Question Period: The Environment

On Thursday, December 6th, 2012 in Question Period

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, despite a misleading report on Environment Canada’s site that uses per capita emissions, overall, the delegates at Doha heard Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions have gone up again. The scientific advice is increasingly clear that the impacts of the climate crisis are coming faster than expected and are more severe than expected: arctic ice, permafrost, sea level rise.

Given that all of these things are occurring faster than anticipated, when was the last time the Prime Minister was briefed on the scientific aspects of this crisis, and who briefed him?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper: Mr. Speaker, I am very surprised at this question from the leader of the Green Party.

Just last week on behalf of the government and the minister from Newfoundland and Labrador, we announced one of the most important green energy initiatives in the history of this country, an initiative supporting the Lower Churchill and related developments that will take 4.5 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions out of our system.

Yet the Green Party of Canada stood against it. On this side, we are for helping the environment and making sure there is energy security and prosperity—

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

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  • Jean Guernon

    “Oh, Oh!” indeed. WTF ?!

    • Jean Guernon

      I mean, he has to be briefed by the NSRC and other reputable organisms, given their literature on the Canadian Government site. Hard to go at them with that argument unless they are really clueless as to what is going on under their authority, although I wouldn’t completely exclude the possibility that they would be like the domestic policies leadership was, under Georges Bush in the USA, ignorant as hell. Is it that bad?

  • Darren Gregory

    Thank you for standing up! Who do we believe? Certainly not the Prime Minister!

  • Chris Harrison

    Mrs May, the reason we need to tear up our environment is to pay interest to bankers, and the fact that private banks are funding our government with a daily compounded interest fee attached (money that doesn’t exist) is putting us in to massive debt. If we stopped doing this we would have a surplus and we would not be pressured to have this constant economic expansion. If we don’t expand our production we go in to poverty, so I would like to see us take the position that we need a PUBLIC SOVEREIGN central bank where the interest is owned by we the people. Without this there is no stopping environmental degradation, we allowed the liberals and Conservative globalist parties to export our economy, all we have is natural resources and Walmart.

    • AGM

      Tell that to the millions of Canadians ( included CPP recipients) that lend the money to the government in good faith, expecting their pensions to be honored

      • Chris Harrison

        The people shouldn’t really have to do that and under this private monetary system its a rip off. The interest has to come out of the principle that is lent because the interest doesn’t exist and we are economically cannibalizing ourselves (cuts that will only make things worst) to make interest payments to ultra rich bankers because other countries are too tapped out to buy our expensive exports. (cutting the dollars value BTW is NOT the cure, it kills savings) Most government spending for the stimulus will lead to no real long term economic benefit. Gazebo’s, bailouts and war planes don’t pay for themselves but new 21′st century infrastructure like High speed rail does. If its done with debt free money in a properly regulated system like we had before 1974 bonds are a good deal.

    • Peter Kendrick French

      we already have one of those sovereign banks you speak of, our boy’s on the Hill would rather keep us in debt slavery to the Bankers, how else do you expect Harper and the rest of them to become multimillionaires without doing the bankers bidding.

      • Chris Harrison

        OH we have it but we don’t use it, they just stamp their names on the checks.

    • Christel Martin

      I thought we just lost a good chunk of our natural resources to China? Only WalMart now. ..

  • noku

    again with the straw man tactics…

  • Nathan McDonald

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your voice of reason in the midst of the frustrating political system to which we are confined. To be the “voice of one calling in the wilderness” [for the wilderness!] is not an enviable position, and never has been. There are many people across the country for whom your voice is an inspiration and a hope in the midst of an otherwise gloomy political vision. You are much appreciated!

  • Jonathan Buxton

    How can we believe any statistic that the government quotes when Harper can control over the privy council and scientists. Very sad :(

  • Dave Reyno

    O please Harper just answer the question. Just for the record it is more than a little sad that you are treating the lower churchill Falls project like it was the Conservatives finest hour. The project is the finest hour of Liberal Danny Williams and he hated you too!

  • Andrea Percy

    Elizabeth May and Canadians are not worthy of an answer in Mr. Harper’s books. Let’s keep his disrespect in mind and not let people forget his lack of respect at the next election.

  • Dave Polster

    What about the energy that goes into these mega-projects… Much better to have solar cells on every room and many small windmills on the tops of the power poles…

  • Peter Kendrick French

    taking 4.5 megatons of greenhouse gas out of 690+ tons of greenhouse gas is hardly an accomplishment to be proud of.

  • Mark

    Why does the Justice System throw the book at the poor, sick and working people for little petty crimes? Yet do nothing about “REAL CRIMES”. For example people in government, like the Prime Minister; Harper and his Cabinet, associates, ie; Legal people, CEOs of corporations and the Ultra rich. These people get away with committing crimes even when caught, it is covered up. The poor, sick and the working people they are always made examples of. What is Justice?

  • Mark

    This is my second post. I’am outraged with Harper and his government. He and everyone working with him have violated the rights of Canadians, they have made secret deals behind the backs of the people. It is obvious there have been crimes committed,and they are not minor ones. Why are they not being arrested.

  • Dawn Yerex

    Dam in general are not the best way for producing energy as the period of construction usually uses trucks that require oil and gas not great for the enviroment.

  • Dan

    Had to laugh at the lemmings who stood up and clapped after Harpers statement. I wonder what they will be thinking when they follow him over the proverbial cliff.

  • GB

    The conversation on climate change is a long one, being clarified only by e May, thank you Elizabeth. in all my years i hardly note any seriou program to favor the enviroment, Why there are no solar panel at reasonable cost for canadians houses and Wind power at strategic sites to help us reduce the use of oli and carbon. Why hibrid car are so costly that no middle income canadian can afford them I am sure all of us will used then if the price is right, but no they are very expensives. My first guest is that all this develoments are on the hands of thr oild companies and they are controlling how and when we may use them. their pimary interest is money for the shareholders and care zero for humanity. This is totally wrong it is the goverment that should have the programs to investigate further and develop and implement a long term plan to survive in this planet of ours.

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