Letter to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, requesting a Royal Inquiry to restore Canada to a free and fair democracy

On Thursday, August 30th, 2012 in Letters

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA
United Kingdom

August 30, 2012

Your Majesty,

I wish to write to you regarding a matter of grave importance to Canadians, and I request your assistance with this matter. The mechanisms Canada had in place to ensure free and fair democratic elections appear to be failing.

Many Canadians are concerned that our democracy is endangered, due to election infractions in our most recent elections, the lack of investigation of infractions, the de-funding of investigative bodies, and unprecedented prorogations of Canada’s Parliament, which threaten to undermine the fundamental basis of democracy in Canada. I write to request that Your Majesty Commission a Royal Inquiry to investigate what may potentially be criminal activities which influenced Canada’s last election, and that the aim of the Royal Inquiry be to restore Canada to a free and fair democracy.

Shortly following the last election, I wrote to the head of Elections Canada to express these concerns. I have also repeatedly requested in Parliament that Prime Minister Stephen Harper Commission a Royal Commission of Inquiry. I have never received any response. I remain concerned that with Canadian elections in question, that the current government in power may not be legitimate.

I will, by copy of this letter, share these concerns and request with the Governor General of Canada.  I request that Your Majesty please seek a resolution which will benefit all Canadians, by restoring Canadians’ confidence that we can have a free and fair democracy.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant,

Elizabeth May,
Officer of the Order of Canada,
Leader of the Green Party of Canada
Member of Parliament, Saanich-Gulf Islands

Copy to: Governor General of Canada

UPDATE: Reply from the Queen.

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  • Belgian Beer

    “I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant.”

    When will we follow the American example and liberate ourselves from the need to speak in such servile and pathetic language? Seriously: the hell with the “queen”. She is not my queen and I sure as hell am not her “humble and obedient servant.”

    • John

      Your not required to address the monarch as such! Its your own decision I for one support our traditions and our history! Its the one thing that never changes cant be corrupted as a politician can be. Never through a 1000 years of history away.

    • http://twitter.com/IgototheBuddha William Travis

      No, “Beer”, you’ve got that wrong. The respectful and formal protocol we use in addressing The Queen is what elevates our civil society above that gun-toting, self-centred trailer trash iving to the south of us.

      • Deb Dolbec

        In the States Mr. Travis, it is not uncommon to frequently observe spelling errors on Republican political placards. The Democrats have offered free spell check services to all Republicans less they embarrass themselves even more. Perhaps I could offer you the same service?

        • http://twitter.com/IgototheBuddha William Travis

          And your point, Yankee, is WHAT?
          We weren’t discussing spelling!I don’t need your “same service,” thanks. I’ve worked a lifetime as a news reporter. I could out-spell you to death.

      • lungta mtn

        without her how could you tell us apart????

    • Vancouverois

      Then you are not a loyal Canadian. In this country, loyalty to the Queen is not optional – if you don’t like it, get out.

      • Perplexed

        This attitude belongs is some far-right party….. Why should we leave our country just because we don’t like the monarchy? We are interested in being more than a colony.

  • fishin_tchr

    That is simply protocol, the correct and respectful way to address the Queen.

  • Alex

    I totally agree that our democracy is under threat and that the current governing party appears to be significantly anti-democratic and seeks to undermine our democracy. However, I do not agree for a second that the Queen should have the power to spend taxpayer money (commission a royal inquiry). There are democratic means of saving our democracy; let’s not rely on an autocrat to do our dirty work.
    Furthermore, I am thoroughly disgusted in your servile tone to the monarch. The Queen and her privileged family are a symbol of inequality of opportunity at a time when our world is at an all-time low in this regard. They do not deserve our respect, much less such an honourable position in our society.

    • http://twitter.com/IgototheBuddha William Travis

      Alex, you misunderstand the definition and function of our _ constitutional monarchy _, the head of which is The Queen. The system is a subtle yet very powerful agent for The Good in human society, and it goes a long way toward explaining why the Commonwealth countries are the most peaceable and just in the world. The “servile” (your word) protocols used in addressing Her Majesty reflect simply the respect and gratitude we feel for our great privileges and freedoms, as symbolized by the person of The Queen. It is Her signature that underwrites and validates our reverred Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The genius of a constitutional monarchy is that our Head of State -the monarch – is_ always there_ for us, standing for The Good
      and the The Just,

      • lani4

        I’m glad there is someone above ‘wanna be king’ Harper! And Queen Elizabeth II is a very well informed person who has for years shown concern for human rights.

      • Skookum1

        if it hadn’t been for the “repatriation” of the Constitution, Harper’s wrongdoing could have been referred to Westminster for review….whether by the Law Lords or who I’m not sure, but I know the mechanisms which held the Canadian government by an external and potentially non-partisan leash were done away with….in the name of trying to make Quebec happy with a constitution Quebec rejected……… in a very real way, Harper is Trudeaus’ fault.

    • Allaye

      What democratic means are those? Inquiries have not taken place. Calls for inquiries have been ignored. As Ms. May’s letter states, investigative bodies have been de-funded – where is the democracy? Where do we have the power to do our own “dirty work”?

    • MC2

      What democratic means would those be? One thing to spout off about it, another one to say what those means ARE. The Queen IS, in the context of the Westminster system, the democratic mechanism you’re talking about. Defender of democracy and protector of the constitution. HM Victoria put it “my job is to protect my people from my government”

    • http://www.facebook.com/andy.canivet Andy Canivet

      The Queen may be technically an autocrat, but so is Harper. At least the Queen is a legitimate ruler, and at least she can be trusted to look after the best interests of Canadians. The same cannot be said of Harper.

    • Vancouverois

      The Queen is our country’s head of state. If you don’t like it – leave. Go to the republic of the United States, since that’s obviously where you belong.

    • Skookum1

      What democratic means would those be?? No, seriously, what democratic means are you talking about? The investigative bodies (EC and the RCMP) are corrupted and have been inactive, trial by Parliament won’t work (and didn’t last time as it should have, or Harper and others backing his lying in Parliament should not have been allowed to run for a seat again), and our media are a bunch of toadies and lapdogs who busy themselves making excuses for Harper and trying to bury electoral fraud and in-and-out-financing and the use of American/GOP campaign staff/companies behind other stories. So I repeat – whatever “democratic means” is it that you’re talking about.?? Such things exist only in REAL democracies……

  • Rachel

    It’s too bad there is a grammatical error in the last sentence. It should be Canadians’ confidence… as in, not just one Canadian’s confidence.

    • craigcantin

      Thanks for noticing! Fixed on the online version.

      • Rachel MacD

        I think this is an excellent letter, and I certainly hope the Queen is willing and able to take her royal prerogative in hand and do this for us. That is why we are still part of the Commonwealth, in part: so that we can call on Her Majesty’s help if we need to.

        However, while we are correcting grammar – in the second paragraph, it says something like, I request that Your Majesty Commission a Royal Inquiry.” Why is “commission” capitalized? It’s being used as a verb here. Does it need to have a capital?
        Also, third paragraph, last sentence: two “that”s, which are unnecessary.
        However, she probably sent it to the Queen already, so good enough :) The message is clear, despite any grammatical quibblings…
        Thanks, Elizabeth! You represent so many of us! Keep doing your best! Peace, Rachel in Regina.

    • Denyse

      What no thank you for what Elizabeth is doing for Canadians yourself included?

  • http://twitter.com/MerryVegAnne Mary-Anne Schroer

    People, look beyond the grammatical error and the formality of the language, she is after all just following protocol. Why people find that offending is beyond me, at least Elizabeth is doing something and unfortunately there is a process to be followed. What have YOU done for your country lately?

    • Guest

      Well put. the the ones opposed to this are obviously Conservative hacks that would hate to have the obvious fraud uncovered.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sean.russo.75 Sean Russo

        yup. this is why canadians are @%&*$, because every time one of us challenges the status quo, ten others put them down. our colonial masters trained us well…fight on Elizabeth!

  • Political Scientist

    This is bull****. No member of parliment is suppose to approach the head of state except for the executives through the Prime Minister. Not a regular MP

    • http://twitter.com/IgototheBuddha William Travis

      That’s simply wrong, “scientist”. There is no codified sanction against any citizen petitioning the Monarch. in fact, in Great Britain “ordinary people” write to the Queen frequently, to express an opinion, to inform her of something of which she may not be aware. They always get a reply from The Palace. I can undestand your recoil at Ms.May’s letter, because “The Firm” is at a distant remove from we Canadians. Still, there is nothing stopping you, or I, or Ms. Mays from communicating our wishes and desires to Her Majesty.

      • MC2

        “Political scientist” is clearly a Tory hack

        • Skookum1

          “political scientist” is also what Tom Flanagan styled himself as…….

    • Allaye

      Are you trolling? Or just spreading misinformation? If concerns could only be routed through the Prime Minister, wouldn’t that imply that he and his office are beyond reproach? That sounds dangerously similar to a dictatorship.

    • lungta mtn

      many have written the queen
      and except for threats i believe she does answer them all
      (threats will get you her representatives to visit)
      another girl has already gone this route to regain democracy
      as a citizen of Canada
      he got a response
      mostly to decline to get involved
      but a response non the less

      Chantal Dupuis, a Montreal resident, wrote the Queen in December requesting she remove Harper from his position.

      “As Your Majesty is our head of state, I have no other choice but to
      ask Your Majesty to help us Canadians to remove Stephen Harper from the
      office of Prime Minister of Canada, because Canadian democracy is in
      danger like never before in its history,” she wrote in a Dec. 16, 2011,

      Dupuis complained that Harper has repeatedly violated the Canadian
      constitution and that he doesn’t deserve a majority government after
      getting less than 50 per cent of the popular vote. She argued that
      Harper’s appointees, the Governor General and his senators, are doing
      his bidding instead of fulfilling their duties.

      The Queen’s senior correspondence officer, Sonia Bonici, responded on
      Feb. 24, 2012, thanking her for her letter but confirming Her Majesty
      has no plans to remove Harper from office.

      “Her Majesty has taken note of the views you express but I should
      explain that there is no question of The Queen dismissing the Canadian
      Prime Minister or dissolving Parliament as you suggest,” Bonici wrote.

      “Nonetheless, it was useful to The Queen to have your views and I am
      to thank you for writing,” the correspondence officer concluded.

  • LTanaka

    Thank You Elizabeth! Don’t let these Criminal Cons get away with this. Please also investigate the redistribution of electoral ridings only where there are shoo-in Cons. Like the 905 and Alberta! This alone has caused me to lose my faith in the future of voting in this country.

  • andystarr

    Thank you for taking action on behalf of all of us who lack a strong voice!

  • Disappointed

    We’re a grown-up country now; we fix issues like this by engaging the citizenry, not by going running to our vestigial feudal lords. You know this will never get a response, and, in any case, do you really think the findings of commission ordered by the head of another state (and make no mistake, most Canadians would view quite properly view the Queen as head of another state) would be viewed as legitimate?

    I’m very disappointed, you’re smarter than this. Please go back to acting like the respectable and intelligent contender for head of a nation, and leave the fantasyland grandstanding to anonymous internet petitions.

    • Allaye

      Are you kidding me? Harper is creating/reinforcing feudal law in Canada with his legislation. Wealth is concentrating in an unprecedented (in Canada) way. Harper won’t view anything which threatens his power as legitimate, but a decree from the queen might just engage the citizenry. The election fraud is highly demoralizing to voters – their democratic power has been stolen from them, and the “Harper Government” is maintaining the system which allowed that to happen.

    • Jacob

      If Elections Canada wouldn’t give a response, who is she supposed to turn to? When the Government fails to address the voice of an elected official, she or he must turn to someone who will. Good for you, Ms. May. You’re one of the only voices of reason in the government right now.

    • lungta mtn

      harper prorogues by going to the queens representative in canada.
      if her representative GG Michaëlle Jean had just said no to his request for prorogation
      recognizing that coalitions are a valid form of government in our system
      there would never have been an election to steal.(at that time …the election in question)
      to my understanding this could have been a proper response
      and may have been “the” proper response considering that the harper conceived “illegitimacy of the coalition” had to do with the political leanings of the dually elected members of parliament involved. and his voiced fireside chat televised delusion that HE was the elected prime minister of Canada
      in case you haven’t noticed we do not elect prime ministers
      i believe that this set of circumstances are directly involving the queen as they are the actions of her representative albeit that we appoint a governor general she (in this case) is the voice of the queen.
      short of having harper over for tea
      getting him to promise to play by the rules
      quit being a bad boy and play better with others
      i don’t think there is much else she can do
      or would want to do
      maybe she already has had a word….and thats why the harp is going 1812 “British” and militarily “royal”

      • MC2

        Also a politician convicted of Contempt of Parliament should not have had the right to run for office again, and should have resigned (or been fired by the GG) forthwith, not continued in power.

      • Skookum1

        Jaen was bullied by the Tory law squad and also taken to task by the Harper-allied media – she held out against him but political pressure was wrongly placed on her and her office; she knew coalitions were fine and normal in our system, as it’s supposed to run….if the Contempt of Parliament conviction had been in place when he tried to prorogue, she might have been able to do different. That she bowed to him at all indicates there were things said behind closed doors that…..perhaps were a threat?

    • MC2

      Vestigial feudal lord? You have no idea what a constitutional monarchy is do you? Feudalism is not at play here. The Crown is the foundation of the law and of the constitution. With the GG himself a partisan hack with conflict of interest in his corporate affairs as well as the conduct of my Mulroney-Schreiber Affair and more, HMTQ is the only person with legal and constitutional authority to intervene. Saying telling her to butt out is only relevant were she not part of our constitution but she IS.

      Either you’re a Tory spinner or just arrogantly naive and ill-informed.

      • Skookum1

        yes you’re right; feudalism in the United Kingdom ended before the time of the Stuarts and what resulted from the century and a half of constitutional evolution by the time Victoria took the throne is a parliamentary democracy…..isn’t it funny how Tory spinners refer to the Throne as a “feudal vestige” when the government they are defending views us all as serfs……

  • Kate M.

    Your word to Elizabeth’s ear. Bravo!

  • Deb Dolbec

    I share the same concerns as Elizabeth and have thought of writing a letter to Queen Elizabeth as well. Somewhere in the Magna Carta or the Royal Proclamation there must be a clause, something (anything) that can halt the destruction and selling off of Canada. Elizabeth, I will write to our Queen as well. You have inspired me.

    • Denyse

      Hi Deb,
      Thats a great idea and tell ur friends to as well the more we send the Queen our concerns maybe she will say something ….

  • lani4

    Wow! I wondered if anyone had done something like this. I’m delighted to see that you have done it!

  • Just me

    I am not a fan of Harper, but I am extremely offended that you have invited a foreign entity to intervene regarding problems with our democracy. I don’t care what our historical ties to the monarchy are, I didn’t get a chance to vote for her and she has no business in the affairs of myself or my country. Shame on you Elizabeth May!

    • lol

      are you stupid? what choice is there if no one in the canadian government will look into it?

      You know what your really saying is if you were accused of murder and a lack of evidence was against you yet you were still going to jail, you wouldn’t reach out to anyone outside of the legal system trying to put you into jail?

    • Vancouverois

      The Queen is not “foreign”. That’s what the American Revolution was all about.

      If you don’t like the Monarchy, move to the United States – you certainly have no business pretending to be a loyal Canadian. Get out of my country.

      • Perplexed

        I am surprised to find Vancouverois viewpoint in the Green Party. Are you saying that we do not have the right to oppose the continued existence of the monarchy in Canada?

    • http://twitter.com/ugottabekiddin Ugottabekiddin(Kim)

      You’re funny, Harper just joined UK and Canadian “foreign” embassies. Not that it matters since she is head of state. Not sure she’ll do anything since Harper has been sucking up to her for years.

    • Sowtru

      A foreign entity? Did you know that each Canadian Member of Parliament must swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen of England, not the people of Canada? Further, to break that oath is an act of treason!!!! So Elizabeth had to go to the Queen, that simple.

  • Margaret Bingham

    Thank you Elizabeth Maqy for writing to our Queen Elizabeth about this problem in Canada.
    Good for you for doing something about it.
    Thanks again.

  • Grateful

    Wonderful. Thank you. Really like you. You’re an inspiring person.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andy.canivet Andy Canivet

    Thank You for writing this Elizabeth! Something certainly needs to be done. Much as I tend not to trust hierarchies, I believe Her Majesty the Queen would be concerned for the welfare of Canadians. Something that cannot be said for Stephen Harper. Maybe she can help put Canada back on track. Thanks.

  • Mountmckay

    So many of us are frustrated with the bullying tactics of this Government! I doubt this will garner any response that we would like but at least it is worth a try!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Gould/100002274340491 Don Gould

    our right were not enough to keep us save so we must now claim rights the government kept to themselves we must become the boss of our government the people do not rule unless we levy our own tax not others , we do not rule when we let others sacrifice our military boys as fodder in foreign wars .we should send 5 members of each party of the five parties to rule and every month vote to fire the worst of them and make it clear that they work for us not any party now there’s an idea that might work

  • Janskio

    Good grief, the investigations into “election fraud” for the past year, launched mainly on extremely late-in-coming and so-far groundless complaints about telephone calls, have turned up nothing (other than fining a couple of NDP members for actual donation fraud and Liberal members for misinformation). The only robo-calls I received were from a Liberal candidate, and while a nuisance, they were legal and inconsequential. The Tories in my area used a live person to whom you could complain if you disliked the call or the message. The NDP candidate was an invisible student who didn’t show up for anything. The Green candidate was actually pretty good in the debate, and respectful to other parties.

    If you think this letter is remotely helpful, or a priority, or supported by Canadians at this late date, your judgement is appallingly bad. Not as bad as Pat Martin’s, but pretty bad. To think you were my second choice at election time! I don’t belong to any party, but you were looking good until this idiocy. Please fire whoever advised you to do this; Canadians don’t need to look like helpless fools.

    • Denyse

      Well lucky for you we don’t care what you think! and like it or not Canadians are helpless with the type of Government you voted for its clear to see that you are Conservative only a Con would bother to take the time to comment on nothing.

      • Janskio

        I responded to an email containing a silly letter sent to me directly by Elizabeth May (or her robo-mailer). You, on the other hand, were prompted to comment on “nothing” — the same “nothing” about which you asserted you “don’t care”. We hope that your letters to the Queen and GG made more sense than your posts; if not, it’s hardly surprising that they were politely acknowledged and nothing more.

        All things will pass; why not use the wait to improve your “helpless” lot, if not your grammar?

      • craigcantin

        Let’s keep our comments respectful, please. Everyone’s opinion is of value, even if we might from time to time be on the other side of the fence.

        Thanks! :)

        • Skookum1

          opinions supporting constitutional interregnum such as we are now in and shoring up the emergent dictatorship of the Harper Government are NOT of value; they are spin, pure and simple.

  • Guest

    is this a joke? when have people ever been empowered by begging for help from a monarch?

  • Deb Dolbec

    Furthermore, because of the nature of political appointments in Canada, I am concerned there may not be an appropriate vice-regal or appointee within Canada who would be able to objectively undertake the important task of investigating Canada’s elections.
    Well said Elizabeth and I would agree.

  • Mackenzie

    We live in a democracy, if the Queen or her representative (the Governor General) got involved in our political affairs we’d become a republic. Also, we are an independent nation, the Queen and the Governor General have no real power.

    In Canada, the Constitution is not found in one single document. The Constitution Act, 1867 did not codify all of the new Dominion’s constitutional rules, stating simply that Canada was to have a “constitution similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom”. Apart from changes needed to establish the new federation, the old rules governing the exercise of public authority continued in form and substance virtually unchanged from those operating in the colonies at the time of Confederation and in 1982 when we gained full independence. For this reason, much of Canadian constitutional law is found outside the Constitution Acts. In fact, some of Canada’s most important rules are not matters of law at all, but conventions.

    In law the Governor General and the Queen has certain abilities but in practice the monarch has no right thinking Canadians would want key decisions made by the representative of a monarchy after all we are a democracy.

    • ben

      have you heard of the reserve powers? – stop checking qikipedia and do some real homework please!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000706523961 Billy Higgins

      You have no clue how Canada works….

    • Skookum1

      one of those “conventions” that’s not functioning at ALL is the old parliamentary obligation to step aside, or step down, when your seat or your position is tainted, even if not by yourself………that convention was never put on paper and is being systematically replaced by making up more lies and accusing the other parties for the Tories’ own actions…..not resignation but obstinacy and arrogance are how scandal and corruption among cabinet ministers and government MPs are now handled.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lori.campbell.39750 Lori Campbell

    Maybe we should all be writing to the Queen to petition.

    • Philip

      You know, my friend, I do believe you are right. One letter might be read, thought over momentarily, and because of the volume of others, quickly forgotten, no matter how well thought out and written it might be. However, if we were to bombard her with such letters, perhaps your letter Ms. May, with our names instead of yours, like a petition, then that might indeed have an effect. The subject remains consistent. I am willing.

  • Denyse

    I wrote the Queen a letter last year I received a letter back from the Queen saying I should contact our GG and I did, and received a standard letter saying thank you for contacting their office and not a single word of my complaint, of course I understood this to be a waste contacting GG seeing as Harper doubled his wages~ Everyone seems to be bought and paid for all with taxpayers money. Another friend sent the Queen a wonderfully worded letter that brought tears to my eyes it was full of truth that should have made a difference to anyone reading this.I pray that this will at the very least show the Queen that we Canadians feel we are out of options and are desperate for any help… Thank you Elizabeth May for always looking out for us Canadians. If there were more politicians like you in Canada we certainly wouldn’t be in the the shape we are today…

    • Clary

      You are all nutbars

  • Curtis

    It’s about time such action be taken as it is badly needed. My name is Curtis and I live in London, Ontario and I have a good friend, who I’ve known since childhood, who was diagnosed in the early 2000′s with Asperger Syndrome, which is a mild form of autism.

    Right now, as I speak, he is living in a severely depressed state and this is due to the fact that he happens to be a victim of a so-called police “witch hunt”, that occurred in late 2005, that left his life badly bruised and became dangerously suicidal at the time. Yes he did violate the law at one time but there were no attempts made by him to criminally put his hands on someone else’s body, put his hands on someone else’s property, threaten or harass others and nor did it involve him putting someone else’s life at risk (e.g. drinking and driving). Furthermore, there was not even one victim, nor even a single witness, that had called 911 or CrimeStoppers, to report this case! This was ultimately the result of the London Police Service and their infatuation with the law, their desire to go “killing flies with a sledgehammer” PLUS a desire to guarantee themselves one or more additional incentives as they undoutedly KNEW my friend was going to be going to jail–GUARANTEED, despite all the pre-existing circumstances!

    To make matters worse is that, despite his diamond-solid defense of a diagnosis of a neurological disorder, he was given a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 14 days–all that despite the fact that the judge in his case was swayed far to his side of the situation. It just so happens that the judge in his case was prevented at the time from doing fair justice simply because of ultraconservative government ideology.

    Oh yeah and, the WORST thing? In 2010, when my friend tried to apply for a pardon, he discovered the hard way that the government *proactively* made him wait another 2 years by increasing the wait time from 3 to 5 years–all without my friend having committed another crime! And now, because the government recently changed the legislation again, in the form of Bill C-10, they proactively made my friend NO LONGER ELIGIBLE to apply for a pardon–which is now called a record suspension!

    THIS IS CRIMINAL IN AND OF ITSELF FOLKS! Please try to imagine what it would be like for YOUR son or daughter to be “played with” by a now-corrupt criminal justice system that the Conservatives foolishly call the “Safe Streets and Communities Act”.

    Ms. May, I appreciate what you’re doing for us and let’s hope that this “ammunition” I have provided you with now can help stop this madness!


  • Lee Fairbanks

    This is really embarrassing. Imagine having to ask a foreign royal to intervene in our country’s affairs BECAUSE SHE IS THE HEAD OF OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!! I’d like to see the Green Party step up and demand that she be removed from office and let us run our own country. We are supposed to be an independent nation. HELLO????

    • Ben

      you clearly have no idea about the Canadian Constitution – for someone’s sake please do your homework!

      • Perplexed

        I agree with Lee. The Canadian Constitution has a Stalinist amendment formula, which is not something to be proud of.

    • Skookum1

      she’s not a foreign royal, she’s THE Canadian royal. Don’t you Tory apologists know ANYTHING about the Constitution you’ve all set out to undermine and coopt?

  • Anna

    If we as the Nation Canada are to truly stand on guard for thee, then we must persevere in keeping Canada glorious and free from dictatorship.

  • SkyFall

    This just seems like you are trying to get attention to make yourself feel relevant.

    • Skookum1

      well, you’re certainly not…..

  • Judith

    Thank you, Elizabeth May, for highlighting these disgraceful actions and inactions of the Harper government. Unfortunately, the Queen is not really our head of state, and she will make no move to address any of our concerns, because that also would be anti-democratic.

    • Skookum1

      any lawyer would disagree with you on that ‘not our head of state’ claim………anyone who acts to protect and preserver democracy is NOT being “anti-democratic”.

  • Stan

    Thanks Elizabeth. It will take a miracle for Canada to return to its tradition of free any time soon and fair democracy, but I’m praying for it earnestly just the same.

  • garywells

    Thank you, Ms. May. Sometimes these days, it is difficult not to fall in despair about all that has occurred and all that is occurring. Of course, that is a futile path and must be resisted. We will prevail.

  • Crikey McGregor

    We should continue to petition HMTQ, the GG and also the UN, the country has been hijacked by a fascist group and is no longer a functioning democracy. But, shame on us since this was largely self-inflicted by selling out to the pandering base insincts of ultra conservatism/ fascism and the fact so few Canadians bothered their arse to vote. Like the man said – you get the government you deserve

  • http://twitter.com/DougalFleming James Dougal Fleming

    Yes — and getting the Queen involved will also be the way to root out colonialism. In fact, I think it would be best if the country were ruled once again directly from Whitehall. We could call it the British Empire. @DougalFleming

    • Skookum1

      In 1931 or 1933, the democratic government of the Colony of Newfoundland was turfed by a mob (rigged of course) and direct rule from London re-instituted…..there ARE precedents for appointing caretaker government to restore order, and democracy not restored until after the War; when between the then-Tories and the RCMP the referendum on joining Canada was rigged…….not that the severing of the watchdog ties with Westminster wasn’t calculated to prevent intervention buy London; and all 1982 did, other than that, was to retrench the powers of the first ministers and implement an amending formula that was deliberately difficult……even though Charlottetown and Meech didn’t pass, the measures contained in them to bolster the power and arrogance of first ministers were strengthened anyway, without our say-so or any amendments…….. all I can say is I’d rather have Whitehall running our affairs than Washington……

  • http://www.facebook.com/cynthvg Cynthia Van Ginkel

    How is the Queen of the Empire, the seat of colonialism, going to improve our democracy? We may have issues with our democracy, but how can anyone think getting the absolutely un-elected queen involved is going to help?!

    • Skookum1

      the degree to which Canadians like you don’t understand the role of the constitjutional monarch in our constitution is really quite sad……..the Empire is dead, but she’s the Queen of CANADA (as well as other places). The position is the source of the mandate of Parliament and without her Parliament is meaningless…..but oh hell, it is now anyway, thanks to Harper huh?

  • Shawn

    Did this letter get a reply?

  • Oliver Tennant


  • http://www.facebook.com/Shadowminx Christina McDonald

    hopefully this means he can’t just weasel out of doing anything about this, after all The Queen’s office is sending this forward.

  • Tekfu

    I commend the integrity you show Elizabeth. You are a true blue Canadian. If the GG will not act on this. Then proof must be shown for him to act. Otherwise good people that take no action, are equally responsible as those that do the offenses. If we allow criminal activities to continue in government, then it’s setting a terrible precedent.

    I believe in the spirit of the law – but the Queen and by extension her representative the GG must take action when glaring evidence is presented. So we need to gather our strength – find this proof and then take action to correct our Government.

  • jansumi

    “Nevertheless, Her Majesty was interested to know of your views.” (: A good reply actually – notice can’t hurt.

    • Skookum1

      she’s been getting a lot of letters like Ms May’s only in this case it’s from a party leader…….and that last line, yes, it means Her Majesty is “not amused” and she’s taking this seriously…..and probably has her staff doing some research about the foxes who stole her Canadian chicken-coop. Her power is influence and the royal backroom……..G-G Johnston is Harper’s pet, but the staff at Rideau Hall know who the real boss is……might seem like a blase little line for a sign-off, but it’s very loaded with import given the usual royal protocol to say almost nothing at all.

  • buggs

    Thank You for bringing this to the attention of the Queen, and for those of you that do not like it you really need to do some research about the Monarchy. The Queen owns all Crown land in Canada and if it was not for the Monarchy Canada would not exist, we would be part of America, and it does seem that Harper would prefer it to be that way. Harper does need to be denounced he does not run this country as a Canadian but rather a tyrant.


    Sadly, the queen is in on it too so asking help from her is a waste of time. Ask the people to stop all funding of these criminals (tax wise) and come up with a new para dime. Working with these people or keeping to THEIR rules is just plain silly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=630975893 Jo-Ann Isaac

    It is not only Canada in trouble, look all over the world to see her states in the same or more advanced situations of takeovers, aboriginal abuse, toxic extractions. She is behind all this or she would have stopped her states long ago. We need to all write the queen and let her know that we know who is in charge and she better start making some important decisions for her states. Idle No More sent one in December and the reply was that she had confidence in the government as elected by Canada, wonder if she still feels the same way, months later!!!!!

  • Skookum1

    A further reply to HM should be made outlining the Governor General’s partisanship and his unseemly conduct at the first sitting of Parliament, walking aside the PM into the Senate clenching his hands over his head in victory. His background in the rigged Mulroney Inquiry (designed to keep other Tories from investigation) and his corporate empire (including his company which wants to run digital elections) are details concerning the compromising of the viceregal position should help Her Majesty that her usual response “tell the Governor-General” has no feet to it; he was put there to prevent any independent-minded G-G (like Michaelle Jaen) from thwarting the Tory hijacking of the powers of Parliament and the Crown.

    Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl, but she needs to have a lot more to say.

  • Donalda MacDonald

    I wrote the queen about 35 years ago ( a year she had visited Nova Scotia) with a little booklet my 7 year old daughter had put together about the queen. I received a letter from the queen’s Lady-in-Waiting that began, “The Queen has commanded me to write …blah…blah…blah…” If she has no authority in Canada, why do we continue to support the royal family?

  • Ann La Touche

    Good woman. I think you must be the hardest working MP in Ottawa. In an ideal world the NDP would espouse the environmental policies of the Greens and you would be the leader.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.russo.75 Sean Russo

    i see you thought the monarchy, being a repressive and dictatorial entity itself, might feel the Harper regieme is trying to out-dictatorialize it? divide and conquer; good plan…in all seriousness we need to get rid of both. but hey Elizabeth, at least you have the guts to bring it up I will give you that! good luck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joni.mcmillan.9 Joni McMillan

    I’m sure Elizabeth knew the kind of reply that protocol dictates be given. It is important that the letter be received to indicate the importance of the subject to Canadians, Well done, ELizabeth!

  • smiliewylie

    What I wouldn’t give too see harper out on his ass, with a minority government that would depend on other parties before sanctioning any laws. His blatant, arrogant, narcissistic, self importance, blinded fool that he is. For that to happen we have to vote in a democratic way, we the N.D.P and the Liberal party, together throw his sorry ass out. But personally I thought we have a safe and healthy mechanism woven into the fabric of society that offers one the choice in choosing, either, or, maybe, together around policies in our politics. Heaven help us when there are no choices given, dictated to.

  • honestvoter

    LOL!! What a ridiculous letter!!

  • histamine

    lol… the greens… as if we don’t have enough whiny social democrats…
    Get a hair cut :)

  • sana iqbal cheema

    hi my name is sana i want share my problems to you i am very poor pepole.my grand father is brithish army officer.he devote life for brithish army please you help me i am very poor pepole i have six sister and four brother and my father is job less please you help me i need you…………… plzzzzzzzzzzz you help me

  • Christine

    This is a little off topic……I’ve been doing some reading and id like to know why the queen hasn’t been arrested for the missing aboriginal children I’m sure there are so many victims more than these 10 children. She was found guilty in 2013. To be honest I think canada and the USA should ban her. Any other pedophile would be forbidden from entering.

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