Press Conference: Kinder Morgan

On Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 in Kinder Morgan, Press Conferences

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  • Rj0

    Thanks for being so thorough!

  • brent1023

    Well done.
    Getting Trudeau to repeal the sections of C38 that ended environmental review in Canada and turned these NEB hearings into rubber stamps must be a priority of all Canadians who care about the environment.
    Like the NEB process, the EAB review of a permit for a contaminated waste site in the Shawnigan Lake watershed here on Vancouver Island, did not require cross examination of the company experts. The panel said the failure of those experts to defend their work on the stand would go to weight, but the weight turned out to be 100%.
    We later learned that the experts and the company had formed several companies with the experts getting 50% of the profits should the permit be granted. In effect, there was no independent expert work supporting the permit.
    Has the provincial government rushed to withdraw the permit given these findings? Permits ‘r Us ministries – Environment and Mines – did not blink. No review.

    One question on your presentation. You said that the US State review of Keystone found that at $80 a barrel there would be no increase in oil sands production and hence no additional green house gases. You then said that at $40 a barrel there would be an increase in production.
    Could you explain that in a bit more detail?

  • George Bowie

    Excellent report on the fraudulent process of the NEB and Kinder Morgan 23,000 page report that is a total joke. Our noble PM must make absolutely sure this situation is managed properly so that it is in keeping with the Paris Climate Accord, while at the same time benefitting the economies of Alberta, BC and the rest of the country through keeping jobs at home and ensuring our own domestic supply instead of relying on foreign imports while at the same time seriously developing and encouraging viable and proven alternative energy sources that been successfully utilized in other developed nation economies.
    It’s not really that difficult to understand.

    The foreign oil companies are ruthless and indifferent and one could almost say their behaviour is genocidal as if their survival is at the cost of humanity’s demise.

    Thank you Elizabeth May for your vigilance, rare patriotism, incredible expertise and capability to bring this awareness to all Canadians. I wish your reports could be well publicized throughout the country repeatedly so as to motivate and influence the positive changes needed for Government to follow.

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