Jobs and Growth Act, 2012 (Bill C-45)

On Thursday, November 29th, 2012 in Speeches

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to rise today to speak to yet another budget omnibus bill. I suppose I should not use the word “pleased”.

I want to first make a few comments on the subject of omnibus bills and what we have seen in this one year. We essentially have seen budget 2012 used as an excuse for the tabling of 900 pages of legislation largely unrelated to the budget itself. This exercise is both illegitimate and undemocratic in combining 70 different bills in Bill C-38, allegedly related to budget 2012, and now 60 different bills in Bill C-45.

I have fewer amendments today than I had tabled for Bill C-38 and Canadians might want to know the difference. Bill C-38, while a couple of pages shorter, did far more damage to the fabric of environmental laws in Canada. Bill C-38 took an axe to our Fisheries Act, destroying habitat protections; , repealed the Environmental Assessment Act; and put in place a substitute piece of legislation that would be an embarrassment to a developing country. It was absolutely abominable.

In Bill C-38, we also saw the explicit removal of pipelines as a category of obstruction under the Navigable Waters Protection Act. I would have thought that the Conservative agenda toward pipelines was satisfied with Bill C-38, but we go on to Bill C-45 and see that the attack on environmental laws includes the evisceration of the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

In Bill C-38, I made the case, as members may recall, to ask the Speaker for a ruling that the bill was out of order and not properly put together. I think we need to revisit the rules and to create some rules t around omnibus bills because this is clearly illegitimate.

In Bill C-45, we have proof of how appalling the process was in Bill C-38 in that some of what we are voting on this week are remedies for errors made in the drafting of Bill C-38. These were obvious errors that could have been caught if the normal legislative process had taken place.

Now we are asked, in Bill C-45, to correct drafting errors made in Bill C-38 where the English does not accord with the French, or where, under the Fisheries Act, they forgot to protect certain aspects of navigation through the fisheries corridors where there are weirs and other fishing apparatus. We also have changes to the Environmental Assessment Act because of poor drafting the last time around. Why was the drafting poor? It was because 70 different laws were put together in one piece of legislation and forced through the House without a willingness to accept, in 425 pages of legislation, a single amendment.

This is not proper parliamentary process. No previous Privy Council in the history of this country has ever equated an amendment to a bill between first reading and royal assent as some sort of political defeat that must be avoided at all costs. This is a level of parliamentary partisanship that takes leave of its senses. It is essentially a form of parliamentary insanity for the government to decide that it cannot possibly accept an amendment from first reading to royal assent and then to come back and give us this which finally provides some of the corrections.

I will speak to my amendments relatively quickly. I want to stress that neither Bill C-38 nor Bill C-45 are really about jobs, or growth or the budget. I will highlight the things in Bill C-45 that I hope to amend because they will hurt jobs.

Bill C-45, the omnibus budget bill, would hurt jobs in tourism through this quite extraordinary proposal, which is not a proposal but will be passed into law unless we are able to persuade Conservative members of Parliament that they should vote for what they think is right and not how they are told, ordered and instructed to vote.

When tourism in this country is such an important part of our economy, it makes no sense to pass into law a requirement that tourists from around the world, from countries that do not currently require a visa to come to Canada, regardless of whether they have any aspersions on their character, whether they are considered to be a risk, every tourist to Canada, except those from the United States because of our agreements over a shared border security process, would need to fill out a form to find out if they are allowed to come here for a vacation. This is a terrible change and it would significantly hurt tourism.

Another terrible change is reducing the tax credit, the SR and ED, the scientific research and experimental development tax credit. This is where Canada lags. If we listen to the economists, there is tremendous concern about our competitiveness and productivity, which is directly related to research and development, and to why we need to have the scientific research and experimental development tax credit available to Canadians. We think it would be a big mistake to reduce that.

I will now talk about what I like in Bill C-45. The assumption is that every opposition member hates everything in Bill C-45. That is one of the reasons I object to omnibus bills. There are measures here that I would vote for were they not coupled together with so much destruction. I would vote for the actual budgetary measures that one finds at the beginning of Bill C-45, the tax credits to encourage investment in clean energy and energy efficiency. They are too small but I am certainly not against them. Rather, I am for them.

I would vote for the closing of some of the tax credits to encourage oil and gas development, such as the Atlantic investment tax credit for oil, gas and mining, and for the corporate mineral exploration and development tax credit. I would also vote for the closing of the loopholes in transfer pricing and foreign affiliate dumping that have been used by corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Those are the measures I would vote for.

What deeply disturbs me in this bill, in addition to the measure that I had mentioned to create a new requirement for filling out a form to come to Canada under immigration, is the elimination of the Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission. My amendments would keep that commission in place.

As well, we could do more with the hiring credit for small business.

The changes to the Fisheries Act are largely to repair mistakes made by the Conservatives to the Fisheries Act that had weakened it. They are now fixing some of what they did not need to weaken so desperately. However, we have suggested an amendment to allow for the definition of “aboriginal fisheries”, on the basis of first nations advice, to ensure that the definition is fully respected and takes into account the constitutional and treaty rights of first nations in any definition of “aboriginal fisheries”.

Before moving on to the Navigable Waters Protection Act, I wish to speak to the Canada Grain Act. My amendments oppose a move to take away the independent bond actors in terms of looking at Canadian grains. The third party inspection that is now being proposed would create a conflict of interest between the private sector and the grain companies. We think that would be a mistake. We have certainly learned from the XL Foods beef scandal that it is important to ensure that inspections are truly independent.

The bulk of my amendments deal with the Navigable Waters Protection Act. The Conservatives have taken three runs at it through three different omnibus bills, the first being in 2009. The objective definition of what is “navigable” was changed to a discretionary definition wherein “navigable” would mean whatever the Minister of Transport says that it means.

In Bill C-38, just this past spring, the Conservatives took another run at the Navigable Waters Protection Act with the specific exclusion of pipelines as works or undertakings. Pipelines are no longer in the Navigable Waters Protection Act. These new amendments are certainly not about pipelines because the Conservatives took care of that in Bill C-38.

What this does is it takes an act that we have had since 1882 that directly comes from the Constitution of this country, that being the federal responsibility for navigation. The Navigable Waters Protection Act, which was brought in by Sir John A. Macdonald, has protected the rights of Canadians to put a canoe or kayak in any body of water and paddle from there to wherever they want to go. As Canadians, we have a right to navigation. This is now being superseded with the false story that there is somehow a burdensome regulatory amount of red tape that offends people in municipalities. Therefore, we need to blow apart the Navigable Waters Protection Act to say that a body of water is only navigable if it can be found in the schedule at the back of the act. Ironically, the 99.5% of Canadian waters that are not listed there are not ones near municipalities, cottages and people who want to build wharfs, but are in our wilderness areas where, without the Navigable Waters Protection Act, nothing stands in the way of obstructions to navigations for Canadians.

The government will tell us that is all right because Canadians have a common law right. If people have a couple of hundred thousand dollars and are prepared to go to the Supreme Court of Canada to defend their right to use a waterway that is not listed, they can do that. However, this is an egregious abdication of responsibility for a federal head of power that no other level of government has the right to step up and fill the void.

I urge my colleagues on all sides of the House to give due consideration to these serious and important amendments.

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  • Ann Kristoff

    Very well presented: concise, detailed, informed. Any politician who truly has the well-being of Canadians as their priority will give a great deal of thought and credence to what Elizabeth has presented.

  • dschro

    thankyou elizabeth. this guy is unreal and must be stopped in his tracks if at all possible. he will stop at nothing until corporate greed takes over and ordinary Canadians don’t count for anything!

  • Pat Rogerson

    Once more an excellent critique, with super recommendations for improvement.

  • ChristianJustice

    Hear Hear!! Great speech! I really don’t get this obsession with killing the Navigable Waters Protection Act… Harper really does hate the environment, it seems.

  • Linda McCabe

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Canadians and the part we play in the global community. We have a wonderful country and it is incredibly painful to see the environmental and human rights we value eroded. As a Canadian, it is painful to see the impact of our regressive foreign policy. As Canadians, we need a revolution in consciousness, we need to wake up. .We are so trustworthy that I don’t think most realize the extent and future impact of the Conservative repetilian agenda. I have great faith in the people of this great county. We will overcome!! Thanks again for your leadership.

    • Josep

      Linda, a well presented comment and I agree with your well placement of canadian thought; also for Elizabeth, you make me very proud and happy that you are there to represent our Canada.

  • ann perodeau

    Excellent! your depth of knowledge and clear thinking on both the specific and overarching concerns are impressive. I am particularly pleased to see that you have found and mentioned some areas for support. This is a mature and powerful process that models the kind of parliamentary practice that we so desperately need.

  • Jan Bacon

    thank you Ms May… we need you so desperately to stand up and speak for us.

  • pmagn

    Harper is single handedly destroying Canada… Canadian values and Canadian democracy. How can our constitution allow for this? How can our elected representatives allow this? We the people can not allow it. These are crazy times.

  • Rosalinde Schulze

    Thank you Elizabeth for standing up for the majority of Canadians who treasure Democracy

  • G Deane

    Thank you Elizabeth for your unwavering dedication to the majority of voters in this country. My Christmas wish for this year and in future is for the divided progressives in this country to check their egos at the door and work together to end this destruction of our country, economy and environment by the Harper party.

    • John F. Dunbar

      I agree 100%, we all need to temporarily shelve our differences and do whatever is needed to get rid of Harper and his band of thugs while it can still be done peacefully. I don’t think there is much more time and every day that goes by more destruction is being done to our once-great country. I used to travel with a Canadian flag displayed proudly on my pack, I would be ashamed to do so now.

  • Ward M. Eagen

    Thank you…
    We are moving in the right direction but how much damage will they do before we get there?
    Will we be able fix it for my children?

  • Diana Nicholson

    Thank you for your clear and meticulous presentation of facts and for endorsement of some aspects of the proposed legislation, which lends such credibility to your arguments. Please continue your articulate defense of the interests of the majority!

  • Joanne Hutchinson

    Thank you so much! I am glad you are on our side! You have the intelligence to understand all of this legalese and I do so appreciate that you have our back.

  • Sharon Warner

    Right on Elizabeth! I hope this does not fall on deaf ears. These omni bus bills are a disgrace and dishonest to the core. This American form of “democracy” has no place in our parliament. It seems the Harper’s conservatives are on a path to fascism that benefits big oil; the environment and it’s people be damned.

  • Robert MacDonald

    Stephen Harper and his conservative government are the single biggest threat this great country has ever faced. This speech shows just how good a politician Elizabeth May is and truly how much she loves this once great country. As usual she is right on the money in her efforts to protect not only the peoples of canada but the country itself.

  • Jill

    Impressive Ms. May, as always. Thank you.

  • Anti

    The ONLY voice of sanity in the House… what is the matter with mental state of Harper I cannot fathom the insane actions and bills Harper is pushing through, who is to benefit from these insane provisions OTHER than Big Corporations and their greed.

  • Virginia Howard

    Revising the last omnibus with the current one makes this government look foolhardy, reckless. It’s a kind of end-of-days governance.

  • Signe Knutson

    Thank you, Elizabeth May. I am always encouraged by your intelligence. You are a brilliant star in the polluted sky of our Parliament.

  • Teal

    Could you just start your email with a sentence telling people what you want to do about this problem? I trust your judgement on most of these issues and only have time to scan long stories fast. Just tell us what actions you want taken at the top, please.

  • fitcat

    Quite right, but from the other side of the shore it looks different. There is a perception that “a burdensome regulatory amount of red tape that offends people”, among those that wish to have unreasonable and large expressions of their ego via huge wharves into Canadian public waterways. Permanent Lake shore dwellers often see their out of province vacation home neighbours’ expression of ownership by accumulated multiple anchorage buoys for martini tubes, for PWC, powerboats, and houseboats and then large wharf and gangway installations to project into public view-scape and navigable waters. Ministry of Lands offices come under enough pressure to adjudicate land and water usage, they do not need to be streamlined to accept carte blanche private wealth strewn across Public, Canadian, shoreline or waterways.

  • Linda

    Thank you for a well researched and thoughtful presentation. I hope that some of the well-intentioned Conservative MPs will vote with their own constituents in mind, and their conscience this time.

    • fitcat

      I concur JH, but it is quite another thing when ConMPs reply to their constituents with a PMO generated message; and so they either vote them out or take the time to deluge the MP with query, reason and practical thinking; hold their bloody feet to the fire, if you will.

  • PJK

    Elizabeth May for Prime Minister!

    • Sarah

      Hear, hear!

      • John F. Dunbar


  • toby dent

    Good work as always Elizabeth. So glad you’re there speaking to this truly despicable government re fascist ‘omnibus bills’ which they’re using to carry out the destruction of people and environment by enabling corporations to do whatever they want to decimate and pollute this country. Once massive oil spills happen in ocean and on land we will be paying the price for centuries.

  • Donna Chevrier

    I’m a passionate supporter of election reform, especially Mixed
    Member Proportional, (MMP) as is Elizabeth May. The Green Party would
    have had many more members in the House with this voting system.
    Elizabeth May’s knowledge, values and strong ethics are impossible to
    ignore. I don’t experience this depth of caring, thought and research
    from any other leader. Please learn more about MMP through
    This system would create a fair representation of various views in
    Parliament and also elect more women. We need to prevent the frightening
    changes that we are experiencing under the Harper government.

    • CalgaryMark

      Right On, Donna! The sooner we can get the other parties, but especially the citizen voters of Canada, to push for Proportional Representation the sooner democracy will be restored to Canada.

    • Ann in Nelson

      I share your passion and yes, MMP would be great. However, I would settle for any change that is better than FPTP. If we can convince Canadians to leap over the fence to a proportional system and they see that the sky isn’t coming down, then we can work towards an even better system.

  • Eleanor

    Thankyou Elizabeth for trying to make Democracy work even in during Question Period. I will have to read your book again and try to figure out what I can do to help make Democracy work.

  • quaredunt

    A rare parliamentarian to be proud of.

  • Jim H. from Burnstown

    I don’t understand how teh government can keep bulldozing the way they do. I thought we had a say?

    • CalgaryMark

      You do Jim, as do the rest of the electorate; but as long as we (you? not me!) stay away from the polling stations on election day, we have little complaint.

    • Voice crying in the wilderness

      dream on! he has his majority & has vowed to Change Canada Forever! & is counting on Canadians to be too distracted by their day-to-day lives, & feel impotent at the polls.

  • axel bushing

    Mr. Harper has done his own agenda damage.
    On the one hand he is destroying the career of a prminent Canadian archeoalogist, Dr. Patricia Sutherland, because her resaearch showing that the Norse settled Baffin Island 400 years before Columbus might conceivably give Denmark a sovereignty claim in the North-West Passage.
    On the other hand he is dumping, to mollify Big Oil, federal jurisdiction over those same Navigable Waters.
    We cannot have sovereignty without jurisdiction. That is just elementary. We cannot have jurisdiction without presence, without responsibility.
    We are descending into chaos because our Prime Minster has become the sniveling sycophant shivering in the protective shadow of the school-yard bully. Or that’s how it looks from the trenches.

  • Marshall Neuman

    Elizabeth May for PM!

  • Len F

    This only proves the tactlessness and bullying from this government (with a small G). If only they could see into the near future and the damage they are doing jto this Nation. The big question is how can we change their thinking before it is too late – if it is not too late already. I guess we must cumulatively bully them back!

  • Ingmar Lee

    Thanks so much, Elizabeth, we love you!

  • Ann in Nelson

    We need a proportional electoral system. Any system would be better than ‘first past the post’. As bright, committed and hard working as Elizabeth is, and she certainly is, one person cannot defeat a majority government on her own.

  • Indy

    Elizabeth you are a National treasure. But where are the other government representatives in all of this? I cannot believe that ALL conservative MP’s are happy with the direction this awful government is taking. We are under a virtual dictatorship and we have to stop this dissembling of our democratic process. Surely you are not the only voice?

  • Wild Salmon Warrior

    Thank You . I have been extremely concerned about the future under these Dictatorial Bills.This has caused me to take action by leading a few protests this year. I have never been a “protester” before I have also written these same concerns in brief to many many MPs as well as the PM . The Cons never send a reply I have written Stephen Harper many letters . How many people does he employ to just delete emails I wonder ? When the Robocall investigation reveals this Majority Mandate is Fraudulent What actions will be the outcome? May I suggest Impeachment of Harper for these treasonous bills and they should be DISCARDED Start over and get it right by the Canadian people . Furthermore, anyone who believes we need more foreign investment need look no further than any Third World Nation to see what it did for their people ! Foreign investment fills their jobs with foreign workers Eg How many Jamaican natives work at any foreign owned resorts ? Mostly imported workers eh

  • Bev

    Thank you. I am so sorry that Monday did not bring you another MP to share the workload…please don’t let your bright light burn out.

  • David Weber

    You speak up FOR some items in the most recent omnibus bill, though unable to support it because other parts are unsupportable. Once again, a democratically subversive huge omnibus bill lumps it together
    in a take it all or leave it all approach. This is unfair to all MPs that must choose how to vote, and it’s unfair treatment of the issues.

    Your constructive appraisal with suggestions is what makes you a stellar MP, and my Parliamentarian of the Year too! Thank-you Elizabeth!

  • a giunta

    I have a canoe and only a few of the lakes and rivers I have paddled in or on the list. I guess that will make me an outlaw now….Trudeau in a canoe… Harper? maybe a peddleboat…

  • Bob Woodswoirth

    As others have said, an excellent speech.

    1 We need to change the electoral system to a modified PR system retaining constituency representation
    2 And the Greens and NDP especially (and the liberals too) need to join forces in some fashion or we will split the vote again and again. Harper will rule forever. The center left MUST join forces. Is there anything in this speech that the NDP can’t agree with; and probably the liberals too?

    • Janice Thivierge

      I agree, we need to join forces, now.

  • Ahava Shira

    Elizabeth May, May you find your way to the leadership of this country, as it is someone with such high intelligence and wise speech that will truly give us a government for the people.

  • Danny Daniels

    No wonder that her fellow MP’s voted her as “Parliamentarian Of The Year”! Elizabeth not only brings precise emphasis to the damage that omnibus bills, such as these last two, do to the parliamentary process, but while focusing on items of greatest concern she also points out that they include items that she would vote for if they were presented separately. This is what “loyal opposition” is all about – not just opposing for opposing’s sake. Good on you, Elizabeth – keep it up!!

  • Anthony Britneff

    Excellent analysis and presentation. I am very pleased with your performance as my MP and I suspect many across Canada wish they were as well represented as we are in Saanich and the Islands.

  • disqus_D5ccr4Syvx

    Way to go Elizabeth May! You are a breath of fresh air to our current state of government. Common sense, common ground and reaching out to other members in all parties without the sense of indignation…well done. If we can find a way to get to proportional representation you will truly be a heavy hitter in the House. Looking forward to seeing much more of your excellent work in the future.

  • Bryan Rusnell

    Perhaps we should be encouraging our conservative rep’s to cross the floor th the Green Party. Surly they can’t all agree with being told how to vote by Harper.

  • Karen Sampson

    Elizabeth…you are the best! Thank you for always having such a balanced outlook, a willingness to cooperate with opposing parties when it is in the best interests of all Canadians, and for keeping your cool under what must be very trying circumstances!! Why can’t all politicians be like you?

  • Teapotter

    Bravo, Elizabeth!

    Amazing, isn’t it, that the conservative MPs are so sheepish, and hard to believe that there are none among the 165 PC members with the critical thinking ability or even courage enough to stand up to Harper and his ideological rubbish and say ‘no more’. What would it take to stimulate a revolt within the PC caucus such that a few – and it really doesn’t take many – to stop this madness? Harper’s ‘majority’ is in fact a minority and he knows full well that he doesn’t represent the people of Canada. He is now showing his true colours, so let’s find a way to take the country to the people again and bring down this government.

  • Garry Hunter

    Excellent! This country needs a lot more MP’s like Elizabeth May. I hope that other MP’s are at least listening to & giving real consideration to what Elizabeth is saying.

  • David


  • Patti Koeslag

    May you are such a gift to our parliamentary process..thank you for the time and energy you put into your role – so many could learn from you….

    • Patti

      Sorry – in editing my above comments I deleted your first name…no disrespect intended Elizabeth!!!

  • Rob Williams

    Elizabeth, thank you for your in depth research and an amazingly articulate and thoughtful presentation on C45. It was a privilege to meet you at the Emergency Town Hall in Ottawa on Tuesday.
    Harper is leaving a trail of destruction across environmental protections in this country and trashing Canada’s reputation by impeding international Climate Change negotiations. While hoping that his extreme dictatorial measures stimulate a palace revolt among his backbench MPs we must ensure that he is deposed from office in the next federal election. In particular I would like to see the opposition parties:jointly and publicly:
    - commit to a two year campaign to build public support for replacing First Past the Post;

    - select and promote a fairer PR electoral system (that will never again allow supreme powers to be usurped by a party with less than 50% of the popular vote);
    - make an election promise to cooperate in bringing in such an electoral system post election.

  • Gertrude Sopracolle

    I am grateful for your presence in Parliament. You speak with not only knowledge, but wisdom. May your efforts move Canadians to encourage the splintered opposition to come together to restore the basic elements of democracy to Canada, and may it
    be soon.

  • Jack Rosen

    Thanks you for speaking out for the majority of Canadians. I applaud how you are able to tackle so many critical environmental issues–I’m proud that you are our MP on Salt Spring. I am particularly worried about the The Navigable Waters Protection Act as I run an adventure company that operates programs all over the Gulf Islands and far beyond. A change to the present laws could make it far too difficult for Canadians to see and paddle through waterways that define Canada.

  • bernadette slosmanis

    Thank you Elizabeth. I don’t know how you do it. Nothing escapes you! You explain Harper’s govt. aims & means with the greatest clarity! I don’t understand how anyone could vote for these people. The waterways issue – to be able to build pipelines on these waterways without anyone objecting? This govt.reminds me of Mr.Evil in the Austin Powers movie – & he came to an inglorious end.

  • Pat Nobbs

    Easy to read speech addressing our concerns about the Conservatives trying to deal with so many non=budget issues in Bill C-36 and Bill E-45. Good you keep pushing the point that this government is taking away good legislation that has provided us with some semblance of regulations to protect our rights to protection of our environment and health. Let’s hope that your hard work will help all Canadians to wake up and take more responsibilty to hold this government to provide us with chance to determine how we will move forward in these challenging times.

  • Benoit Michaud

    Cette voix, nous la reconnaissons tous, est celle de la parlementaire la plus respectée au pays, tous partis confondus. Une position claire, limpide, respectueuse des institutions et des concitoyens. Prenez le temps de lire son plaidoyer d’aujourd’hui face au projet de loi omnibus C-45 du gouvernement Harper. Elizabeth May y démasque la mauvaise fois des Conservateurs tout en reconnaissant les éléments constructifs de certaines modifications à des lois existantes. Choisir le parti vert du Canada, c’est aussi choisir le respect de vos droits démocratiques, de vos valeurs d’équités sociales et d’innovation en économie durable pour tous les Canadiens. Le Québec s’y retrouve avec beaucoup d’égard dans ces positions. Merci Elizabeth d’être l’écho de nos convictions.

    • Vouli M.

      Absolument d’accord avec M. Michaud. I regularly remind my quebecois friends that all outside Québec is not right wing Harperism – and inevitably cite Ms. May as the most glowing example of a coherent, intelligent and devoted voice for social justice and environmental responsibility.

  • Janet Smyth

    I am always impressed by what you do for Canada, and how you continue to maintain your commitment to parliamentary discourse. Your grasp of the issues, and the language you use to inform the Canadian public and its elected officials, is essential to Canada’s well being as a democracy. Keep up the fight! No matter what political persuasion people might subscribe to, we all need you on the front lines!

  • Tamo

    Thank you Elizabeth. You give me hope in Canadian Politics keep up your amazing work!

  • Karen Lewis

    Thank you for the depth and clarity you bring to the discussion (what little of it there actually is!), Elizabeth

  • Sue McTaggart

    I am truly impressed with the obvious effort and thought that went into this presentation. I am grateful that we have such a caring, intelligent and hard-working Canadian representing us at the national level.

  • Melanie

    Thank you Elizabeth May for speaking on behalf of us concerned citizens of Canada regarding Omnibus Bills. Stephen Harper & the Conservatives have gone too far. I’d like to see Canadians ban together and sue the Prime Minister and Cabinet for the abuse of Parlimentary rules/laws & over stepping his perceived mandate boundry, which we the Canadian people who employ this Government have not given him or the Conservative Party that kind of power. Canadians all across this country are beginning to wake up and are getting angry at the actions Mr. Harper & his cabinet are & have been taking and we support your attempts to bring these issues to the forefront.

  • Judith

    Harper may well be remembered as the sneaky PM. His governing style has been underhanded from the get-go; running away from difficult questions when he prorogued parliament (twice); hiding important legislation in omnibus bills (twice), signing a secret deal with China in Russia and not bothering to tell Canadians until he, more or less, got caught. I am hoping Conservative MPs grow a pair before Stephen Harper makes a total mockery of democracy in this country.
    Thank you Liz May for continuing to fight for Canadian values, and for making these confusing times a little less frightening.

  • kim cartwright

    I applaud you, thank you. Now, I have said this before: If the party whip does just that, in order to keep conservatives in line with the head of their party, how do conservatives go against the party whip? Presumably, if they do, they get drummmed out of the party?

  • montezaro

    She is not allowed into TV debates because they are afraid of her. Too smart, too much knowledge. Unacceptable.

  • DaveA

    Keep it up Ms. May, The public needs to hear more about this nonsense copied from the Americans. Omnibus bills are a curse and are the reason the U.S. is in the mess with the fiscal cliff they are. Sme of the worst legislation both here and there has been brought in via omnibus bills.

  • Elizabeth Lee

    Thank you so much for your articulate words and passion for keeping our country democratic and honourable.

  • Sandy St.George

    Thank you Elizabeth. You are the one bright ray of sanity in this lunatic parliament we have presently. Keep up the good work you are doing for Canada and Canadians. You are our hero!

  • Roger Richardson

    Apparently the Prime Minister is using 1920s Chicago as a political

  • Margaret Ann Bingham

    Elizabeth: I have to say you and this presentation to the House is absolutely BRILLIANT.
    Anytime you write or say something to this Gov’t it is so well done due to the fact that you have certainly done your homework and know exactly what is going on with this present Gov’t and what needs to be done to fix it. I KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TOO. WE NEED TO HAVE YOU, ELIZABETH MAY, RUNNING OUR COUNTRY BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT WITH REGARDS TO WHAT THE PEOPLE OF CANADA WANT.

  • Anitarose Brockman

    Thank you once again Elizabeth for an excellent critique and for the coherent, historical arguments that you presented. You help us through your intelligent debate, all understand better what the issues are at stake for all of us.

  • Gerry Masuda

    Ms May. Thank you for your hard work reflected in the speech above. I have a little more confidence that We the People’s interests are being looked after in Parliament due to reading your speech.

    Gerry M

  • BWM

    Elizabeth – Well done again! I am so glad you are in the house on our behalf.

    One point I should raise. I am the person within my company that is called upon to supply information for the SRED application. In my view (and the view of many in our company) we have been operating on the edge of applicability. Technically we have qualified, but it certainly did not feel like real research to me or my colleagues. So a little tightening of the rules would be appropriate I think.

    But on every other point, you are dead on, as usual.

  • Joe

    Keep up the protest and the fight for a just Canada.

  • Bob Watt

    Thank you Elizabeth for your ongoing vigilance and voice of reason in shedding light upon comrade Harper’s most undemocratic omnibus bill practices.

  • Pete Dixon

    Pete Dixon
    It’s always refreshing to hear Elizabeth speak. She covers her points concisely that capture’s the listener’s attention. I am constantly amazed how she can take in all the complexities in issues that need addressing. I certainly feel privileged to have her representing our riding here in Greater Victoria.

  • CharlieR

    Very well said, Elizabeth!

  • John F. Dunbar

    Thank you once more Elizabeth for representing me in the otherwise ugly morass of Canadian federal politics.

  • Galden

    From now on whenever Elizabeth May gives a speech like this I’m going to donate 20$ to her cause. This is what we NEED politicians to be doing. I support this woman.

  • acepegleg

    I agree with what everyone has said here! May for Prime Minister, yes please! Clear the way for May!!! Bless her heart!
    A MMP government would be so much fairer and representative of the different voices trying to be heard in this Conservative majority government, which includes May and the 14% her party won in the last election (if I remember correctly).
    All of these omnibus bills are flushing our beatiful green Canada, down the greedy corporate toliet.

  • Karmel

    May is extraordinarily dedicated and honorable to raise her voice
    against these massive bills of legislation that affect Canadians and the
    environment poorly in so many ways! I can’t IMAGINE the long hours she
    works in order to be informed on such a multitude of fronts… to
    prepare such a comprehensive speech in address to parliament with said
    concerns. Truly, she is my hero.

  • Ti McLean

    I wish more politicians were as thoughtful, inclusive, fair and intelligent as you are, Elizabeth May.

  • Brian Silversides Fishing McKi

    The Greens are the party for a healthy Canada !

  • tree frog

    Way to go Elizabeth! Thank you for looking after us.

  • Mary Russell

    Bravo to Elizabeth, a shining light in the darkness of Harper’s regime, she understands that the health of the environment that upholds everything else comes first, and is the only avenue to a future worth having. She also has a quick wit and piercing intellect to discern the truth, and then act on it within a mandate that cares for the whole fabric of society.

    Everyone with eyes and ears knows that current leadership is in the act of destroying a future worth having, and that the Greens represent a better way to live. If ONLY Canadians would have the GUTS to vote for the Greens enmasse across the country! This is not a joke and is entirely possible, for “Change is but the summation of our decisions”. In one day we could sweep the current mess out of Parliament and retake the former greatness of Canada.

    For heaven’s sakes, if the Greens mess up, there will still be something worth having left to work with! Let us not fear the consequences of doing the right thing on principle, for good follows it as surely as morning the rising sun. And if this blanket voting doesnt occur, then yes, Opposition parties must meld–whatever it takes to turf the destructive Harper regime. .

  • Heidi Schiele

    Harper it ruthless as far as our environment and rights are concerned. He must be replaced or else our country is doomed.

  • Danielle Magny

    De grâce ne laissez pas le gouvernement Harper détruire tout ce qui a été fait pour protéger l’environnement, c’est un véritable saccage de notre si belle nature, Il faut absolument que les conservateurs soient éjectés du pouvoir. Ils sont majoritaires pour le moment mais je souhaite de tout coeur que les Canadiennes et les Canadiens voient enfin clair dans les manigances de Harper et qu’il soit enfin défait.

  • Carol Shetler

    Thank you for these clarifications, Elizabeth. I signed a petition presented to ensure the Navigable Waters Protection Act extends to many other lakes and rivers across the country than it does now. Please continue your diligence in looking out for the interests of Canadians everywhere.

  • Slyder

    Thanks for the unbiased review. I’ve been seeing and hearing so much partisanship lately it’s refreshing to hear a viewpoint that’s not black and while (this is good, this is bad, etc.). A couple things though. With a majority government would it matter if this came in through multiple bills or a single one? I could see slowing things down but that’s neither here nor there. The voters gave them the majority so really does the size of the bill matter? Second… with respect to your angle on pipeline and the NWPA. Really… common law is great… but if anyone builds something that impedes a stream or waterway to the point a canoe can’t pass, the local regional conservation authority or provincial ministry of the environment would stop the project in it’s tracks or have it removed if they weren’t made aware prior as this would impede flow and affect floodplains. Any works near or in water are subject to approvals from agencies like these anyways. Just seems like removal federal jurisdiction from provincial issues is…. more effeicent… and I as a voter support that.

  • Emily Jamieson

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and for being a voice against the overwhelming painful destructive agenda of the conservative government.

  • Elf

    Is anyone working to have the Navigable Waters Protection Act section of this bill repealed? What can we do as citizens?

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