Warning to PM Harper from Green Leader About Canada-China Investment Treaty Ratification Deadline

On Friday, November 2nd, 2012 in Press Releases

Statement by Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada Leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, on the occasion of the passing of the deadline allowing Prime Minister Stephen Harper to ratify the Canada-China Investment Treaty:

“Prime Minister Harper, the countdown is over: you can legally, as of now, ratify the Canada-China Investment Treaty. This is what you wanted from the beginning: enforce the biggest trade deal since NAFTA without any debate in our nation’s Parliament.”

“You can legally do it. Politically, it’s another story. The Green Party of Canada and its partners gave Canadians a chance to speak out. And they did. Our online petition against the deal was signed by 32,000 citizens. Leadnow.ca and Someofus.org had more than 62,000 signatures on their petition. My office received more than 75,000 emails against the treaty. Five thousand Canadians used our website to send their MP letters to alert them of the danger posed by this deal with the Communist government in Beijing.”

“A lot of comments from citizens begin by ‘I don’t normally pay too much attention to politics, but the things that are happening now must be questioned by every Canadian.’ Prime Minister Harper, I think it is clear people say ‘No’ to your way of doing politics.”

“We need to debate this issue in Parliament. We need to include provinces, territories and First Nations. Prime Minister Harper, do not ratify this treaty.”

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  • http://twitter.com/Colettestweeter Reclaim Democracy

    Yes! You tell it like it is, Elizabeth! Thank you for fighting for Canada!

    • Mado Potvin-Gravelle

      Merci de m’aviser et je suis avec vous, SVP faite signe au canadiens.


  • Don Duvall

    Thank you Elizabeth. You are a complete breath of fresh air in this country! We can only hope for more of you!

  • Kerry Lynne Cameron

    I’m with you Elizabeth May. PM Harper, do not ratify this treaty!!!! This is coming from a Canadian voter who you DID NOT consult nor did you give me a chance to speak about this. Be up front and do this in the open where it can be debated and discussed by all Canadians concerned who wish to speak up about the safety of OUR CANADA.

  • Charles Robichaud

    MP, John Weston has responded to my email telling the Canadian
    Government that I am agitating for a Provincial judicial injunction
    against Harper’s ratification of FIPPA – The China – Canada trade pact.
    See if you can spot the contradiction in his response:

    Agreement sets new standards for transparency. Article 28 of the
    Agreement necessitates public access to relevant documents and awards,
    and sets terms for public hearings in the event of a dispute. The
    Article also deftly requires confidentiality where indiscreet disclosure
    of sensitive information could compromise a party’s commercial

    Public access to “relevant” (at who’s
    determination) documents and awards… & it “requires confidentiality
    where.. disclosure could compromise a party’s commercial interests”. And
    these are the “new standards for TRANSPARENCY”. Sounds a lot more like
    the new Orwellian standards for double-speak.

    • William Burr

      This FIPA with China Inc. will Generate a Bonanza of Litigation for Lawyers like John Weston. He is My MP, and Number Two on my Defeat List. Harper is Number One. Defeat Them. GreenmanPA.

  • John F. Dunbar

    Harper considers himself above Parliament and certainly not answerable to the Canadian people. I don’t believe he cares about you, me or anyone who will not contribute money which he can use to satisfy his power lust. I don’t for a minute think that he could ever be convinced that he had made a mistake as mistakes are what other people make. I think the only way to salvage Canada is for Canadians to rise up in whatever way is needed and have him removed from the Canadian political scene.

    • sue

      agreed – though not pessimistic – … harper doesnt give a shit about anyone or anything… he is spineless and in being such, will only find the highest bidder and serve that purpose. and by record… money, oil and greed are his master… along side there is no conscience for anything else… he said it himself, he thinks canadians elected him to power to do what ever he wants. he will and by that bullshit logic, his pigheadedness will plow through anything… head down, and go…

    • barb

      YES!!! Yes, I agree, whaever way we need too. I will be all over that campaign,
      as so many others will. (thousands) Just let us know what needs to be done.

      • Mark

        Harper is a moron and allows government loans to be done through private banks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx5Sc3vWefE he is a communist!
        This should be the first issue Canadians should fight for, we would be debt free as a nation and our taxes would drop off the map.
        Our infrastructure would be whole again.
        We would have all social services that have been cut put back in place and we would be a nation with no child left behind.
        We would all be a whole lot happier as we could afford a fricken vacation again, or perhaps at least a day off work.


        We are being raped by his government for $160,000,000 every day!
        Enough already!

    • William Burr

      JOIN: Canadian Committee for the Democratic Reform of Government. My Facebook. GreenmanPA.

  • Mystic

    Keep hammering it home, Elizabeth!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.dobie Tyler Dobie

    Thanks Liz. Good for you for being among the first to speak out against this!
    Glad to see the NDP have it on their radar now as well.
    I wrote a letter to the PM, my MP and Tom Mulcair, and got a good response from the leader of her majesty’s loyal opposition…
    Free Trade with Europe and China scares me… especially when foreign companies can sue our governments for costing them profits when we pass protective laws.
    Bring down the bully!

  • Sharon D.

    Elizabeth, you are Canada’s national treasure. God Bless You for All the tireless work you are doing for Canadians and this great land. If only you were PM.

  • Walt

    Thanks, Elizabeth.

  • von Loewen

    Elizabeth, if every Canadian fought 10% as hard as you do for the well being of the commonality, this country would have no issues to worry about whatsoever…many, many heartfelt thanks I send to you!

  • Jessica Duncan

    A grand merci!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/pmagn pmagn

    Its time for Harper to go.

    He has been blinded and corrupted by economic greed and we are to pay the price.

    He is an embarrassment to Canada and to civil democracy.

    JUST GO!

  • Robert Studer

    You rock Lizzy May! Thank you for being here for Canadians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gnueswaran Waran Vaithilingam

    Ms.Elizebeth May is 100% right, All the Parlimentry Procedures must be followed. Thank You Ms.Elizibeth May.Where is Liberls? and NDP ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=607252675 Chris Powell

    Thank you for your commitment to democracy, Elizabeth. This is a sad day indeed. I look forward to voters reaction come the next election.

  • Nicolo Scifo

    I’m with you Elizabeth!

  • Byte Master

    Like what should have happened after the “Digital Lock” issue, get support from Lib, NDP, Bloc and put out a joint statement, representing >60% of the Canadian population, that the commonality disagrees with FIPA and will do everything in its power after the next election to set things right. I’m sure some creative minds can be found that can turn up something useful. The important thing is to do that NOW, so that certain stakeholders know in advance the gravy train will derail… the question is just when. So no “assurances” or “impressions”.

    IF I were you guys, I’d even have a shared website up with a list of these things and associated joint statements (invent the verb ‘to unharper’).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ice-Bear/737150855 Ice Bear

    We are so glad you are there, Elizabeth, to give a breath of fresh air and the voice of reason into what should be a great place of wisdom and caring for our country. Please keep up the good work, and don’t let the tyrants wear you down!

  • von Loewen
  • Christine Elsey

    Bravo Elizabeth. Very well said. The fight is on against this travesty.

  • Betty Masson

    Time for a NON CONFIDENCE vote, let’s get the man out of there before he ruins the country in one fell swoop ….

  • von Loewen
  • Janet King

    Thank-you for taking up this challenge as well as your leadership!

  • http://www.facebook.com/timmonsz Zachary Timmons


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=541480445 Michelle Mainwaring

    As a Canadian Mother, worried for my son’s future with the CPC bullying their way through our Parliament & silencing all debates, dissent, scientists and environmentalists, I thank you, sincerely, for fighting so hard for our Canada.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.voneschen.5 Robert von Eschen

    Thank you so much Elizabeth; l absolutely love how you said it!
    I am proud of you for standing up for us, for our country, and for democracy.
    You were the only one who was willing to fight for the Canada we love.

    It would be a dream come true for me to see you at the helm of this fine country!

    Keep fighting I’m behind you all the way my Captain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lrothney Leona Rothney

    thank you so much Elizabeth for standing up to Harper, I think he has lost his mind. Thanks for being on the side of the majority of Canadians. I love the Green party.

  • Richard Gendron

    Thanks for your work, Elizabeth. All opposition parties should say clearly that they will put an end to this deal if they seize power in a few years. It must be said clearly that Harper does not have the legitimacy to sell out our environment !

  • FLT31

    Right On !! Ms May You are a gift from Heaven.
    S.Harper, Listen to your bosses the people of Canada!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alcharlotterutherford Allan Rutherford

    Thank you once more for standing up for the Canadian people!

  • Janice Plante


    Its starting to happen. – I’m getting hits right off the bat yahoooooo. Please check out my blog and leave a comment… TYVM

  • Nelson Murphy

    I want our resources left in Canada.
    Do the right thing, find out what the voters want.

  • Fraser

    Elizabeth May for Prime Minister!

  • Lucie Hurtubise

    We are selling Canada yet over again. This does not make sense. I can’t believe we are repeating the same mistake. We’ve help the Chinese nation a lot over the years as well as other asian countries and now that they have money they come and take us over. We have to unite over this and say a clear NO.

  • A. Cooper

    Please stop him! Your voice was the only one that cut though. I am truly scared for my kids and our future as a sovereign nation!

  • Pat Martin

    I would like to know if there is a way to oust Harper before the next election. He has lost touch with the people of Canada and no longer deserves to lead.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dianne.knight Dianne Knight


  • Sue

    That’s a big NO to the pipeline and a big NO to Harper.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dianne.knight Dianne Knight

    Bravo Elizabeth. Thank you for standing up for the rights of Canadians.

  • Anne

    Well done! We need you to speak for us!

  • Suzanne Blouin

    Let’s ring MPs phones off the hook: http://www.leadnow.ca/stop-fipa-call-mps

  • Sandra

    If parliamentarians worked a third as hard as you do we would have a decent government or better goevernment. As a Canadian ,not a proud one anymore since the Conservatives have taken over but a Canadian this China deal should never have gone though or atleast the Canadian people should have been able to have a say and/or have consultation on it.Saying that they will do whats best for Canadian’s is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! Canada shouldn’t be for sale!!! Just cause it will put money in the pockets for a few doesn’t mean it’s good for Canada and No Canadians did not give the Harper Government a strong mandate to shove their garbage down our throats as they dismantle everything about what makes Canada, Canada.In my opinion and many others they only got in and a majority cause of many sleazy election practices and fraudulaunt means and there’s no way they should be ratifying this treaty, not now ,not ever!!! Thank You Elizabeth,you go girl!!!

  • Dick Routley

    Thanks so much for all you are doing, Elizabeth! I am from Alberta, hoping to see some politicians here who share your spirit!

  • Brian

    Holler from the highest Mountain top. And you do. Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/GhostProf Stephen Ross

    Stay strong and keep fighting. Help is on the way if we have anything to do with it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.nasmith Jeremy Nasmith

    Rock on Elizabeth!! I’m going to keep being vocal on the net. Let’s get this bill reconsidered, and let’s call an election!

  • Jo logan

    Elizabeth, Once more, I am so grateful for you and your unending work to protect our democracy. So now we have written, signed many petitions, and phoned MPs, where do we go to from here?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sue.sheane Sue Sheane

    So utterly, utterly true Elizabeth. Thank you for your unwavering support for a fairer, and more democratic Canada.

  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.bernardi.1 Diane Bernardi

    Hear hear! We agree. DO NOT RATIFY THIS DEAL MR HARPER!! We are watching you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.caskey.5 Steve Caskey

    Hear, Hear!!!

  • steff

    harper should be impeached, he is not running a democracy at all.

  • Barbara Kohlman

    I so agree with so many of these comments, God Bless you Elizabeth and thank God we have got you. We would not know what a mess Harper is making of our beloved Canada. I am just hoping their is some way to cut this sociopath off, sooner the better. Please let us know what we can do, before 2015, can’t wait that long. I am worried about what kind of Canada this Crime Minister is leaving for my grand kids. It feels like he has a mental disorder to be acting like he is. He has forgotten, he only got 38% of the vote. While we are at it. please let us reform our voting system so this never happens again.
    Thanks again Elizabeth and I too wish you were our Prime Minister.

  • http://www.facebook.com/virginia.howard2 Virginia Howard

    Thanks again, Elizabeth. The Harpies
    are busy making us over into their own image.

  • roger

    Harper doesn’t care about if hes popular politely, he knows he can cheat his way to victory again in the next election!

  • Beibs

    Thank you Elizabeth. You have been on top of this since the beginning. Media did not publish anything until the very end, which is exactly what I predicted. So thank you for bringing this to our attention so quickly! I wrote CBC, NP, FP and even the Hills Times and asked them to publish something about it. They never even replied to me. But you were always there for all of us and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am very proud that you and you alone stood up to Harper! Well done!

  • Ian Sm

    Well said, Elizabeth! Thank you!

  • Christa Fernau

    I defended you this morning to the office of MP Ron Cannan….where they are saying that you and the NDP are using the media to twist the truth. Thank you for your inspiration to actually use our voices and not be afraid or bullied around by these conservative gangsters who seem to believe that they are above being civil servants

  • Snezana Pieper

    Thank-you for standing up with Canadians for CANADA .

  • http://pmtstudio.com/ PMT Studio

    i don’t know about the danger of the communist government in Beijing part of this statement as we are under veiled communism regime in Canada anyway however the facts are that no consultation before eguagement of our future tax dollars to bail them out if failure would necessarely imply the PM Has to put it for evaluation by the electoral body and its constituents or it is deemed as a cause for impeachment on the grounds of treason according to parlementary laws i read about

  • karatemama

    Thank you Elizabeth for your voice that represents so many of us. So wish there were many more like you in government . Wishing you continued success. May your voice and all our voices be heard. We appreciate all your hard work and effort and hopefully your fight for democracy will prevail.

  • Eddie Gardner

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being extremely arrogant and undemocratic by not having public consultations and proper debate in the House of Commons and in provincial legislatures. This is a 31 year agreement with many implications that need the attention and input of those affected, the people of Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, do not ratify, do the right thing and launch full public, transparent consultations immediately.

  • For the people

    This is why everyone should vote for the green party to give them more seats as they care about our country where everyone else seems to just be thinking with their wallets.

  • somegalfromcan

    I just want to echo what so many others are saying here – thank you for having the courage to do what is right for this country!

  • Meighan

    Thanks for your hard work Elizabeth!

  • inspiredmac

    Thank you, Ms. May. Someone has to put an end to the “rip-it-and-ship-it” economic policy of the Harper administration. We should have evolved to more than choppers of wood and hewers of water long ago.

  • Agnes Riediger

    Thank you Elizabeth. Stephen Harper is destroying Canada. What can I say to people who voted for the Conservatives. I did not.

  • Clare Durant

    Thanks for watching out for Canada.

  • Cecily Porter

    Thank you Ms May for the work you’ve done on this issue. I hope Harper has the sense to listen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.kinsman.31 Andrew Kinsman

    Harper’s idea of diversification is apparently to sell Canada out to China as much as he has to the U.S. He and many of his fellow Cons should be charged with high treason.

  • Once upon a time democracy…

    So happy to have you represent us in my riding and in office. I just feel like what Canada means to me is just being sold off under harper and it kills me that my government never represents me or anyone else in my life. What kind of democracy do we really have anymore?

  • Bill

    His Lordship, Sir Stephen does not listen to his mortal subjects and will do whatever he pleases. H’mmm…..how many days until the next election?

  • Ed Baxter

    Maybe someone should explain to Mr. Harper what DEMOCRACY means!

  • Rob P

    Harper has the dubious distinction of being Canada’s first despot.

  • Joshua

    I thought conservatives were supposed to be big on national security.
    Why give the chinese the power to sue us?

    What will this mean? We won’t be able to pass any new environmental regulations, out of fear of being sued. Well what if in 50 years we find out we really need to pass some new enrivonmental regulation.

    Why even give China the opportunity? It just doesn’t make sense.

    Harper must be pandering to the plutocrats, who think making this deal with China, will give them more opportunity to the chinese market.

  • Jean Antonin Billard

    Entièrement d’accord avec vous, MAIS je vote en français dans un pays prétendument bilingue et vous vous adressez à moi en anglais! Non à Monsieur Harper et à sa façon de faire de la politique, MAIS ÉGALEMENT NON à vous, Madame May et à votre façon de m’ignorer dans ma langue et mon identité. Monsieur Harper que je méprise a au moins, lui, l’intelligence politique hypocrite d’essayer de me gagner à sa cause en français! Ce qui n’est pas votre cas! À bon entendeur, salut!
    Jean Antonin Billard (membre du NPD)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mjmdube Johanne Dubé

    Avons-nous vendu nos âmes pour de l’$? À long terme, que nous amèrenera cette transaction: des gains ou des pertes, comme plusieurs autres nations l’on vécu? Merci de nous représenter pour éviter l’invasion du “cheval de troie”.

  • Geo Cervantes.

    Royal Prerogative + Ministerial Discretion = Dictatorship.

  • dgooch

    I am afraid for Canada with Prime Minister Harper in power. We need an honest, upfront party to represent Canadians. Thank you for keeping Canadians in the loop with all of the sneaky deals going on behind our backs

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.powers.566 Kathy Powers

    Please don’t let this government take away our rites as Canadians, I am so worried what this will do to our country, I heard horror stories about Stelco in Sault Ste Marie, money being used to by arms in Afghanistan by the owners of the steel mill need I say more!

  • Pat T.

    Thank you Elizabeth for at least delaying this decision. We need people like you to force Harper to pause and reconsider what he is doing because the path he is currently on will make this wonderful country of ours a sad reflection of the one we all grew up in.

  • louise

    Bravo. I stand with you.

  • http://twitter.com/lulex Louisette Lanteigne

    I agree with Elizabeth 100%. Thank God she understands the value of democracy!

  • Will Travis

    Ms. May,

    You are our iight at the end of that Commons tunnel! Thank-you for doing what you do. Slowly but slowly, I do believe The Green Party will aggregate an impressive union of progressive-thinking Canadians. I can assure you that your party gets my vote in the next federal election. For its winning communications program and of course for its Earth-friendly policies.

    Hang On In There Baby!

  • Bloefeld

    Investment no longer has a nationality, this protest is absurd and is a rejection of the freedom we have in this country. Democracy has spoken and Ms. May and her green pals is a gnat in our parliamentary system. Keep trying kids but the Green idea is economically bad.

  • http://twitter.com/The_Cherishimo Cherish Adye

    Once, again, Elizabeth. Thank you for standing for us.

  • Douglas Hanson

    Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for enlightening us to the atrocities Harper and his goons are inflicting upon us the Canadian people and our country. Harper is the image the world now has of Canadians and I am no longer proud to be Canadian. We do need to remove him as Prime Minister before the other aspects of his Omnibus Budget become law. (i.e. legislating that all internet providers must install software that will allow the government unrestricted access to internet communication between fellow Canadians. Big Brother is truly upon us.) I am sorely struck by the lack of exposure in the mainstream media and the apathy I see in many of my fellow Canadians. Through knowledge comes power and I thank you Elizabeth for your commitment to keep us informed. What can we do under Canadian law to remove our greatest threat, Stephen Harper?
    Douglas Hanson

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1475284920 Darren Gregory

    :0) I’m beginning to really like you! :0)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1475284920 Darren Gregory

      actually, no: i like you for your position on issues already! :0)

  • Morgaine

    Is there no other legal means to stop this government from signing this treaty? How is it that our Prime Minister has been given the power to forego rules of government at his discretion? If there truly are no checks and balances in place to prevent such things from occuring then we obviously have a bigger problem – a parliamentary one I suspect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Hayward-haines/1107055273 Jo Hayward-haines

    Good community response to nefarious dealings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.marsden.397 Craig Marsden

    In a democracy, politicians are elected to be our representatives, not our rulers. They are elected to speak for us, not against us. We are their bosses, not their slaves. Stand up and show Harper who his boss is.

  • questioning

    We must question the motives of this present government and it’s leader

  • Sybille

    Well done Elizabeth! So glad to have you there, looking after all of our LONG TERM interests! Way to go!!!

  • Mark Hermary

    Elizabeth, Although I’m aware you’re aware that Canadian Governments since 1974 have been raping the citizens of Canada by allowing the loans made by federal governments to be made in private institutions, I’m still happy with your fight with China’s soon to be raping of Canada.

    The words of our constitution say our federal governing body should only be printing it’s own money at the Bank of Canada for little or no interest. Only enough to pay the costs of printing. Unfortunately, you as well as many others have done nothing to stop the $160,000,000 “DAILY” being ripped from the pockets of us little folk to pay the interest to private banks (Rothchilds). This alone should constitute an impeachment of Harper, and a follow up that the next PM cancels all loans to private institutions tomorrow.

    We do not want a free trade agreement with China, which would only allow them to rape our country dry, but we do not want our very own government covering up this financial rape to continue any longer!

    I am sick and tired of no one caring and no one doing anything about the one thing that could make our country the leader of the world….integrity.

    If you want to be our leader, make this your priority and I will work relentlessly for free to spread word of your actions to as many citizens as possible.

    Do nothing, and I only say thanks for fighting against China’s Agreement.


  • Cave Man

    Trying to get control of Canada’s natural resources is a struggle!

    • hermang

      Is this R.D. Cave Man?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000573625044 Donna M. Dodds

    Thanks, Elizabeth May..keep up the good work!

  • Shane Taylor

    Elizabeth May you are a bright light for Canada keep up the good work.

  • Tadtouchywpgsunis

    HRH Harper is out to Destroy Canada Sell it off piece by piece of it’s Resources.

  • http://www.facebook.com/m.renee.fulsom M. Renee Fulsom

    His behavour violates all that November 11th stands for, every life lost, for everyone of the sacrifices our grandparents made in countless ways for Canada for Our freedom from Dictator’s and Communism! Now he is on the verge of selling us, our beautiful country – all our resources that should benefit the coming generations, to those that this country means nothing to – nothing but the ability to just do business. Will they care what we think if it means loosing money? Hardly…

  • Sami Bliss

    Do not ratify trade treaties.

    Print this page

  • Celeste Eickholdt

    Harper’s smug smile is starting to irritate me even more — what is going on inside his head that we should be wary about??? I think the power has overtaken his thinking — thank you Elizabeth for “thinking” about Canada.

  • Corinne Newell

    Thank you for standing up for this country. I hope we win this fight.

  • ET or my birth name LORNE

    This is 11.11. day all around the earth it’s a day of changing one’s intents …….. So make your points most clear and to the point…NO MORE USING OIL AND NUKELUARE POWER>>>>> WE HAVE THE MEANS TO GENERATE FREE ENERGIES . The world is going to change and we the people must change with TERRA GAIA as well , she can No longer be raped by pure greed of the old guard mind sets in the way this has happened over the last 100 years . Tell that to Parliament and see who will stand up for cleaning up GAIA in the years a head , 2012 is the year of change as we head into 2013 and on .

  • Jon G

    I love the work you are doing Elizabeth. Keep up the good work!

  • corrlinn

    Elizabeth, I’m voting for Galloway on Van Island to get you some back up in that zoo. Well done well done!!! (From a student you’ve hugged twice at campaign rallies when I lived in Ontario =D)

  • Jiminado

    In Our World, if a chief does not listeb to His/Her People, He/She is dehorned and banished. Why can you not do the same thing? You see; the Aboriginal style of the democratic system Is the Right One. Maybe you could learn from us and stop trying to make Us like YOU!

  • Galadriel Lawrence

    He needs to resign. I fire Stephen Harper as PM. I oppose what he stands for. He is going against Canadians and this country. He is committing crimes and is not speaking for the people. I want him to step down.

  • William Burr

    The Snake has Ears, but he’s still a Snake. Defeat this Snake. JOIN: Canadian Committee for the Democratic Reform of Government. My Facebook. Harper Must Go!

  • Réjean Desrosiers

    L’est doit se réveiller… Le Québec joue à l’aveugle et ne comprenne pas ce qui se passe ailleurs et cela va nous toucher plus vite qu’on pense. Merci Mme Elizabeth May.

  • saddaysforus

    …….another sad day for the loss of democracy………

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