He is severely mentally ill.

  • jeanoudy

    There have been times in history when a leader of some sort brainwashes the people into believing in his personal cause. He makes the cause seem basic and simple so it appeals to people’s basic needs like food for families wrapped in the ambiguous words “jobs” and “economy”.
    Even though much of his personal cause is not good for the majority he keeps that part to himself for a later time when the detractors are beaten down and too tired to fight any longer. People are lulled into thinking the leader actually cares about them but the truth is he doesn’t. He cares about his ideology/religion more than anything. He destroys and burns books and persecutes certain groups of people, labelling them as terrorists and what used to be up is now down and down is the new up.

    In the future when people are asked, Why didn’t you stop Harper? It was so obvious what he was doing. It was so obvious he was bent on destroying Canada.
    Will people say the same thing they said in the 1940s? “We didn’t know”. “We didn’t know what he was doing so how could we stop him?” Seriously, I’m so tired of telling them!

    • Cris Paunescu

      Again, Canada has been nominated the most respected country in the world the last 3 (THREE) YEARS! It doesn’t quite fit with your impression, does it?

  • Richard

    Harper Government, totally incompetent! In way over their heads!

  • Fran Ota

    Not at all afraid to say it – it’s been clear he is a dictator. God forbid anyone should have any knowledge, and it won’ be long before the thought police are out.

  • Jonny Nobscot

    wow Canada, that’s pretty damn Orwellian of you.

  • Karla McManus

    Is there any sort of organized dissent going on around this issue? A petition to sign?

  • Sue

    Thank you Elizabeth for giving me hope for a Canada I am proud of. You are playing such an important role!

    Sadly, What is right is not always popular, and what is popular, is not always right! However, change for the better can come with dedicated persistence, and your fan club will only grow.

    I hope that our Green Party quickly gains steam! We desperately need more Green Party members ASAP!

  • bill w

    Maybe the consolidation of the libraries is a good thing. Maybe just maybe they are doing it to reduce overhead costs. Maybe and I mean just maybe. They have intelligent people making decisions on what information is not worth keeping. Maybe somebody thought this through before the decision was made and the Green Party is using this as political mud to throw in the face of the government. Do you think politicians would ever do something like that? This article does nothing but raise questions for me that someone else I’m sure has already answered. It is irresponsible to make a judgment based on an article with this many holes in it.

    • Beibs

      Sorry bill, but throwing away history is just nuts, as is our Prime Minister.I am very serious. I think Harper has a big mental problem, stemming from the death of his father. No sane person acts like he does.
      Yes consolidate libraries, but DO NOT throw things out! And YES I think this government WOULD AND IS doing this! Just like they have destroyed many, many things. You obviously cannot see through Harper.

      • bill w

        You must be a pack rat. Honestly the people with mental issues believe that we can live off green energy today without influencing the economic stability of the country. They also believe that we can continue to raise taxes and develop social programs so people don’t have to think, act or make decisions for themselves. They believe the government should be responsible for everything from health care to energy resources but when the government does something to make something more efficient they scream that they are irresponsible. Is this not exactly what this article is about? There is nothing to substantiate the claims that useful scientific data is being destroyed. FYI the people that are saying he’s destroying science… those people have the real mental issues.

    • Grace Joubarne

      No one should be the arbiter of what is important and not important historical information…this is not supposed to be a dictatorship. And please, the Harper government reducing overhead costs???? Then send that Panda back to China and save a million dollars right there! And we would save more millions on the special diet and care it requires…and instead care for our country’s children! And if the politicians would stop stealing our taxpayer $, there would be more than enough to get things done that we need done. Keeping the pigs at the trough year after year is an expensive venture.

      We are being folded into a One World Order…this is Treason and unless we treat it like treason, our voices will fade off as we sink deeper into the fold.

      Some lawyer needs to tell us how to mount a demand that a charge of TREASON be laid against our primary government leaders, most especially Harper.

  • me

    Harper sucks and so do all of his bullying thugs!


    Book burning in Canada…

  • Cris Paunescu

    This is just funny! Consider the following:

    1 -“Some of the library’s materials won’t be destroyed, but it is impossible to say just how much we’ve lost,” said May

    I’m pretty sure that such a library would have an inventory, don’t you think? All May has to do is look at the numbers.

    2 – This library is described as “a state-of-the-art library facility with thousands of scientific documents”. Plese note that THOUSANDS of documents are mentioned, not “hundreds of thousands”. Well, some 40 THOUSANDS of these documents are relocated in May’s neighbourhood…

    3 – “Consolidating” a library does not mean the destruction of everything in it, does it now? It just means it has been relocated.

    4 – and most important – How much of this information has been computerized? My guess would be most of it. Can May or anyone else provide information regarding this? Would they want to?

    For the SAD part, there are so many people below posting comments about Harper being mean, bent on destruction, muzzling scientists and so on – not one of them capable of understanding that the facts they rely on are not presented exactly as they should be.

    • Don Moody

      I do keep hearing that “these materials should be online” yet to the best of my recollection Canada has NO plan for technology & digital innovation.

      IMO the “Republican” Steven Harper is leading Canada down the road to complete integration with the US through a lack of a technology plan to keep our data sovereign and, of course, the border deal that no one voted for.

      I especially love the fact that the Conservatives favourite tech company to contract with TOTALLY SCREWED UP OBAMACARE!

      Go away TROLL!

      • Appalled

        All sanity has gone out the window for the sake of the sacred bottom line.

      • Grace Joubarne

        Most people don’t realize that we are already integrated with the US. The 79 year old who refused to complete her census was convicted under the Census Act…she is legally obligated to provide her private information to Lockheed Martin (a US defense contractor) who stores the data. Any more doubters. This too constitutes treason…putting Canadian citizens at risk by giving their private information to the US is treason.

  • ouefs

    The people of Ukraine have more guts than we appear to have at the present. Having identified the problem with it leaders it is trying to do something about it while we seem to be waiting for next year to come to an end before we are even going to talk about our own disastrous leadership. It is past due for us to take charge of this government and replace it with new people. People who realise that giving people hope is a lot harder than providing them with substance. But one thing caught my attention the other day that I really think needs exploring. Our wonderful finance Minister is proposing a new tax on people with CMHC mortgages since in his convoluted thinking we poor simple home buyers with a need for a little extra cash to buy an pricier home than he thinks we should have should now pay an extra tax on that capital because even though we are paying a substantial fee for the privilege of borrowing the money we are damaging the economy by taking this money out of the available investment funds. If even Mr. Flaherty thinks a tax on money is a good thing then it must be so – but needs modification! My suggestion is that the people sitting on massive amounts of uninvested money should be subject to an un-investment tax on the amount not invested in the economy. A hoarding tax if you want to give it a name. Use it or loose it is the principle involved. a suitable time frame of let’s say 8 months of inactivity and bingo you get a 3.5% tax imposed on your money (That is what Flaherty has proposed for the mortgage tax!)

    • Grace Joubarne

      The people of Ukraine do not realize they are asking to join the most corrupt system ever…the EU. Harper has been doing that with Canada secretly…undermining various protections so that we will ‘conform’ to the requirements of the EU. This automatically makes us vulnerable to bailout situations such as Cyprus experienced. the EU is not working in Europe and will not work for Canada or the Ukraine…they are better joining Russia.

  • christinaw

    WHAAAAAAA?!!!! Why is this not being more widely reported? Is the Green Party ‘on’ the media about this? How can I lend my voice?

  • Gordon

    I wonder if we can toss the PM and the rest of his ilk into a trash compactor and take out the garbage as well?

  • Patti George

    I guess that’s where the 22 million dollar Cohen report investigating the decline of salmon went, to the dumpster

  • Bill Ahrens

    The unconscionable conduct of this current Conservative government goes beyond belief. No government has the right or the mandate to destroy public assets. This valuable information was paid for by the citizens of Canada and therefore is own by the citizens of Canada and must be archived and maintained for future reference.

  • Rainforestrider

    I work as a Natural Resource Officer on Vancouver Island and I am a sport fisherman. I’m beyond appalled by these cuts, I think they are the beginning of the end for our Pacific Salmon stocks. I used to draw upon DFO habitat people whenever damage to fish streams was occurring as “experts”. These staff are no longer available to me. As it is BC has very weak forestry legislation when it comes to protecting fish. It is pretty much a free for all out here when it comes to regulation and monitoring of sport fishing, commercial or any kind of work in our forests around streams. The impacts of our salmon stocks getting wiped out will be absolutely huge to Vancouver Island and without more staff and stricter regulation in DFO a total shutdown of salmon fishing is 1 to 2 decades away in my estimation. A repeat of the Atlantic Cod wipeout is in progress, stay tuned.

  • No more!

    The Conservatives are the largest identifiable group under rcmp investigation in Canada. Id share the link but it has been blocked!
    Support your Green Party. Contact them and get out there canvassing with the platform in hand. Good luck Canada. Tell the masses that their investment $ won’t need to be in minerals and fossil fuels when the Govt supports healthy sustainable green energy and jobs and revives Canadas tourism amongst other great ideas in the Green vision, including a return to democracy.



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