Elizabeth May’s Week in Review – Sept. 22, 2017

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Week in Review

September 22, 2017

Welcome back to Elizabeth May’s parliamentary week in review! This weekly e-newsletter recaps her work in Parliament when the House is in session. Using the links below, you can watch videos of Elizabeth’s interventions in the House, keep up with her media releases, and read articles she has written. 

On Monday, the House returned to business after its summer adjournment. Elizabeth spent July and August connecting with constituents and attending some events outside the riding. This week, she returned to Ottawa after two weeks of Town Hall meetings across the Saanich-Gulf Islands.

This newsletter covers Elizabeth’s work in the House from September 18, 2017 to September 22, 2017.


Key Moments in the House

Tributes to Arnold Chan

On Monday, the House recognized the passing of Arnold Chan, the Member for Scarborough-Agincourt, after a three-year battle with nasopharyngeal cancer. Arnold’s unyielding faith in Canada’s democratic institutions, his warmth and his humour earned him the unwavering friendship of Parliamentarians across political lines, including Elizabeth May.

Over the course of the week, colleagues paid tribute to his memory and legacy, but final word was given to Arnold himself. Mark Holland, the Member for Ajax, read Arnold’s last letter to Canadians, urging cooperation and civility to face the definitive challenges of our day. 

Along with several of her colleagues, Elizabeth responded to this moving call to action.

Question Period

Will the Government get the National Energy Board out of Environmental Assessments once and for all?


- Seconding the Motion to recognize June as Portuguese Heritage Month

- Can we agree that the sale of armaments should be limited?


- We are in a time of climate emergency

Adjournment Proceedings

- Questions on the Government’s “Environmental and Regulatory Reviews: Discussion Paper”


In the Media

Lobbying Complaint Filed Against Vancouver Aquarium and Marineland


Public Statements

Statement on International Day of Peace

Statement on Rosh Hashanah 

Canada’s refusal to sign the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons threatens security council seat

Statement on the ongoing violence against muslim-minority Rohingyas in Myanmar

Statement on International Day of Democracy



Elizabeth introduced the following petitions to the government this week:

  • Intervene on Saeed Malekpour’s behalf and appeal to the Government of Iran for his immediate release. 
  • Restore proof of citizenship with photographic identification requirement for Canadian passports.
  • Withdraw Canadian troops from Iraq and Syria, sign and ratify the UN arms trade treaty, and work towards ending global conflict. 
  • Work to achieve the goals set out in the Leap Manifesto and transition away from fossil fuels. 

Read the governments’ responses to petitions Elizabeth has introduced here.


Community Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter - Repair our Environmental, Privacy and Security Laws


Have Your Say

Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

Elizabeth acknowledges the large volume of correspondence she has received regarding the Government’s tax reform proposal. Stay tuned for a response next week!

In the meantime, we encourage you to read more about the Government’s position by clicking here. Comments may be directed to the consultation by e-mailing fin.consultation.fin@canada.ca.

Deadline: October 2


Committee Briefs & Responses

Response Submitted to the “Environment and Regulatory Reviews: Discussion Paper”

Brief Submitted to the Expert Panel Reviewing Environmental Assessment Law

Brief Submitted to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change for the “Let’s Talk Parks Canada” Consultation

Brief Submitted to the Standing Committee on International Trade for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Consultation

Brief Submitted to the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities in Response to their Review of the Navigation Protection Act

Brief Submitted to the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans in Response to the Review of Changes to the Fisheries Act

Brief Submitted to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act


Private Members’ Bills

Elizabeth May has introduced the following bills:

Bill C-269: This bill will abolish mandatory minimum sentences for all crimes except murder and treason.

Bill C-258: This “Think Small First” bill would require that every new bill introduced in the House undergo an assessment to determine how the bill would impact Canadian small businesses.

Bill C-259: The Open Science Act would require all federal departments to make all publicly funded scientific research available to Canadians on their websites.

For a list of private members’ bills Elizabeth May has seconded, please visit elizabethmaymp.ca.


Recent Events 

Wednesday, September 20th


Upcoming Ev​ents

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As always, the support of the Green Party of Canada has been invaluable in enabling Elizabeth to hold the government to account on such a large number of issues. For more information on their work, or to get involved, please visit: https://www.greenparty.ca/ 

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