“Environment Canada” Disappears from Government of Canada Site

On Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 in Press Releases

The words “Environment Canada” have been eliminated from the Government of Canada’s Weather website: http://weather.gc.ca

“As with other government websites where information has simply vanished, the removal of the words ‘Environment Canada’ from this site, which depends on the work and knowledge of Environment Canada meteorologists, is Orwellian,” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf islands. “This does not bode well for the future of the department.”

The site, offering Current Conditions, instead features the ubiquitous Harper Conservative promotional logos for “Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity,” “Canada’s Economic Action Plan,” and “Tax Savings Working for You.”

May also noted that, “Canadians simply wanting to check the weather are being bombarded with Conservative propaganda. Is there no end to Conservative gall when it comes to promoting themselves with taxpayers’ money?”


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  • http://twitter.com/rickthaluddite Richard Cole

    They’ve also cut down the information that used to be posted. For the last year or so, there has been “not observed” for the condition.


  • http://twitter.com/2008Cornish Winnie Cornish

    Well they will find out someday and soon I hope that you can’t eat money when everything else is gone..Everytime I see their commercial on TV I have to turn off my TV because they makes me sick to my stomach. When will it ever end?

  • Kamil Czerniak

    Although providing no source of information is unacceptable, you have to notice few things:

    1. Action Plan ads were on older site too.
    2. The same layout is on CIC website (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index-int.asp) and only place where you can find CIC name is header, which in case of weather.gc.ca is “Weather”.

    So it’s not as Orwellian as you say. It’s just simple oversight.

    • JR

      The question remains…why did they do it. Remember that Harper wanted the government to be named the “Harper government”

    • JR

      The question remains…why did they do it. Remember that Harper wanted the government to be named the “Harper government”

    • Ottawa Canuck

      Kamil speaks good sense here.

      The thing to remember is that the PMO and cabinet aren’t involved in most operational decisions of the government — there are almost 300,000 public servants, and probably tens of thousands of contractors and consultants, making many, many thousands of operational decisions each day. Even an interventionist PMO can interfere in only a minuscule fraction of a percent of those.

      Of course it could turn out that the change is a conspiracy ordered directly from the PMO, but it seems more likely that it’s something banal. Perhaps the new version of the GoC’s Web Experience Toolkit (WET) has only one slot for the section header, so they couldn’t include the EC logo any more. The decision could have been made lower down in the hierarchy: at the DG or director level, or perhaps even just by a project manager working with the web development team.

      It’s good to call attention to the change, but let’s not jump to the conspiracy theories before at least investigating a bit, especially if you’re someone who wants to convince us that you can lead a country.

      • http://www.facebook.com/reid.gilker Reid Gilker

        The thing to remember is that the PMO and cabinet aren’t involved in most operational decisions of the government ,, Really!! have you forgotten who is ruling this country? ooh hold on we’ll ask one of Harper’s back benches,, umm nope, not hearing anything from them!, someone must have gagged them. yes its laughable plain and simple, if Environment Canada is missing off of that site it was not an oversight but rather done for a reason in the same manor everything else this government has done, has been done For A Reason!! and we all know what it is, give it up the jig is over. With Commandant Harper at the reigns its only going to get worse.

        • Totally Worried

          The PMO directs everything that is done in government today. If you don’t think so ask any of the ADMs or senior bureaucrats, they have all lost their rights to manage and make decisions. We now have a very expensive government of admins marching to the orders from PMO ideologists! We should be worried, very worried.

      • Seeking Truth

        dream on! Head-in-sand! Ottawa Canuck!

    • Melissa

      Kamil, check out my post below. This is what the weather site looked like in 2007: http://web.archive.org/web/20070315214725/http://weatheroffice.gc.ca/city/pages/on-143_metric_e.html

  • Normnad Bureau

    Day after day the harper government is showing us how undemocratic they are.I am beginning to believe that Canada is ruled by a dictatorship.

    • satinka

      No surprise. Harper did call HIMSELF a dictator years ago. He took pride in the term. First thing after he got elected, he visited the China dictator, to find out how to rule like a REAL dictator. Remember?

    • 519er

      Maybe you should look up “dictatorship”…

      • bob

        In contemporary usage, dictatorship refers to an autocratic form of absolute rule by leadership unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other social and political factors within the state. Sound familiar?

    • Francien Verhoeven

      “The European Union’s carbon market is in shambles. Bryan Walsh considers what went wrong and what it means.”


    • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.yipchoy Sandy Yip-Choy

      That would be ok IF the dictator had integrity and brains…both sadly lacking in all politicians.

      • Zak Henderson

        NO! This is a democracy. A dictator is unacceptable.
        Even if it was Elizabeth, who has plenty of integrity and brains, thank you very much.

  • http://twitter.com/cdnveggie Christopher Porter

    From a strictly web design perspective, I think it’s a cleaner page now.

    • http://twitter.com/badbusiness badbusiness

      Yes, I do like the cleaner look too.

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      Nobody is criticising the design. Why are you mentioning it?

    • Pierrre

      I think that the only reason for the “missing” Environment Canada words is that they aren’t needed on the page. You are correct, the page is cleaner and it is also more user friendly.

  • Melissa

    This seems to be part of the ongoing and gradual process of cutting Canadians off from accessing Environment Canada’s information and resources and increasing self-promotion. This is what the website looked like in 2007: http://web.archive.org/web/20070315214725/http://weatheroffice.gc.ca/city/pages/on-143_metric_e.html

    The website URL was changed in 2007, following Harper’s election win. It would be interesting to know what the website looked like before the URL change and while the Liberals were in power. Anyone know the old URL?

    • random passerby

      Before it was weatheroffice.gc.ca, it was weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca

      • http://www.facebook.com/michaelrushmusic Michael Rush

        Thanks, but I prefer the new url. Government of Canada urls have been notoriously tricky and I’d rather type weather.gc.ca than weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca… Wouldn’t you?

        • Scott Mellon

          Sure, we all would, but is about corporate identity, not URLs

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.vella.100 Nicole Vella

    “Canadians simply wanting to check the weather are being bombarded with Conservative propaganda.”

    Oh please. There are three banners on the bottom of the page, just like there was before the changes. That’s hardly a bombardment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.vella.100 Nicole Vella

    “Canadians simply wanting to check the weather are being bombarded with Conservative propaganda.”

    Oh please. There are three banners on the bottom of the page, just like there was before the changes. That’s hardly a bombardment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.straw Peter Straw

    WTF???? and the idiots voted in the child of privilege – Justin – instead of Joyce time to cut the ties and vote Green.

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      Joyce’s plan, while noble, was going precisely nowhere. NDP weren’t ready to make a deal with the Red Devils, and I don’t blame them a lick. Grits have proven time and again that they simply cannot be trusted, and while I respect Ms. May, I can’t fathom why she’s linked herself and her fledgling Greens inextricably with the Liberal Party of Canada. Both are doomed to fail.

    • Pierrre

      What does this have to to with the topic at hand?

  • mtw1407

    Use AdBlock to get rid of Harper’s ads. !

    • dmad

      Too bad we can’t use it to get rid of HARPER

      • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

        There should be an app for that…

    • Bytowner

      AdBlock doesn’t seem to work here.

      • Kamil Czerniak

        You can block ads yourself – right-click ad and choose to block it.

  • http://twitter.com/badbusiness badbusiness

    Why do the union trolls continue to follow this governments supposed orders?

    • Tangibulla

      Your sandwiches are drying out – maybe take that bag off your head and put your lunch in it…?

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      Why do McDonald’s employees continue to serve burgers that don’t decompose after six months? Same answer: You can’t protest if you’re homeless.

      • Pierrre

        This isn’t really the place for this but…

        FYI – any food that contains little water will fail to decompose. I did a test as a grade 10 biology experiment:

        I took 3 – quarter pounder meals and 3 – home made equivalent burger meals. I had 6 huge jars with lids. I put burger and fries in each jar. The first 2 jars were sealed with a lid, the second 2 jars were left open, and I added 3/4 cup water to the last 2 jars and sealed them.

        After 3 weeks…. Results?

        Neither of the sealed dry jars rotted. The open jars were starting to show signs of rot between the meat and the bread. The “wet” jars were very rotten.

        The results for the McDonald’s food and the home made food were the same.

  • John

    This has nothing to do with a vendetta against Environment Canada. The
    feds have introduced new design guidelines and accessibility standards
    to make it more seamless to for users to access federal government
    websites … this includes branding all the sites as Government of
    Canada rather than individual departments. The U.K. government started
    this trend (they just won a design award for this), and the Ontario
    Government is doing the same thing. We should all do some basic
    fact-checking before we jump to alarmist conclusions.
    A few seconds ago · Like

    • http://www.facebook.com/kayakerjo Joanna Runnells

      Yes, further fact-checking is critical. The redeisgned tide webpage still shows the DFO title, but the weather and marine forecast websites no longer show the Environment Canada title. What’s the difference?

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      CLF 2.0 (GoC-speak for the new design) has NOTHING to do with using or not using the name of the department. If it did, how in the Christ would you even know what you’re looking at?

      There’s nothing richer than the calm, soothing reassurances of an idiot.

      • Matthew Poirier

        But this new site isn’t CLF 2.0. The old site is CLF 2.0. Maybe the new standards have to do with not using the name of the department?

      • Matthew Poirier

        Here, 5 seconds of googling brings us this: http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/ws-nw/index-eng.asp

        • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

          None of which explains why the DEPARTMENT NAME DISAPPEARED!

          It’s nice to delude oneself into believing that the ‘crats have everything well in hand. Problem with that? Herr Harper’s GoC hiring spree was simply political cover to “stack the deck” with Tory operatives in key posts. Once that was done, the layoff notices went out…

    • http://twitter.com/ChrisAikman2 Chris Aikman

      I guess what you are saying is that we are no longer supposed to think of this as a particular branded and ongoing public service, but a part of the political brand of the government of the day in power, “the Harper Government”. Yet the whole concept of the Public Service as it evolved from the time of the Restoration demands that it be the former and not the latter. And that purpose arose of necessity in reaction to the excesses of King Charles I and Lord Protector Cromwell, that nearly destroyed England in the 17th century.

    • Scott Mellon

      Yes I know that. The question is whether the design guidelines are a good thing. “Seamless” is a nice word, but not when it is just an excuse for hiding the departmental name and obscureing the principal of ministerial responsibility, And I am not even sure they are following their own rules. The way I read it Section of the Web Standards Appendix E requires bread crumbs all the way up the hierarchy

      “Provides links to the pages above the current page in the Web site’s hierarchy.”

  • Lloyd

    Harper is apart of the elite structure… He is doing the bidding of the New World Order. Watch the movie Endgame… you might get the picture. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-CrNlilZho

    • Tangibulla

      This is the kind of extreme nonsense that will be used by conservatives to paint anyone interested in Green politics as crazy and dangerous. Thanks Lloyd!

      • Seeking Truth

        not nonsense … would Shelley Ann Clark have put her whole life & family on the line, been greatly harassed for years, had her bank accounts seized, they tried to drive her into a breakdown & incarcerate her in an institution, but STILL KEPT ON THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS PAYROLL FOR YEARS because she was too high-profile to be ‘disappeared’. Her sad true story is very hard to swallow – we have been so sure our land has been governed pretty well.

    • Seeking Truth

      advertisement like this puts a lot of people off! The truth about this is so unobtrusive & wrapped in small step-by-steps, very acceptable, so we don’t see it coming. Peoples’ lives are so busy they don’t even notice.

      • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

        Feel free to flag it as inappropriate. I did.

    • Pierrre

      Your post doesn’t really have anything to do with the topic at hand. Besides, Alex Jones is not someone whom I put ANY faith in. He is a bit of an idiot in my mind…

  • Lloyd

    By the way, Crime Minister Stephen Harper has kept this secret from all of you!!! Try to find any Canadian news media covering this oil spill in Manitoba…. You won’t find one… http://spectatortribune.com/article/manitobas-dark-secret/

    • Francien Verhoeven

      But will Ms.May talk about this:

      “Backloading failed because even in very green Europe, economic
      concerns seemed to trump environmental ones. European Parliamentary
      members worried that any action that would cause the price of carbon to
      rise would add to European industry’s already high energy costs.”

  • http://twitter.com/46nd2 46nd2

    What I find most fascinating, (tragically) Is that Harper and his little band of neocons seem to have no regulator!? They can’t seem to stop making foolish/greed driven decisions and now hardly even try to conceal them. It seems the ship is on fire but the cons are oblivious to it and running at ice bergs too.

    They are, ‘corporate fanatics’, we are their enablers. More blood has been spilled and earth devastated as a result of our wonderful corporate sponsored democracy than any lunatic or fanatical religious group has managed.

    Love to see some wholesale political changes to ensure that another corporate puppet can’t do to this country what Stephen Harper has done, and some social changes (media specifically) that give us a chance to regain our position in the world as a peacekeeper who is welcomed everywhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.girotto.9 Lorenzo Girotto

    I agree with Lloyd, Harper is just another NWO stooge…add everything Harper has dismantled since taking power and its obvious he has a nefarious agenda. He and his lackey need to be arrested as traitors.

    • http://www.facebook.com/reid.gilker Reid Gilker

      My thoughts exactly!! This man has even gone to the point of even breaking laws to make laws. Shouldn’t he be held accountable in the same manor everyone else would be in this country!

    • Seeking Truth

      too true! why are the posts re: the Mark Carney/Goldman Sachs, the much muzzled & threatened whistle-blower Shelley Ann Clark/NAFTA (the site, but it really should have been /FTA), The Trilateral Commission attendees, the Bilderbergers, etc. been so ignored. THEY ARE NO ‘CONSPIRACY THEORIES’ – they are for real! The complete & signed FTA negotiations that gave Canada away in 1988? are secreted in a bunker (the Diefenbunker?) outside Ottawa for 30 years – under a security order – for 30 years after which NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT! At least, do yourselves a favour, look them up, pay attention to what they say (particularly Shelley Ann Clark) THEN, if you love Canada’s sovereignty you’ll demand that the true & complete FTA document is made public. Ms. May, do I understand correctly that Agreements can be annulled, not like Treaties???

      • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

        I agree with *some* of what you’re saying, but if you think GoC keeps ANYTHING in the Diefenbunker, you’re off your nut. They don’t even own it anymore.

        • http://www.facebook.com/mattmackenzie Matt MacKenzie

          Yeah I’ve toured it twice. It is certainly not a gov facility.

        • Seeking Truth

          the point is: Gov’ts (Mulroney, Cretien, Martin & Harper) since the FTA have hidden it somewhere under a ‘National Security order’ – they’ve forbidden Canadian citizens to see that they’ve already given the country away. Law & Order under a One World society will be kept by Riot Squad thugs , as we saw in the infamous Fake-Lake fiasco.

  • bhrush

    Meteorological Canada – would that be acceptable?

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      You don’t just get to pull names out of your arse! The Weather Office is under the auspices of ENVIRONMENT CANADA. This is not negotiable.

  • Scott Mellon

    I’m no expert but this appears to me to violate Section Breadcrumbs
    Provides links to the pages above the current page in the Web site’s hierarchy.

    of the GoC Stanard on Web Usability.

    since Environment Canada is hierarchically above the Weather Office.
    Someone was looking for the old look?
    Here is March 2007 http://web.archive.org/web/20070301141213/http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/canada_e.html

    Feb. 2008
    … 2012
    3, 2013, which still had a breadcrumb labelled Home, though I can’t
    tell where it went, presumably to EC but that is not mentioned
    and finally today which doesn’t have that

    • Petey

      All of the archived pages you supplied are now offline for maintenance and therefore unavailable for viewing.

    • Petey

      All but the current weather page are unavailable for viewing at the moment. Hope that changes. I was interested in seeing the evolution of the page.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laurie.adams.9 Laurie Adams

    You can contact Environment Canada and request why it has changed. This is what I wrote to give you an idea or to use it:

    Please explain why the weather home page for Canada is no longer linked to Environment Canada’s home page.

    Please explain why there is Conservative propaganda on the bottom of the screen. Am I paying for these ads to be on here?

    I do want an email back please and not just a generic reply that does not answer my questions.

    The web address to contact them is: http://weather.gc.ca/mainmenu/contact_us_e.html

    Go Green!

  • This

    Give me a break, why don’t you focus on the more important things then some stupid web banners, you ignore the advertising on other sites, what makes this any different.

    • dmad

      What makes it different is that we pay for it to be here..

      • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

        I don’t like the ads, or the Tory Bloo rebrand. That said, I’m SURE Finance isn’t paying for ad space on EC’s website. Just saying.

  • Lexy

    I noticed over a year ago that the CONs had uploaded their self promotion at the bottom of the Environment Canada weather page and I wrote them to complain. I don’t think I ever received a reply.

  • George Griffin

    There is no longer such a thing as Government of Canada. We now have “The Harper Government” that apparently people wanted at the polls. What we have now is a dictatorship my media control. It’s almost like the New Brunswick Media disease has spread to the rest of the country.

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      39% of voters went Tory Bloo, which is less than the number of eligible electors who didn’t bother to vote.

      • Totally Worried

        Funny how Harper turns that constantly into a majority government.

        • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

          Meh. It’s the same trick prime ministers have used since Dief: Using a minority of votes to get the majority of seats and ALL of the power. As far as I’m concerned, it’s wrong regardless of which party does it.

          We need proportional representation BAAAAD.

          • Pierrre

            Fully agree! Proportional representation would have drastically changed the outcome. And that is WHY it will not happen! Why would the elected Party give up it’s powerbase?

          • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

            Parties only have power as long as Canadians give it to them.

  • http://twitter.com/slipp3ryf1sh Megan Adam

    All government websites will be losing their Department names from the top in the next year. It’s part of the single-government website strategy being pursued by Treasury Board. It’s not exactly a secret – it was in the budget!, nor is it a conspiracy to get rid of Environment Canada.

    • http://www.facebook.com/reid.gilker Reid Gilker

      Did they put this into the budget to save money, so Harper could spend ‘another’ Million plus Canadian tax dollars to ship two more of his armored vehicles to his next scheduled meeting in India, like he did last year because the ones there all other dignitaries were using for free while there, weren’t up to his “standards”. Give me a break!!

  • Shas

    Thank you for the update.
    I, along with my extended family,
    will vote for any party that will stop the Northern Gateway project.
    Our political perspective is much wider than that, of course,
    but unless that issue is resolved correctly
    we will have no home from which to address the next issue!
    Also, I hope you will vote tomorrow to extricate us from FIPA!

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      Liberals *say* they’d stop NGP, yet they support KXL wholeheartedly. Also, their last government wasn’t exactly clean. Can’t be trusted, something Ms. May can’t seem to grasp. Co-operation is only possible when partners are trustworthy.

      It’s NDP or bust for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kayakerjo Joanna Runnells

    The really telling thing is that if you check the tides, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans title still shows on the top of that redesigned webpage!

  • Colin

    For got sakes, we can’t keep up with Kyoto, we’re the only nation to drop out of the UN Drought Treaty, and now this? If this keeps up I won’t be comfortable wearing a Canadian flag on any backpack of mine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=616620635 Peter Timusk

    Not sure about this then http://www.statcan.gc.ca/blog-blogue/eng/cs-sc/environment?WT.mc_id=fbA0170

    Framing the environment

    April 17, 2013

    Time series are the gold standard of statistical analysis. By measuring the same things in the same way over time, we can develop unique insights into the nature and scope of change over time. Are we richer or poorer? Older or younger? Buying more or less?

    Statistics Canada has a long history of producing time series in social statistics, like the Census, and in economic statistics, like the System of National Accounts.

    We have had a shorter history in producing environmental statistics. Nevertheless, we have established a broad suite of products focused on the environment, including publications such as Human Activity and the Environment and EnviroStats. Recognizing that much remains to be covered however, we are about to expand on those efforts.

    Établir un cadre pour l’environnement

    17 avril 2013

    Les séries chronologiques représentent l’exemple idéal de l’analyse statistique. Mesurer les mêmes choses de la même façon sur une longue période peut être une source d’observation privilégiée sur la nature et la portée des changements au fil du temps. Sommes-nous plus riches ou plus pauvres? Plus vieux ou plus jeunes? Achetons-nous plus ou moins?

    Statistique Canada produit depuis longtemps des séries chronologiques de statistiques sociales, comme le recensement, et de statistiques économiques, comme le Système de comptabilité nationale.

    L’organisme produit des statistiques environnementales depuis relativement peu de temps, mais il a tout de même élaboré une vaste gamme de produits visant l’environnement, tels que L’activité humaine et l’environnement et EnviroStats. Toutefois, Statistique Canada reconnaît qu’il y a encore beaucoup de travail à faire, et l’organisme s’apprête à déployer des efforts pour combler les écarts restants.

    • Tangibulla

      Peter, Could you talk more about why you’re concerned about this?

      I thought this part was a bit silly: “Capital is a concept that is already deeply embedded in the way we think about the world, says Mr. Smith.” (It may be deeply embedded in YOUR world view, Mr. Smith…) First I thought they were using Adam Smith’s “Guide to Writing Government Boilerplate”, but no, the Env stats guy is Robert Smith. On the other hand, I’ve heard lots of Conservatives ranting about how much they hate the idea of “environmental capital”, so I don’t necessarily see this as an ideologically-driven change. (I do think Harper is a very devious man, though.)

      Personally, I dislike the language but I’m not particularly opposed to collecting and using environmental stats, nor am I opposed to supporting Stats Canada. So… wait and see, I guess.


      • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

        StatsCan is a shell of itself. Munir Sheikh’s underlings were more than happy to toe the Reform-A-Tory line, which earned them all promotions even as their mentor resigned in light of being misrepresented in media by CPC scumbags.

        Question everything. If right-wingers are involved, question everything twice.

  • Beat

    It’s simply hilarious how the Harper’s “dictatorship” overrules some common sense decisions made long before he got elected. Not impressed by him. Well no surprise, he was a ‘good’ buddy of the GWB-administration years ago. Now it start to rub off. Time to rethink next election list.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.seegerts Day Taunee Guya Dene

    so what are we going to do about it? seriously?

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.seegerts Day Taunee Guya Dene


    • Francien Verhoeven


      “Backloading failed because even in very green Europe, economic
      concerns seemed to trump environmental ones. European Parliamentary
      members worried that any action that would cause the price of carbon to
      rise would add to European industry’s already high energy costs.”

      • Pierrre

        Hi, I appreciate that you are trying to contribute to the discussion, but your posts are not keeping in the frame of the topics. Mostly your links are just annoying…

        • Francien Verhoeven

          You find it annoying when I point out the other side of Ms.May’s story telling?

          • Pierrre

            You are trying to derail the topic.

            If you wanted to be contrary minded to the topic, it would be more appropriate to comment on the reasons that changing the web site is a good idea.

  • Brad W

    The Site looks identical Excepting a few minor design tweaks. What is the issue here people. PS. im not a conservative.

    • http://twitter.com/StephenLeahy Stephen Leahy

      For starters the weather office is part of Env Canada so why change it? Second the new page makes it difficult to find the Air Quality Index — important metric for the health of Canadians. You have go through a bunch of links to know if the air is polluted today where you live. It’s harder to use and lots of useful info is gone like links to explain terms like humidex.

      Finally it gives greater prominence to Tory propaganda – which was clearly the intent

  • http://www.facebook.com/dwight.makepeace Dwight Makepeace

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud of them.

    • Sought That Truth

      yes, truth is the enemy of the state – must be kept from the population at any cost!

  • http://www.facebook.com/beth.carruthers Beth Carruthers

    Orwellian doesn’t begin to cover it. Without Environment Canada, I’ve used that site for the last time. From now on, it’s the Weather Network for me. (And the new interface is really beyond dreadful – it’s positively corporate. Nothing like true colours showing.)

    • Tangibulla

      Does going to the Weather Network send the right message?

      • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

        Actually what Harper wants: Obsoleting government services and driving taxpayers to the private sector. Leaves more money to shovel out the door to his dad’s Exxon pals.

        God Save the King!

  • Futurist

    Perhaps it will be renamed the “Royal Weather Service”?

  • sue

    is oil an environment?

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      It is for those living near spills.

  • cam

    Seriously, Elizabeth? It’s a pretty sad day when a little website redesign suddenly becomes a political conspiracy. When I saw it yesterday, I thought it was a nice redesign and at no point did I feel the sudden urge to vote Tory. Like, holy cow. Is this what we pay you the big bucks for?

    • Seeking Truth

      sorry Cam … guess I see our present gov’t's unexplainable & hurried steam-rollering parliament as a sure sign of an over-arching agenda – the truth to be chased down.

  • wolfendenpackleader

    Sounds like the crap down under you guys in the US. are doing. Censor all media and eliminate the words out of the dictionary that you don’t like- meaning the political rats have pressured or influenced to certain people it would be in their best interest to sit down and shut up.

    • Seeking Truth

      “harmonizing” to make the amalgamation seamless.

  • is that weather or environment

    as a green party member, you should be able to tell the difference between Environment and Weather. weather.gc.ca is for weather related information ( shortened from weatheroffice.gc.ca, on the old page ). ec.gc.ca is for Environmental information.

    Changing the tag line at the top to Weather is more descriptive of the information you will find on the site. oh, and the maps on weather.gc.ca still have the Environment Canada banner, don’t you think if this was a conspiracy, that all references would have been removed.

  • 519er

    Get over it hippies…

  • Richer

    I would say “It begins…!” with an ominous foreboding tone, but really it began back in Harris’ regime mid/late ’90′s and has been pushed on a steady downhill slope since…Dear Government: we need good quality land & soil to grow our food, and people/human resources to ensure proper management. We need good water supply/water quality management cuz, well, we drink water, and there’s a billion dollar fisheries industry in the Great Lakes. Without protected areas & conservation efforts we would be stuck with nothing but city park-lawns and golf courses to camp, canoe, hike, hunt, learn, and wildlife watch. Please remind yourself what the “tragedy of the commons” is and stop treating these resources we all need and use as something that can be ignored for someone else to take care of!!! Stop treating ‘Environment’ as if it’s a four-letter word!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stealthc Ryan Elson

    As it is on the right, so it is on the left. I swing neither way. I’ve been hearing good things of you as of late. I’d heard you are beginning to take geo-engineering a little more serious of a threat. Perhaps the same can apply to nano-engineering and bio-technology, which should stay in a lab till they can wait for computing power to catch up to provide predictable modelling. Not how it is presently. I see problems on both sides here. There are lots of people interested in adapting their own individual lifestyle into something sustainable, without the interferance of government, insisting on it’s central planning and meddling! Why not give people a chance who want to design their own lives but are oppressed by a globalist rigged economy designed to leverage people into such central planning, and into the awaiting hands of the power hungry united nations and their agenda 21! There’s a lot of dirty money in environmentalism, surely you must realize that by now, especially in canada, which is ripe for the picking and is the centerpiece on the globalist buffet table.

    All of this harper bashing is lame, considering harper is not the only problem!

  • Kat

    You know the really scary thing is that our Constitution does not impose any limits to how long a Canadian Dictator, I mean Prime Minister, can stay in office. As long as his party keeps getting re-elected he can hold that post for life!

  • icepicklobotomy

    paranoid idiots…lay off the pot. why does BC attract so many jackoffs like you?

    • Pierrre

      Nice…. You seem well educated…

      • icepicklobotomy

        Why yes I am thank you. I generally try to speak in terms that an obtuse fukwit such as yourself can comprehend:)

        • Pierrre

          I love that as Canadians we have the freedom of speech. It allows for name calling and other silly verbal exchanges, without fear of censorship.

          I find it refreshing to read posts, such as yours, where you call our elected officials names. It all goes to support and show the world that we Canadians are not afraid of criticism, even of the intellectually anemic kind.

          It is clear to me that your well thought out words were used as an attempt to educate me. And for that I am forever grateful. Not all of us here went to kindergarten.

          • icepicklobotomy

            Thank you, your humble words of gratitude are sincerely appreciated. I try and be considerate to the fan boys that eventually become infatuated with me and my seemingly endless gems of wisdom:) No kindergarten? You must have been born in rural British Columbia.

          • Pierrre

            It is with unrestrained JOY that I see you responded to me. You are correct, Sir, in that we “fan boys” find you method of discourse enthralling. I salivate at the merest thought of gaining more of your precious wisdom. So few here have anything worth reading. It mostly seems to be mindless drivel and complaintive whining.

            Indeed it is true that we here in the rural areas of this wondrous province suffer from a deplorable lack of education. It is also a sad thing that one of the high quality educators here ended up in prison for having relations with one of her students. Yes, that shameful behavior happens here too. It is a good thing that the student was home schooled though, for I can’t abide that behavior in our public schooling system.

            With my mind spoken, I will leave you with this last thought: the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

          • icepicklobotomy

            “I salivate at the merest thought of gaining more of your precious wisdom….”

            NDP is going to fvck your province:) You can take that to the bank!

  • Tagadup

    Have you noticed that by default, temperatures are in degrees Farhenheit instead of degrees Celsius, which are the legal units in Canada. How far backwards will the Harper government bring us?

  • Raphael

    It was really tacky. I was growing really tired of the government of Canada putting departmental stamps on everything. It’s the weather. Get over yourself.

  • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

    Next person to mention the *design* of the website gets stupid slaps. If you had bothered to read the above text, you’d see that Ms. May’s problem doesn’t lie in CLF 2.0, but rather the omission of the word “Environment”. No ‘crat would have the power to unilaterally scrub their department’s name from a website. Period.

  • poiboy

    john a macdonald and even trudeau would be shamed by this “government” internment

  • Jordan Patterson

    Why don’t you try going to the Environment Canada website instead of the Weather Canada website. You can find it at http://www.ec.gc.ca.

  • fortwodriver

    EC still exists. They just rebranded the weather website to represent what it really was for.

  • John Connor

    Gona have to get the anons to hack it back to a proper working order. Maybe we remove all words associated to Harper just to make things clear. You know one can never be too careful these days.

  • @MatSmithJohnson

    Hopefully this is some sort of oversight from a website update. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for a short while, but the gov’ts recent track record of gagging scientists and overarching secrecy leaves me doubtful.

  • Graigori

    With respect, the Government is redesigning their web presence across the board. In The name of the hompage is Weather Home – Environment Canada if you look at your browser.

  • Miffed

    Thank you for drawing attention to this matter! A quick perusal of the websites of federal government departments shows that Environment Canada is the only one to have this strange new “Government of Canada” banner along with a new altered, unofficial format. Additionally, unlike other government department websites that come up at the top of a Google search for that department, the main Environment Canada site is buried half a dozen items down the search list. What comes up instead? The Weather! If this is a new design standard, it’s a little odd that it’s only been applied to one department. And why?

  • Francien Verhoeven


    “The European Union’s carbon market is in shambles. Bryan Walsh considers what went wrong and what it means.”

    • Pierrre

      What does this have to do with anything related to the web site?

  • Patrick

    I agree, its Orwellian. Elizabeth- please join forces with the Liberals and NDP to defeat the Harper government- I am a concerned Canadian who wants a democratic government.

  • Lavender

    You know what’s really genius? The Environment Canada website lists its priorities as follows: National Victims of Crime Awareness week, Economic Action Plan, Recall and Safety Alerts and NRTEE. Wait, NRTEE is a priority? Okay, let me click on the link to learn more. Woops! “The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) has ceased operation as of March 31, 2013. The NRTEE website
    has been archived.” Looks like Harper missed a few things when he was “streamlining”. If you visit the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development website, you’ll notice it hasn’t changed. Interesting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lori.campbell.39750 Lori Campbell

    On the plus side, once the Harper Government (TM) is gone the Canadian Government won’t be on the hook for anything they signed on to. FIPA? wasn’t us. ;)

    • Pierrre

      Oh boy…. I wish that were true!!!

  • Kevin

    Oh NO ! The word Environment Canada is not there anymore. Am I still on a weather website ? It still says “Weather”. Get over it, they’re updating all the government websites to be more Web 2.0 with the Web Experience Toolkit.

  • louis.langlois@hotmail.com

    bravo mme May, quelle gaspillage de nos taxes inutiles et le résultat est moins attrayant et moins performant que le précédent. continuez d’être nos yeux nos orilles et nos voies. je vous appui à 100 % merci.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iconoco Jesse Woodward



    Environment Canada is still there. The weather page is just more sensibly named.

    But I guess we can still be outraged anyway. Let’s just not look daft while we do it ok?

  • goldmember

    It doesn’t matter, since the Environment is of no concern to the Harper conservatives… respratory illness has gone from ninth to third in north America thanks in part to all the aerosols being sprayed in our environment.

  • Anja

    Do you feel as if the Canadian government is trying to issue sustainability in an achievable and reasonable manner? Do you believe that the Canadian government have a better chance to achieve some level of sustainability if the responsibility was concentrated at the Federal level like other countries? or should there be a uniquely Canadian division in the responsibility to the municipal, provincial and Federal levels?

  • darcie

    If you click on one of the maps, the “Environment Canada” name is there clearly. One has only to select a banner page to see it. I agree with everything you say in the rest of the post, Ms. May, but you need a new illustration. With all the destruction that is around us, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one….

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