Grassroots Petition Presses For Robocall Scandal Inquiry

On Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 in Press Releases

Members of Parliament Elizabeth May (Saanich–Gulf Island), Craig Scott (Toronto–Danforth) and Stéphane Dion (St-Laurent–Cartierville) joined forces today and tabled a petition calling for an investigation into the Conservative’s Robocall scandal.

Two citizens, Tara Ferrell and Jonathan Allan, initiated the petition. They were also involved in organizing the big Robocall rallies in Toronto. Deeply concerned about the state of our democracy, they created a website [] in order to collect signatures for their petition. Their cooperation was an overwhelming success as 1,500 people signed the petition. The Green Party also collected more than 8,000 signatures on its special Robocall website [].

The three MPs made statements in the House this morning:

  • “I have over 600 signatures here from the Toronto area. The petitioners are seeking a full, independent investigation. Without making allegations as to who was behind it, we know something untoward occurred in 2011. We want answers,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.
  • “I applaud Tara and Jonathan who worked hard to get all of these signatures. This admirable grassroots initiative is raising awareness about an issue that speaks to the vulnerability of our democracy, to the combined threat of communications technology and unscrupulous people,” said Craig Scott.
  • “What is key for these citizens is to be sure that we will know if the democratic right of some Canadians to vote has been suppressed because some people mislead them on the day of the election,” said Stéphane Dion.

“We need a public inquiry because Elections Canada does not have the resources to undertake the investigation that is required and the RCMP does not have a good track record uncovering electoral fraud,” added Elizabeth May.

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  • pmagn

    I must admit I was totally surprised that Harper got a majority. It did not feel right. Bring on the inquiry.

  • Paula Gillis

    I tried to sign an online petition but could not get to it. This is interesting in how the poiwer of one can force an issue. However, I would like more attention drawn to the fact that we are about to go into the oil business with CHINA; one of the worst countries in the world for ignoring climate change issues as well as abusing international labour laws. While we are not the richest country in the world we are not poor. We do not need to do busines with a country that does not believe in playing by the rules.

    • Mell D’Clute

      We are all concerned about the FIPA deal too and the takeover from CNOOC, and I have signed petitions against it as well. But we cannot turn a blind eye to a breach in democracy in our own country either. This is why this Robocall scandal has come to light. And speaking as a person who was robocalled, I want whoever is responsible behind bars. And furthermore, it didn’t make sense to target me, as I live in Alice Wong’s riding, and it was pretty much a sure-win for her. Purposefully lying or misleading voters to where their polling stations are should be punishable. I find it very hard to accept that the Cons were not behind this, seeing as Harper is such a control freak. Anything that happens in his party goes through him first. And since his party was the only party that won because of this scandal, it really makes me worry about the state of democracy in our country. It seems like he just went out of his way to get his precious majority (with only 36% of the vote) so he could pass his horrible agenda, including these deals with China. This is why people are fighting this. We can’t let the cheaters win.

  • Daisee

    I’ve signed a couple of petitions already! Will I have to sign another one? Can’t you somehow place the sigs on the new one? For the love of Canada, would a grown-up or someone in authority pls. do something!

  • aryanna,weis

    I also agree with a public inquiry on robo calls! There are many other issues in need of public inquiry .

  • Penny Kollar

    Its scarey that all these contracts, deals, bills and things are going through before the election fraud issue is dealt with.

  • Richard Fantin

    A petition? Do we petition bank robbers to turn themselves in? You cannot petition criminality.

    How about you and the opposition parties “team up” in shutting the whole thing down?

    Candians will soon be asking whats more important to our MPs, their careers? or Canadian democracy? Support is fast growing for a complete shutdown of parliament by the opposition, a “people’s prorogue”. Petitions? Where we’re going our leaders don’t care about petitions, emails, letters, etc. An agenda is at play, and will be passed without direct dissent, both from Canadians and their representatives.
    Do it Ms. May, shut ‘er down, and observe as you gain Canadians full support in doing so.

  • Ryder

    And now the calls continue. But this time the current gov’t have admitted that they were making robocalls in SK recently, to “advise” the residents that the proposed changes to the ridings would be bad for SK. Yes, they admitted having the calls made, but explained that the calls should have identified their party as having made them. It was just an “unfortunate technicality that their name was left off the message. Seriously? Come on Herr Harper, don’t further insult Canadians with an explanation like that. You really expect us to believe that, after denying any involvement in the calls And now that you own up to them, we’ll just accept that your people “forgot” to include your name on the message? Then why did you not claim responsibility for them immediately, after the media made it public that they were happening (again!)? Or is this just more of your brand of transparency? “Oops, we got caught, we’d better become “transparent” about this whole thing”.

    I for one, am getting very tired of being insulted by this gov’t and their brand of “honesty” and “transparency”!

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