Harper sell out to China will be locked in

On Friday, September 12th, 2014 in Press Releases

Ever since September 2012, when news of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Hu Jintao of China witnessing the signing of the Canada-China Investment Agreement in Vladivostok Russia, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has been raising the alarm about the threat to our sovereignty, implicit in any such agreement.

Tabled in the House of Commons on September 26, 2012, quietly and without any briefings or news release, the treaty was never subjected to study in any committee, other than one hour before the trade committee. Ratification involves a vote of Cabinet, not Parliament.

The treaty has been in a legal position for ratification since November 2, 2012. “As the months passed, I became more hopeful that more thoughtful and concerned members of Mr. Harper’s own Cabinet were constraining the ratification,” stated Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May.

“The brave actions of the Hupacaseth First Nation in challenging the treaty in court also appeared to be delaying ratification. That court action is still unresolved. My fear is that the events of this summer, specifically the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) charging that China had hacked into the National Research Council database, created new pressures to repair the damaged relationship with Beijing in advance of Prime Minister Harper’s visit to China. Rewarding the Peoples’ Republic of China for hacking into our national research database is a double betrayal of our national interests.”

Elisabeth May went on to say, “Once ratified, the Canada-China Investment Agreement will bind Canada, including future governments, for a minimum of 31 years. Unlike NAFTA, with an exit clause of 6 months’ notice, this agreement, also called a FIPA (Foreign Investor Protection Agreement) cannot be exited for the first 15 years. After 15 years, either country can exit on one year’s notice, but any existing investments are further protected for another 15 years. Despite some claims by other politicians that the treaty could be voided by a future government, that is not the case.”

“The only way to exit the treaty would be through negotiations with China in which the government in Beijing agrees. Unilateral withdrawal would trigger a multi-billion dollar claim by the Peoples Republic of China against Canada, with damages open to collection in one hundred countries around the world.”

“Cabinet’s signing of this deal behind closed doors, instead of giving Parliament a say, is not just undemocratic in itself,” added Deputy Leader Bruce Hyer. “It is also a profound attack of Canada’s sovereignty as a nation, and an erosion of the rights of all Canadians to make democratic decisions about our economy, environment, and energy. The Conservatives have now allowed for secret tribunals that will work to re-write our laws in order to protect Chinese interests.”

Green Party Elizabeth May concluded by saying, “This agreement will permit state-owned enterprises (SOEs) of the Peoples Republic of China to bring claims for damages against Canada for decisions taken at municipal, provincial or federal levels if those SOEs believe the decisions will harm their profits.”

“The arbitration process has been shown in countless decisions globally to generally favour the larger economy in the dispute. No Canadian company has ever won a chapter 11 (investor state) case under NAFTA against the US. US corporations have won and wrangled multi-million settlements repeatedly from Canada. I am certain no Canadian company will ever benefit from this agreement. But Canada will lose — not once but over and over again. If ratified this cements our relationship to the Peoples Republic of China as a compliant resource colony. I call on every Conservative MP to block this sell out.”

Backgrounder: http://elizabethmaymp.ca/backgrounder/investor-state-treaties

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  • don-in-sidney

    News is that it is expected the treaty will be ratified today. Please keep us all informed,hope we’re not too late to stop this.

  • Heather

    I just phoned my Conservative MP in Willowdale. It makes me almost cry that this could be passed.

  • Deb

    I will write my MP today and forward the information to our local newspaper.

  • Karin Bury

    I phoned my Conservative MP in Vancouver, Wai Young. No answer but I left a message. I’ve sent emails to my friends to call their MPs as well.

  • CreativePerson

    Here is the advice offered by LeadNow.ca

    Emergency Phone Call Action to Stop FIPA

    1. Decide who to call. You can find your MP, and their phone number, here:

    http://www.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/Compilations/HouseofCommons/MemberByPostalCode.aspx?Menu=HOC&PostalCode=e4t 3n4

    If you live in a riding with a Conservative MP, please call your MP. You can try their Ottawa number or their constituency office, as many MPs are back in their ridings today.

    If you’re not in a riding with a Conservative MP, please call one of these key cabinet members:

    Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade: 613-995-0183
    Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development: 613-992-2235
    Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada: 613-992-6022
    John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs: 613-996-0984
    Peter Van Loan, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons: 613-996-7752
    Stephen Harper, Prime Minister: 613-992-4211

    (Note, if you can’t call long distance, you can also call the Parliament Toll Free number at 1-866-599-4999 and ask to be transferred.)

    2. Make the call. Introduce yourself, and tell them you want them to stop the Canada-China FIPA investor deal. You can use the following points if you like:

    I’m calling about the Canada-China investors deal, FIPA. I’ve heard Prime Minister Harper is about to pass it.

    I am concerned about the deal. If FIPA passes, China’s companies can take over Canadian resources and then sue Canadian governments in secret if the government does anything that threatens the company’s profits.

    The Hupacasath First Nation still have a legal challenge ongoing against FIPA, and the court has not yet released its decision. If Harper passes FIPA while the court case is ongoing that would be deeply disrespectful of Canada’s courts.

    I want you to make sure Harper does not pass FIPA.


    If you’re not signed up with LeadNow.ca, I highly recommend you sign up now.

    • Deb

      Just called and left a message.

    • Phee

      Have just called John Baird. Please everyone pick up the phone.

    • susan

      I just called Peter MacKay’s office and a secretary took down my concerns, it was pretty easy to do, I encourage everyone to do the same. I called 1-866-599-4999 and asked to be transferred to Peter MacKay’s office.

    • Bill
    • Cassie

      Called Stephen Harper… Got standard voicemail which was condescending but alas I made the call and left a detailed msg. May it contribute to the ending of this ratification. May Stephen Harper wake up tomorrow morning with a changed mind and a patriotic heart!

      • Jacqueline Steffen

        Stephen Harper could care less about Canadians and he just proved it by signing this agreement. Our democracy was sold out to CHINA. Harper is nothing but a dictator and has no patriotic heart.

  • Linda Babb

    It might sound naive but – how could this have come about without debate??? Isn’t that unconstitutional? If so, couldn’t it be stopped on those grounds?

    • margsview

      Maybe we can also send a message to CBC News telling them in clear terms taxpayers pay their way not the cons—rolling boycotts (by tuning them out —get in touch with Friends of CBC and give them a piece of your mind…..

  • Linda Babb

    Can one be naive and cynical at the same time? It’s fine to say call your MP – every citizen has that right. However, we all know Harper doesn’t listen to anyone, especially members in his caucus – he goes further – he muzzles them and gives them what they are allowed to say – what chance would an opposition member or a member of the public have in being heard. Call them but ….at the same time do a reality check on your expectations.

    • ABC (Anyone But Conservatives)

      Linda is right. The outcry need to be public. A few phone messages won’t make a difference. Where can we protest? Is there a public petition that can be signed? is it time to Occupy Ottawa?

      • margsview

        Not in the streets –remember how Canadian citizens were kettled and pepper sprayed as well as treated by our own RCMP as though we were criminals dragged off and put in wire pens…The only way is a ‘income tax protest’ if they want to subsidies all corporations especially foreign ones like China then we have the right to withhold our tax dollars in strategic ways.

        • freerider75

          There comes a time when revolt is the only option and civil disobedience the only card to be played. I only wonder if we as a nation are prepared to fight for what we believe in.

          • Terry

            I am.

          • Nathan W

            If we use war as a selection mechanism for social progress, what will we get?

            Keep it peaceful, or get what you asked for.

          • freerider75

            Civil Disobedience to war….bit of a jump Nathan.

          • Nathan W

            I was responding more to “revolt”. I took in a stronger sense than you implied, obviously.

            I hold to what I said, but perhaps the application is not so a propos.

        • Nathan W

          When people go to protest, there should be banners reminding the police who they work for.

          Not paid party hacks. Not union bosses. Not corporate bosses. Well … all of them to. But they work for everyone. For public security.

          These days, their training seems more oriented to riling up a crowd than pacifying it, putting 100% onus on the protestors to keep maximum calm in the face of police intimidation. It should be the other way around. It is contingent on the police to try to maintain and/or restore calm.

          • Factsleadtotruth

            Sadly, most cops get too wrapped up in their own badge to make such distinctions

      • Dave

        You can give your MP a stronger voice by helping get Mike Chong’s reform act passed. http://www.reformact.ca/

      • Nathan W

        How about a petition to have to PM removed, forcing the Conservative party to select a new leader? Can the rest of Canada do that?

    • icup

      dose asinine tyrant ring some bells to eney one

    • Nathan W

      Write the PMO? Write the media? Write your friends? Write anyone you can?

      Indeed, the PM doesn’t listen to anyone, it appears. We need a process to recall a PM gone AWOL. He’s here, but he’s not doing his job. Instead, he sells us out. Every trade deal yet he’s signed, in a super big rush to bolster his free trading credos, willing to sign a deal for any level of immediate gain to say “look what we got” without negotiating the maximum gain we can get out of a deal, so that all parties can achieve significant gain.

  • Peter Miller

    Typo Alert: “US corporations have won and wrangled multi-million settlements…”
    Shouldn’t that be ‘US corporations have won and wrangled multi-million dollar settlements…’?

  • Tom McDonald

    Harper has been continuing to destroy our democracy since he won a majority( big mistake by Canadians for allowing this to happen). The trade deals he is doing behind closed doors will destroy Canada and our right democratic rights as well as our ability to protect our environment. Harper and the Chinese cannot be trusted, they are dealing with the very rich and these deals will hurt the average citizen. We have to find a way to make the people understand what he is doing and stop him.

  • Bear_Code

    Well he signed it didn’t he or he will today right? Why do you keep saying to block it but in the media he has already signed it. Which is it signed or not signed??? For gods sake lets get some information that means something.

    Next I would like to say I am a peaceful guy, however I’m not locked in to being a flower child and I propose to rise up and cause this government some grief. We need to force this government to pay attention and I mean that. The opposition seem to be dragging their bums around sqeeling and nothing changes.

    • guest

      I think there is signing an agreement in principle versus signing an actual document. Maybe that is the difference.

      • margsview

        No and that was why the cons held it back for two years….time to go after all our too quiet Premiers too….They had to agree and sign off on all these ‘investor-state dispute settlement clauses’ in each any every one of these deals that make taxpayers slaves, with no rights just obligations to see their tax dollars suck off if any domestic law or reg is passed to protect our environment or enhance our domestic economy (small and medium sized Canadian businesses)..

    • margsview

      If our federal official won’t adhere to the Constitutional laws or the basic tenets of contract law, then it is within our rights to have an income tax protest…without even leaving our homes to be treated like the protestors during the G20 fiasco……..The confusion alone would be truly something to see.

    • Richard Zebiere


    • altor

      Canada is a “de facto” failed Democracy ! The only thing that could prove this FACT wrong would be for ALL Opposition Parties to Shut Down-Block-Interfere-Parliamentary Proceedings – Even to risk jail for Canada’s sake!
      They are the ones to uphold and defend OUR Constitution-OUR Rights-OUR Sovereignty! YES, OUR M.Ps. ought to start an “ICELANDIC” type of insurrection and LEAD US outside of Parliament instead of staying inside watching OUR Country’s demise !!!

    • MaryN

      I am with you Bear, I think that is the only option at this time if it’s not too late already. I thing here in Canada we had it so good for so long that most don’t believe that it can get really bad, but remember and mark my words IT CAN AND IT WILL if Canadians don’t wake up before it’s too late. Seems like the bad guys are at work while the good ones are sleeping. I also am a peaceful person but I can read the signs..

  • Rotted-socks

    Ed Fast’s office talked about the press release. It’s a done deal. Is there a time lag though before China sees it? Just wondering how is it considered unconstitutional?

  • Martin Adam

    I don’t normally post to forums, nor phone MPs — but this is too important. I just called Jason Kenny’s office and was able to speak with someone there who promised to convey my message to the minister. Kenny may be a good choice to call, as he has publicly disagreed with Harper in the past, is patriotic, and probably has leadership aspirations. Who knows? I hope everyone reading take takes a moment to call. It would appear to be the only option left to us at this point…

    • Nathan W

      You should post to forums more often. More sensible voices are needed.

  • Ann

    When china is supporting Russian I would be very concerned on any dealings with Chins in this capacity. This is a blatant insult to Canada. PM harper should be more Transparent with the house of common members and the Canadian Citizen in total where and what he is doing with the County of citizen in Canada.coupled With any foreign national wanting to do business in Canada

  • Grant

    He is selling out our country! We will have no rights as citizens. What’s next? Detention Camps??

    • Michael Miles

      That is exactly what is going to happen.
      Right now we are in the midst of WW3 starting.
      These so called leaders that we have in charge of us are nothing more than psychopathic killers.
      Harper committed a treasonous act when he pledged allegance to Israel and became an honorary Israeli citizen.
      He sold out our country for the needs of a foreign country.
      This is treason an he should be held accountable.

      We will see a day very soon when Muslim and Islamic people will be held in detention just like the Japanese in WW2.
      As far as I am concerned all Corporations need to straighten out and start working for the betterment of people or just be banned straight out.

      What a fine mess we allowed to take place

      • PlentyONothin

        Not sure that “we” allowed it to take place. Those who voted Harper into power with a majority SHOULD be hanging their heads in shame and embarrassment. But somehow I’ll bet they’re not.

        • Terry

          They are not the most intelligent lot.

      • margsview

        Please don’t buy into this terrorism threat,,,,,it helped pass draconian laws in the US and in Canada…..the media (including CBC repeatedly hype 9/11)and all the operatives responsible for the hit on the World Towers were Saudis.citizens..not one was from Iraq—-here’s a tip, just change the channel when ever anything referring to ISIS, terrorism comes on…Also I think most people would be shocked to find out the real membership of ISIS as well as where they initially got their financing and arms. I know Saudi Arabia wouldn’t ? Most of them are disenfranchised Bathe army soldiers Bush kicked out after the US invaded —many others are enrage Sunnis who have been treated as non citizens by Maliki –Obama’s puppet—others are Syrians and Libyan rebels thrown out by the newly installed leaders from the US ‘Regime Change”—as far as getting all traumatized by the beheading —beheading is the main punishment handed out by Saudi Arabia…The day the first ISIS beheading was aired , the Saudis government had 4 men beheaded as drug dealers to send a message –no sells prescription drugs here—Saudi Arabia like the other Gulf States is an autocratic dictatorship plain and simple……just google their record and see how ‘crimes’ are dealt with especially if the accused are foreigners.

        • Michael Miles

          The real terrorists are USA England and Israel
          This whole deal has been set up by the elitist
          WW3 must take place. It’s made for the NWO

        • dawn

          radical fundamentalist oligarchies funding proxy wars fought by foreign nations who need to feed their military industrial economy…an intolerant, anti-democratic dictatorship who uses religion – not justice – to structure law&society according to their beliefs. Who have such a financial power over an NRG resource & just OWN SO MUCH $$$ that rather than say: “you are inhumane and must stop”, we try to cooperate with them cause our society has become economically dependent on them…
          the thing that left my lower jaw on the floor on that issue was that I remember leaving a chrisitan fundamentalist church in the 80s who had the same ambition as the Saudis: that thru financial authority we would be able to take over the world and we’d create a Canada where everyone was a fundamentalist Christian or they wouldn’t live here. but I disagreed cause I couldn’t find those instructions in the words of Jesus..and on I went to university. Meanwhile: Stockwell Day & Preston Manning & Steve Harper proceed without me, and, with the rest of the Calgary Oil Lords on their side, they proceeded to pursue that RADICAL plan
          … so: how did they do?

        • Trevor Goodger-Hill

          All three towers of the World Trade Centre were brought down by controlled demolition. Over 2200 Architects and Engineers [ae911truth.org] have proof they were demolished, including traces of thermite in the dust. Building #7 came down after five pm and it had never been hit by an aeroplane. The one million word report by the Bush Commission only studied the floors ABOVE where the planes hit. Building # 7 came down in free-fall speed, which can only happen if there is no resistance below. Anyone who believes a bunch of Arabs with box cutters caused this are the victims of a hoax. Why do you think that the reptile press has a blockade against reporting all “conspiracy” theories except that of the government. There are dozens of first responders and fire fighters who reported hearing the explosions as the floors underneath were blown away — in fact there is an organization of fire fighters, like the architects and engineers, calling for new new unbiased commission . . . .

      • margsview

        Many never voted for Harper and his cronies but when we pointed out any factual problems we were attacked as ‘lefties’ time and time again…….

    • margsview

      Well, those G20 ‘holding pens’ come awfully close….?

      • Cassie

        Don’t they… During the G20 was honestly my first true moment of feeling shame for being Canadian! It also was the moment that I truly knew I had to do more than be a person concerned who wrote the odd letter or signed a petition! It is time WE as Canadians stand up for ourselves with our heads held high and signs even higher, in Ottawa!!

        • margsview

          Exactly, but protesting these days is too dangerous as was shown by the cons in ordering the police actions abusing Canadians……………………………………………
          during the G20.. Now more creative ways have to be thought of including movements, staggered income tax protests, and the same kind of onslaught conservatives do to get Ottawa and provincial leaders wide-eyed enough to notice they have NOW got a bigger problem that is more important than bullying more bills through the majority governmental votes –caused by some very lazy Canadians who voted the cons into office….none of those that voted strategically were ever left or right but treated each issue on its own merit…..the rest of Canada have to be woken up or their next generation will have nothing —no real democracy —no real say in policy—and more than just 3500 dollars deducted each year according to the Fraser Institute to subsidies these same corporations that are soon to use these phoney trade deals to suck taxpayers dry—because in all honesty their are now too many corporations and no large enough markets to satisfy their greed—same with banks that demand and got guaranteed ‘bail-in’ provisions in all global budgets (including our 2013 -see page 145) to guarantee free money if their gambling derivative balances go south…..again

    • Maritime Girl


  • Deb

    I am a letter writer not a caller but I am truly upset that any PM would even consider selling off Canada to any foreign nation so I called and left a message with my MP Gerald Keddy and then called Jason Kenny’s office. .

  • Martin

    I have already stated my displeasure with my MP on several occasions, but my Conservative MP, Dan Albas, is nothing more than a puppet on the pinky finger of his boss … he just says what he is told to say and does what he is told to do. And heaven forbid he ever stand up to the boss. He’s a complete waste of time. Hope others have more success, but somehow I doubt it.

  • Susan Diane

    John Baird’s voice mail was full. I called the leader of the house instead and left a message.

  • eddieo

    Signing this bill into law is tantamount to treason.

    • Jrtokin

      I was thinking the same thing Eddieo.

      And, In response to Margsview to Bill about having some “alternatives” or options thrown on the table instead of just complaints, can we not just charge Harper and his ilk with Treason?

      Definition; A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.
      Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as “…[a]…actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war
      against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]“, ie: selling off of our resources against the will of the majority, without even consulting the people.

      Seeings how Harper turned the “Government of Canada” into a “Harper Government” (which is a corporate “branding”) which to me was the first shot around the world that foreshadowed all this Canadian sellout to COMMUNISTS, he has to have had to broken major rules that would have normally helped/protected his position, but now that he’s a “corporation” can we not treat him that way and excise his “business” right out of the country?

      I’m sorry if that was not more concise, but there has to be an option here, the “Government of Canada” DOES NOT RUN THIS COUNTRY contrary to public thought.
      The people of Canada gives the government their directives, not the other way around.
      So, My question is:

      How I can charge the PM with Treason (and) dismantling the protections of the Canadian Citizens in preparation for Chinese (FIPA) and outside country resource-hogging privateers, takeovers?
      Are there any readers here with legal information on this, or suggestions? Have any precedents ever been set on this type of treasonous actions re: PM or other “leader”?
      Is this a doable action??


      • eddieo

        A VERY worthy question Jrtokin; I spent a fair amount of the night wondering the same thing, but do not have an answer for you.

        We need constitutional lawyers in on this.

        Or perhaps Ms. May can give us some guidance.

        • Jrtokin

          Thanks for the response. I was hoping that what I was saying/asking for wasn’t “absolutely ludicrous”.. even though (to me) it just seems the logical thing to do. Treason is treason, no matter what ideology one operates under, or excuse given.

          Selling out country resources to, not only a foreign country, but also one that has some of the worst human-rights issues against its own populace, never mind it was just busted hacking us recently : http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/07/29/canadian_spy_agency_says_chinese_hacked_into_national_research_council_computers.html so WTF are we doing even doing dealing with them?

          Lets kick this traitorous government out, set up one based on science and facts (lots of scientists and specialists out there who want the best for our country, not for corporate friends), not ideology and “wishful thinking on hypothetical futures”.

          Selling out natural resources for a quick buck now with nothing for the “majority” and only the “minority”.. (those who already “have” benefit from these deals, not the “country” as a whole) IS traitorous and self-serving and MUST be in conflict with the peoples directives and instructions for our government.

          Too much power in the hands of one person… “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.


          • Nathan W

            The prime minister’s office needs to be boxed in. Let’s make it constitutional.

      • Young Winter

        I agree good question.

      • Terry

        This is something that seriously needs to be investigated. Does anyone know offhand who would be a good constitutional lawyer to put this question to?

  • matt

    I just called Kenney’s office and flat out left a message for him to not be a traitor to Canada, Someone actually answers there who said they would convey my message.

  • interpreter_x

    I called Andrew Saxton (MP North Vancouver) and the Prime Ministers office and left a verbal message with both of Saxton’s secretaries (I called both his Ottawa office and his North Van office) and on the voicemail of one of Harper’s assistants.

  • eddieo

    I just called the PMO and left a message. Not that he’ll listen, but it’s worth a try.

  • Wheatwhacker

    I have just called my MP, David Anderson of Cypress Hills-Grasslands, and firmly registered my opposition to the treaty but I am not holding my breath. It is truly a shame the country is run by a secretive autocratic bully.

  • Bill

    is no ‘democracy’ in North America. It is only a choosing at the
    election stations between corporate boot-licker number one, two or
    three. In Canada, corporations have been granted tax cuts of 50% since
    1970….and the 18 billion dollar national debt at the time has now
    risen to close to 850 billion dollars. Meanwhile in Norway, corporations
    are heavily taxed and their government coffers have a surplus of 1
    trillion dollars thus paying for free post-secondary education,
    universal healthcare and infrastructure upgrades. We in North America
    live in a ‘corporate dictatorship’ where corporate-backed policitians grant corporations free access to our nations non-renewable resources with little or no enforced environmental regulations….meaning polluter of gas and oil
    rarely pays for cleanup costs…..Corporations, besides paying little
    taxes, and having little environmental accountability, also take the
    profits to distribute to the managerial and executive few and leave the
    clean-up costs and long-term toxic waste for the local taxpayers to deal
    with. We the general public are left fighting over the crumbs and the
    downloading of costs, due to ‘corporate welfare’. This is what is
    meant when the 28 billion dollar in debt BC Liberal leader says; “BC is
    open for business”. Ie:”Come all ye mining, oil/gas, and forest
    corporations and reap the profits of our resources, and we’ll not
    regulate or enforce your polluting, nor will we have unions for you to
    deal with, nor will we ask for much tax income. We’ll give you the
    store, just keep us in power and grant us means to keep our own
    political pockets full.”

    • margsview

      Well spoken but what about actually suggesting some actions that reverse all that you have outlined—-speeches don’t change things but those that got the conservative a majority in Ottawa —acted. Now are outraged Canadians ready to do what needs to be done or are they going to simply complain and do what they normally do—nothing…….time to get in touch–get involved—and be creative—by tax protest –staggering tax payments —organizing social movements to change the current government—phoning campaigns directed on every conservative office –provincially and federally….etc….

      • margsview

        Time to solicit aid and find out at the same which parties are ready to do what needs to be done for real—-so start by getting in touch with the other parties and nailing them to concrete actions–hearing them simply agreeing, doesn’t even begin to start the actions that need to be taken……..

      • http://www.blissful-wisdom.com/ Bill Woollam

        My activism is in writing. People will never change when they believe the lies and misinformation spouted by our corporate minions. The information must be simple, straightforward and easily understood in a nutshell, then the information must resound in coffee shops, newspaper opinion pieces, editorials and radio interviews. The awareness of the corporate dictatorship we live under must become common knowledge before people will unite for solutions. How can there be a united effort toward solution when the general population still believe the pro-war, pro-corporate tax cut jargon propagated by mainstream news sources? Our job is to inform as quickly as possible. There are millions in the dark.

        For example: Adrian Dix, former NDP candidate for BC gov’t leadership made a big mistake. He assumed that the common voter knew what he knew. He assumed he could sit back while the Liberal gov’t candidate made the false claim that the BC economy was being well-managed. Yet, with a 28 billion dollar debt and the break-down of unionized labor in BC, the economy in BC could not get any worse. Corporate give-aways don’t ‘trickle down’, instead, they keep the wealth in the hands of the management and leave the general working class to fight over the crumbs.

        Secondly, the Green party and the NDP party lost their chance of ousting the environmentally destructive policies of the Liberal/corporate agenda ….by not strategically uniting in specific ridings. Had the Greens thrown in their support for the NDP in ten or twelve ridings….and had the NDP embraced enough of the Green platform in return for that support….the Liberals would not have won the majority of seats and we in BC would not be left with another 4 years of corporate pillage and plunder which is outright contaminating our drinking water sources across BC.

    • Young Winter

      That’s a great point about Norway. It seems that the Scandinavian countries have enacted policies that allow for more upward mobility as well. It really sucks when you see how the natural resources of Norway are benefiting everyone while here we have rampant homelessness and other social ills. Why can’t we do the same is a good question????

      • ICUP



        • Young Winter

          What is that supposed to mean??? I don’t know if I should even be responding to such a vague and strange sentence. You want to explain yourself?

          • altor

            “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

          • Jrtokin

            Great quote

          • Young Winter

            Ok, so are you saying that I’m slave, that we are all slaves here in Canada or everyone in the world is a slave or are you saying that you’re a slave??? Let’s narrow this down and maybe while you’re at it you can explain your statement fully??? Once again, quite vague.

          • Terry

            So true!

          • armynorb

            It means that as we have allowed ourselves to be issued social insurance numbers and allowed ourselves to go along with everything that is dictated to us, we have resigned ourselves to becoming the slaves to an establishment to which we have no control, rather it directs us under penalty of fines, jail or both and ruination of our lives, if we do not comply! This establishment and the faceless bureaucrats who run it have no consideration for its citizens other than exploiting them for the sake of profit. They use fear and intimidation to control all of us! Freedom and democracy are illusions, the carrots in front of our noses they dangle to control us…and they do not exist! The politicians are all the same! They work for the global interests!

      • wildfirexx

        They may be more sound and better off economically per capita per se, but the Scandinavian countries are now experiencing social unrest by being overrun by foreign entities because of their lack of strict immigration policies. These new migrants are not enriching the Scandinavia culture, but are imposing their own negative values on the innocent locals whom are running for cover. And the sad thing is the government officials are doing nothing to discourage it!

        • Young Winter

          That’s pretty much said about immigrants everywhere, but that’s a whole different discussion altogether. The bottom line with this discussion is that Norway’s natural resources are enriching the entire population while here they are not, and the current administration appears to be in bed with a foreign entity – the Chinese Government.

          The important question is why can’t we as Canadians chose to develop our natural resources in a similar manner???

          • tuldar

            that is the real question! Why are foreign entities getting all the profits from our resourses. I’d like to think that if it was canadian companies with canadian workers there would be way less enviromentle problems resulting. nobodies talking about that!

          • Cathy White

            We as Canadians haven’t; however we let governments do as they please without any kind of transparency! We all need to take part and demand! Or we ll have to consciously revolt! Ours is not a true democracy!

          • steve button

            Thats correct. And I believe most Canadians know that, if only implicitly in some cases. And yet they still vote for one of the 4 parties that are proxies of the Zionist criminal establishment…???

            This is the issue that Canadians need to face as the most serious -the ONLY- issue at the elections……otherwise all of these problems continue and get progressively worse

          • Dorothy

            Your concerns are valid. Added to this concern is the loss of our human rights, the destruction of our forests & ecosytems in accordance with this agreement flies in the face of the referendums in B. C. where the majority vote is NO

        • Gary Mick Graham

          And Canada is not being ran over by immigrants who choose to ignore our laws,what kind of drugs are you on?

          • wildfirexx

            Gary, If you would bother to do some research, you would realize that some Scandinavian countries like Sweden (which have a small population) are experiencing a far worse problem with immigration, than we are…due to their open door policy. For instance, rape of indigenous Swedish girls by foreign migrants, manly Muslim man, is becoming an ever increasing menace to Swedish society.

          • Bill

            Were you referring to the way the White European colonianlist raped and exploited the Black African slaves? Or were you referring to the Catholic priests and nuns who diddled, raped and tortured First Nations children in their Residential Schools? Just wondering ….

          • wildfirexx

            Bill…It’s obvious you have been brainwashed and manipulated by liberal mainstream media to hate your fellow white men.
            Before the black Africans were sold into slavery by their own race, many people of Irish descent were used as slaves,owned by rich landowners.(the story never told) in the New World. But because of the Irish rebellious attitude, they started importing black slaves instead who were usually treated better than the Irishmen, because of their premium value. Slavery throughout the world has always been a way of life for thousands of years, especially with the natives in the New World. (Aztec ring a bell)
            *It was the Europeans who eventually outlawed Slavery. Some Arab countries still practice Slavery to this day!
            Rape is common (boys and women) in middle-eastern countries today, and now we are importing it to Western Europe. But you probably already know this, but choose to ignore it ?

        • Cathy White

          Exactly why we need a worldwide revolution!

          • Maryanne Weis

            Revolution? Oh you mean chance a civil war?
            Or worse still be killed or imprisoned for choosing wrong side?(either your with us or against us) mentality?
            Losing your home your pensions or medical care or at least what’s left of it. How about having to vote on a supposedly new and improved dictatorship?
            Me thinks it’s better to improve what we have by educating each other and finding a way to make us all aware of what’s in a vote. Maybe even getting rid of churches and associations including governments who discourage interest in government affairs and voting.
            Lets start by educateing ourselves and hopefully outlawing
            big Corps directing our governments decisions to whats going to make lots more money for big Corporation and not the good of the people.
            I think one of many first steps should
            To petition our government to outlaw all lobbyists in Parliament

          • Cathy White

            I do not mean a war! There is such a thing as a peaceful revolution, our government is no longer a government for the people! We have our leader going around making deals in secrecy, bringing in foreign workers when a hell of a lot of canadians are out of work! You have mega corporations that pay no taxes and go around polluting our air, water and earth not being held accountable for anything! Government being found guilty of theft and don’t even go to jail! We as a people are no longer listened to, as a matter of fact the leaders just keep,going on behind our backs as if we, the people who voted them there are nothing! Big change is needed and needed now! Corruption has gone on far too long! I cannot understand why canadians keep voting these parties in, we have a lot more colors than red and blue and it’s time to let them in and see what they can do to lead us into a fair and sustainable future! Get rid of their ridiculous pensions, when we, the people are made to live way below the poverty line when our turn to retire has come! As far as I am concerned we need a total re haul of the way politics are running this country! Get those big oil and mega corps out of elections! I wish I knew the solution, but I do know that the people need to take back our country!

          • steve button

            Now there’s a thoroughly Talmudic solution that guarantees Canada becomes a nation 95% of Canadians won’t want to live in. And I’m not talking about the recent ,3rd world immigrant invasion that the Zionist media refers to as ‘Canadian’. IF you want to defeat the Jewish Lobby you have to defeat the current media monopoly…absolutely priority number one.

          • armynorb

            Government will not listen to us, they work for the global interest! That does not include us, other than we, the people being exploited for global profit!

        • Bill

          you mean like the foreign settlers did to the First Nations people? Or were you referring to the expansionist policies of a fully locked and loaded nuclear super-power Israel, taking out its neighboring Palestinian peoples and Palestinian homelands? Or were you referring to the war on the Middle Eastern oil-bearing countries like Iraq, Libya and now Syrian by the Western super-powers and their allies who fund ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Arab mercenaries to create domestic warfare and instability in said ME countries in order to overthrow said ME leaders and replace them with minions of the Western oligarchy? Just wondering who is being over-run by whom here?

          • wildfirexx

            I agree with you mostly in regards to whats been happening in the middle east lately. I’m tired of us fighting these proxy wars for the benefit of Israel and the neocons. ISIS which was a creation of the CIA/mossad (no secret) and now has gotten out of control, but is still being used by the western powers to try and overthrow Assad. But now that Russia is involved, it won’t be so easy anymore!
            But the majority of the muslim migrants pouring into Europe today are not genuine refugees per se, but are coming from safer countries like Turkey and Jordan etc, where they are tired of living in refugee camps…and seeking better benefits in Western Europe.

      • cameronjames

        Great question Young Winter, how can Canadian policy be changed so that all Canadians benefit from its vast resources instead of a few corporate interests. At this point Revolution would seem to be the only way for the roots of corporate interest run deep. Gandhi was able to remove the British from India through wide spread strikes, so maybe the answer lies there. If only the vast majority of Canadians would take the time to inform themselves and then realize what is really going on, change would take place very quickly, but until this happens, we will continue down this path of environmental and ethical destruction. May our children forgive us.

        • Terry

          We need to unseat the sitting government and then we need to insist on changing our current undemocratic voting system to one that will reflect the majority of Canadians.

        • sbnovascotia

          I’ve said for years every Canadian should refuse to pay their income tax until we get reform. And businesses should like wise refuse to send theirs or employee contributions. They like our money too much so hit them where it hurts

      • Valentine

        We can do the same. We don’t have the same unity of purpose. Perhaps it’s because we are not an ethnic country or perhaps it’s because the people who populated this continent just came here to get rich and grab a prestigious and/or powerful position on the new continent )probably to make up for their failures back in the old country). For sure, they’d rather have someone come in and provide the money and expertise than build it up themselves…. lazy man’s way. It all has to do with mindset and it’s pretty obvious the people running the show here are concerned first about what’s in it for them and’ how quickly will I get mine’. That’s why the people with the least talent seem to make out fine while better people are kept down. If we weren’t already second raters on a global scale, we sure will be now…. what are we… just a resource colony?

      • caasicam

        90% top tax rate…..

    • FluorideWillHarmYou

      Take note Scotland re Norway!

    • triumf99

      Canadians are without a doubt the dumbest most apathetic bunch of voters in the world! Why can’t we be like Norway? WE DON’T WANT TO BE that is why.

      • nurse nannie

        Apathetic, perhaps but dumb not so fast. Canadan’s need to begin to take more of a self directed initiative to become informed about the issues of the day. Only by taking the time individually to understand the basic issues that are sadly not well represented in any Canadian curriculum that I am a aquainted with can we as a population have the tools to make ourselves heard. The issue is not what was taught per say, what is lacking at the micro level is the tools to learn. what is pertinent knowledge, where to get properly veted up to date information and how to tease out the source bias look at both sides of an issue with a degree of openness.
        Only then will we spark the Marco involvement Canada needs.
        Prejudice is easy, digging for real information…that is hard work.

    • Richard Zebiere

      You hit the nail on the head.

  • Marg. Hall

    Called Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade: mailbox full
    Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development: mail box full
    Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada: talked to a receptionist who said “Thank you” (no other comment)
    John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs: mailbox full
    Peter Van Loan, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons: mail box full
    Stephen Harper, Prime Minister: left a message at a satellite office to which my call was transferred!

  • Slam256

    Never before in my life I felt as betrayed as I feel today. Steven Harper is a traitor to our nation! How can the federal government strike deals such as this one without the consent of the provinces? I feel like crying because we are losing our beloved Canada. I can only imagine what this mean for future generations, our economy and our environment. I wonder if it can be reversed? I read a few times that it might end up being unconstitutional and we know that Harper is good at that.

    • margsview

      Maybe we should follow the Scottish example and threaten to leave federalized Canada and work to regaining our country—province by province—city by city….?

      • Seth

        I’ve never been a separatist though I live in Quebec, but if Harper keeps doing what he wants with Canada, I don’t think I’ll want to be a Canadian much longer…

  • Susan

    ALL of their voice mails are full and NOT accepting any more calls!

  • RoseAnne Mussar

    I have just called my MP John Baird to voice my concerns. It is unbelievable that Canada has come to the point where the democratic process has been completely undermined in this manner. We all need to speak up.

    • Cassie

      Baird is just as much of a sell out as Harper!

  • Camille

    I just got through on John Baird’s voicemail, it was the only one that wasn’t full. Let’s flood them!

  • Jon Healey

    Called all of the numbers. Minister Fast’s mail box was full,

  • pepsi pete

    harper is an egotistical nihilist he can not be trusted and he should have been ousted a long time ago.

  • Jon Healey

    Called all of the numbers. Was able to leave a message via receptionist or mailbox, except Ed Fast mail was full and no answer from Peter Van Loen. Sounds like they are getting plenty of feedback.

  • http://sandcastleatevensonginautumn.blogspot.ca/ Paulette

    I phoned Gerry Ritz office and his staff knew nothing about Harper wanting to sign this FIPA thing today. Surely this cannot be signed in secret. Please yell loudly

  • matt

    It’s done, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/canada-ratifies-controversial-investor-deal-with-china/article20582845/

    How can we stop this now? Can an individual province challenge the constitutionality of it, or can a citizen? Or is it only that First Nations tribe in BC that has the right to challenge it?

    • Harley

      The Huupachaht First Nation, in Port Alberni, was one of the 1st to understand what was at stake, and was the 1st to legally challenge the FIPA with China. I believe other First Nations oppose this but I do not know of others that may have challenged it in court. The opposition MP’s across the country have had time to challenge this (Bill C-38 and Bill C-45) but there has been very little information on what (and if) anything has been done. The public was slow to understand this was not “just an NDN thing” but a very real concern that will seriously impact this generation and the next generation – gutting environment protection etc to clear the way for the FIPA. While the public was distracted by PM’s attacks on Chief Theresa Spence (of Attawapiskat First Nation) and Idle No More (which also isn’t “just an NDN thing”), his “Financial Transparency Act (posting online the salary of Chiefs – but misleading the info with adding travel, other job duties to the salary etc) the public was distracted from the PM’s actions – selling out this countries environmental protection, paving the way for the FIPA, cuts to Veterans Affairs, cuts to Employment Insurance etc, etc. If other First Nations are opposed to the pipeline/s the public has time to understand this and support them challenging this – it will still have to go through a number of different First Nations across the country.

      • Cassie

        Hopefully it will though… I am not First Nation but I am Canadian and I have a son with whom all my hopes and aspirations lie… So, i hope we all can convince those who can change this to do so!!!!

  • matt

    Funny I had to find out that it was already ratified on the globe and mail’s website, meanwhile CBC is reporting on nothing but Rob Ford all day. Our public broadcaster has become a joke

    • Jacksonvillage

      You got it! Dumbed down by the tabloid ‘icon-makers’ at CBC, The “news” locked in the back room.

  • Dave Turchynsky

    All CONservative supporters in CONada had better remember this day. It is the day they SOLD MY COUNTRY OUT.

  • wildfirexx

    I thought this alternative government (reform/nat alliance /new conservative) was supposed to be different by claiming they were not going to be lobbied by special interest groups, were going to hold public referendums, have an elected senate and reduce third world immigration,and crack down on bogus illegal refugees.
    Outside of changing a few immigration regulations and cracking down on some crime…they have increased immigration from the third world, packed the senate with their own cronies, catered to zionists lobbyists for the state of Israel, which the UN has condemned as a war criminals, held no public referendum on social issues…and now want to sell us down the river to foreign communist government ownership like China.
    I guess harpers head has gotten to big for his hat, and the mind control lobbyists have him in their back pocket.

  • Connie

    I just phoned John Baird’s and Ed Fast’s offices to register my sadness at what is happening to our government and how it is no longer working in the best interests of the Canadian people. Already everyone I know is buying less because of the poor quality of goods offered when so many are made in China under the direction of profiteering corporations. Real trade would allow China to make things they are good at making and designing and allowing other countries to do the same. This won’t be happening properly when the corporations now have the right set their own rules.

  • reddfish

    I HAVE EMAILED Honorable Stephen Harper, my MP and signed many petitions

    • Harper Treason

      Think you mean “Dishonorable Stephen Harper”.

  • http://batman-news.com Richard Weatherill

    Perhaps, if Harper loses the upcoming election, he can be branded as a person whose actions were deleterious to the security and prosperity of the nation, and therefore renders any and all laws, treaties, and negotiations null and void.
    When (not if) China sues, we just tell them to take a hike.

    • Harper Sellout

      Lets hope so! :(

    • printmoremoneysociety

      If China sues Canada, we should probably recall the Belgian government minister who suggested, many years ago, that if a large, aggressive foreign entity were to approach a border of Belgium, the Belgian reaction should be the running of a continuous-loop tape recorder announcing “We surrender!”
      Any luck that we might have must involve prevention of the FIPA. Once it is chiseled in stone, telling China to “take a hike” would leave the Chinese government falling all over themselves, laughing, followed swiftly by whatever means they would take to ensure that their will would be done.

      • Cassie

        Yes it is our undoing! He has sold us out! We will be selling off every resource we have left to pay for the numerous lawsuits we will incur from not only China, USA and the EU! Thank you Stephen Harper and John Baird you evil pricks! Do they not realize their children still have to breathe our same air!

      • http://batman-news.com Richard Weatherill
  • Paul Cadogan

    What bothers me most is that this is not a sell out, it’s a give-away. With a sell out, at least the injured party gets something even if it’s inadequate.
    Recently, the cons were patting themselves on the backthe GDP/GNP which are indeed rosy. The unfortunate and further stupid move is that the large ‘profit’ is from the sales of bitumen and raw logs. Only our “Economist” Harper (“There is no recession”: 2008: there was one and were were in it) and of course the Chinese, could see any advantage to that. Raw materials to them, landfill back to us.
    We need a strong manufacturing base: designed, built and traded in Canada. If the merchandise is of quality, others will buy it.
    Despite my place in the purchasing hierarchy (low) I will not buy Chinese products. They are uniformly shoddy and when they cease to work, they are garbage because they can’t be repaired. I called Leef’s office and left a message for what that’s worth.
    I know about the SOEs suing because one of those gougers has taken GQ to court for passing a law about fracking. Quebec doesn’t like it. What business do these jerks have telling us what laws to pass etc.
    Harper doesn’t have a clue how to run this country. It’s lovely that he always has his personal barber and make-up person in tow. He still looks like he has his own barber/makeup people there and I don’t think it’s helping

  • Harper Sellout


    • Roberto

      He’s a malignant cancer and needs to be ousted! Out, out dark spot!

    • margsview

      That’s too limited there should be shouts across the country telling conservatives they will never win a seat anywhere again…..and make it happen…

  • Harper Sellout

    P.S. Called my local CON MP. Do the same!

  • Jacqueline Steffen

    How do we get out of the FIPA trade agreement? Harper is insane for allowing this to go through. He should be arrested and kicked out of office. This is of no benefit to Canada. As far as I’m concerned, he sold out Canada. There should be legal proceedings against Harper for this.

    • Jeremy Arney

      I agree but also think he should forfeit his “bonus” as a long time MP of some 5-6 million dollars due when he is kicked out. Likely to happen in Alberta? maybe this time it will when Albertans realise what he has done to them..

    • Cassie

      We don’t get out that’s the point!

      • icup

        people stand up and go to the Parliament and throw the government out all party’s throw out the monarchs for real get rid of the upper house get ride of lobbyist in the government reinstate true power to the people ie civilian VMC REGIMENT create a new charter of rights cause the one we got now is a JOKE their is no real defined protection for the people of this country get ride of privet Banks OOO
        and tell china to go sit on it and rotate down side no more COSCO

  • Anthony Worsley

    Harper must be stopped in his tracks,hopefully enough people will become aware of what he is doing and put enough pressure on his government to back track on this one sided agreement.

  • dionne g

    I wrote to my MP telling him that I am feeling sick about this. We’ve
    already seen how “free” trade looks at regulations to protect our
    environment, our health, our workers as “unfair barriers”. This is
    another big step towards losing our ultimate sovreignty. By a
    “government” elected dubiously and by a minority. SOS!

    • margsview

      Make the next election an absolute MANDATE, if any party wants our vote—then they have to get Canada out of all of these really non trade deals —-the problem is centered on the ISDS or INVESTOR-STATE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT clause that is the sole determiner of all lawsuits brought by corporations to get their free millions from Canadian taxpayers….The corporate tribunal is manned by 3 corporate lawyers—what a salted-mined deal hey…..In fact a undertaker in the South of the US had several offices set up around the state—losing money he decided to see if any kind of lawsuit focused thru the ISDS would work to recapitalize his company —it sure did–it is really that big of a subsidized scam….The new ethos of today is no corporation shall be without guaranteed profits—-and taxpayers have no rights to act–in fact the next TISA will privatize all public institutions, services, education, health care, pensions and public assets in banks—-corporation rule and must be fed—we are simply fodder….ck it out I receive around 100 news items from everywhere –china to Europe and all economic experts and academics in between….Oh and CBC News is in on it —giving little or no info on these deals for 4 years—in that time I have literally begged for answers and a debate–they even got miffed when Jim Stanford mentioned the interest free bailout Canadian gave during the recession in 2009 to 6 of our (promised never to be too big to fail banks) to the tune of 114 billion dollars……now we are slated to be BAIL-IN as per the 2013 Harper cons BUDGET page 145…..here our assets can be turned over to banks in exchange for worthless bank bonds from the failing bank

      • Cassie

        Would you mind posting the links would enjoy the read… Thanks

  • PlentyONothin

    I hope that Elizabeth May reads the posts here. Hopefully she can respond to them. There is absolute outrage re this!

  • Jac

    I called all the numbers sent to me by Lead Now including my own MP’s and all the responses say that the mailboxes are full. This is a nightmare! And I still meet so many people who actually vote for Harper! What an insane world it is!

  • Dinah

    This seems to be the way of the current conservative government,,,,secrecy at all cost! I have never liked or trusted Stephen Harper since he was associated with the Citizens Coalition.
    By signing this bill he has signed away the rights of the Canadian people at ALL level of governments. To suggest that Canada will receive benefits from this deal is ludicrous….we are dealing with a Communist society with a hideous human rights history as well as completely oblivious to the environmental disaster that is their country.But we all know Harper’s track record on the environment!

    The logic is that we will have business and investment opportunities in China. I wonder, will we have the same legal recourse if Canadian businesses profits are threatened?? I’ll bet my last dollar that we do not!

    I cannot fathom WHY the Harper government, with the backing of big corporations, could possibly think this is good for Canada. I know it boils down the the almighty dollar but where does concern for your country and the next generations kick in?? Do these people not have families that could and will be affected by these decisions???? Every day I see more and more of our precious country being sold off and no one says boo because the majority of this business is done behind closed doors with no input from parliament or the public. So much for transparency.

    I will be forwarding this on to as many people as I can think of so that, perhaps, we might be able to still do something.

    Barring that, once the election rolls around and Harper is, please Lord, defeated, perhaps a legal action can be started for his actions concerning the sell out of Canada….maybe a class action suit by the Canadian people.??

    • Jeremy Arney

      I agree with you but wonder how long we will have any businesses that are Canadian? If I was a Chinese corporation I would already have a shopping list and after Oct 1st not even the inglorious Canadian dictator can stop me
      Jeremy Arney

  • Anne Van Rhyn

    Could this be a way to undermine anyone who dares stand in the way of oil bound for Asia?

    • eddieo

      Toss the environment out the window – greed has usurped all power.

  • Bishop Hammy

    If the CACL Canadian anti Corruption League ever get to power we will charge Harper and others with treason in this matter and strip them of everything possible. How can a treaty become law with out the parliament approving it. I would be in a bad enough mood to charge every conservative member with treason if they cannot prove that they voted against it.

  • Bishop Hammy

    Someone start a petition..

    • printmoremoneysociety

      … to join the many petitions that have had no measurable effect? I have signed many petitions and not with the boilerplate comments that probably do little or nothing to catch the notice of members of parliament. I have posted comments that were pointed and well-written.

      It seems to be a waste of time to bother unless there is a great swell of Canadian anger at the CPC, and particularly, its pathetic yes-sir members of parliament.

  • Liz Duchene

    Thank you Elizabeth for standing against the Canada-China investment agreement. It will drive the quality of life of Canadian workers to the level of Chinese workers. That would be a tragedy.

  • kathy leveque

    Thank you /Elizabeth.

  • vox-populi

    The Harper’s government is solely devoted to the corporate interest and not the public interest.
    Harper’s autocracy is sinking our democracy and this nation on the Tar sands and greed.

    The length and gravity of Harper’s crimes against our nation is unprecedented, but the Canada-China trade agreement (FIPA) is perhaps the most damaging.
    Thank you E. May, for all your phenomenal effort and dedication, but mostly, for reminding us all, that decency is not extinct.

  • Trish

    Power — real
    power — is in this agreement that Stevo Harper slithered through the
    senate under the complicit eye of a click-driven news media.

    Canadians have an obligation to stop this, but, as Bill notes below, it’s difficult when corporatist factions have more power than democratic nations.

    Deep sadness at Stevo’s devastating ideology that expresses its aims via the suppression of the democratic process in the service of the most greedy.

  • Brian

    And harper got elected on a platform of transparency and accountable government. Hypocrisy rules in Canada. Corporate profit is our god. Public ignorance is essential to the Conservatives’ re-election.

  • matt

    So the international trade treaty expert, Gus Van Harten, says it’s too late to go ahead with a constitutional challenge now. Are there any other options, this thing doesn’t come into effect until October 1, what can we do, there must be something!

  • matt

    At least in the States they get to vote on their trade and investment treaties, we are even less democratic than our neighbours to the South.
    Maybe we could point out to our American neighbours how much of a security threat to them we will be now that we are essentially a province of China. Maybe we need the US to knock some sense into Harper

  • Richard Zebiere

    In a Dick-tatorship, there is no democracy.

  • Maureen Curran

    I phoned the ministry of Trade but they were not answering. I left messages with foreign affaires, but they claimed it wasn’t their territory. Not that they care a whit for anyone’s opinion. They want a corporate oligarchy and are building it to suit themselves…

  • Cold Hard Truth

    Pure treason. Harper should swing from a rope. This is horrific.

  • Bear_Code

    We tried signing petitions, we walked the streets protesting, we wrote to our representatives, we called whoever we could, now we have to make a stand, a stand with all options on the table….my stand is force, my flower died and now I’m angry

  • E. Wald

    Frankly I am surprised that with all the treasonous acts Harper and cronies have perpetrated on this country that someone has not assassinated him to keep him from doing yet more damage. I couldn’t do it but this is starting to look like a likely possibility. Why does he not get what his actions are bringing about?? Has he sold his soul to global corporations?

    • PlentyONothin

      You would think a little ‘karma’ is due for Harper, eh?

      Can’t happen soon enough!

  • http://www.newoldmediablog.com JOHN HAGUE

    Why would Elizabeth May be granted the authority to approve or disapprove the comment of an independent journalist?

  • L.K.

    I agree with Bill, we do not have democracy in this country any more. How are we responsible for this? How long are we going to remain in denial about this?
    We need to finds ways and means to stop this agreement. HOw? What does Ms. May have to say about how to stop this?
    In addition, the whole system is corrupt. Corporations and the global elite are ruling this country and this world to a great extent, and we are complicit in it. As long as we keep our heads in the sand, and refuse to see the reality we allow it to continue. We need to take back our power from the bankers, the elite who are running this world, and who see us as their slaves. It is up to us. The people in government are highly unlikely to do this, and the elite want to keep their power, and their enormous wealth they hoard.

  • Clint Hunter

    SHARED !

  • eddieo

    It has been done.

    Is there any legal action we can take?

    What happens if the courts rule in “our” favour, i.e. that of Hupacaseth First Nation?

  • Melanie Victoria

    Is there any action going on against this?

    • margsview

      That is exactly what I have been trying to find out and at the same time thru various ‘replies’ have made suggestions —see my comments….

  • margsview

    Elizabeth I wish to offer my volunteer services from Montreal, and hope to see all other organizations come together to ‘soundly beat’ each and every conservative wanna be —locally, provincially and federally……as this is the party whose leader stated to his base that ‘Canadian won’t recognize Canada after he was finished’…..and finally our citizens are seeing his results …..

  • icup

    people stand up and go to the Parliament and throw the government out all party’s throw out the monarchs for real get rid of the upper house get ride of lobbyist in the government reinstate true power to the people ie civilian VMC REGIMENT create a new charter of rights cause the one we got now is a JOKE their is no real defined protection for the people of this country get ride of privet Banks OOO
    and tell china to go sit on it and rotate down side no more COSCO
    STORES…………………..think about it people the time is NOWW

  • concerned

    Can the senate stop this? Can an appeal be made to the governor general to dissolve parliament and call a new election? Is there anyway to remove Harper’s signing authority? Hey if Rob Ford could have his powers limited,, why not Harper’s? Can Harper be impeached or charged with treason? How large would a petition have to be in order to get the governor general to dissolve parliament?

  • icup


  • Joanna DR VanIsle

    Sneaky 5:30 Friday Afternoon Weasels-on-the-Hill Basterds. Just one damn thing after another. Yesterday, yay!! Franklin Ships, ghosts and Arctic Sovereignty! Today – yay! Let’s sell our souls and “Harper’s Nation” to the Chinese Communist Regime and piss off the entire country, those that care anyway. I was so upset when I heard that the FIPA Traitor Treaty had been “RATified” today I had to pull off the road.

  • David Berry

    Simply put, I’ve decided Bill is a genius! I wish I had said all he did!

  • Sharon Danley

    How is it possible that we are bound by an illegal government to make a contract WITHOUT us really knowing what’s in it or getting our permission to do so. This is one Canadian that will NOT tolerate this action, I denounce the agreement and the illegal government. Why the hell isn’t parliament gathering together in the big house and demanded NO? Why isn’t this same parliament telling the Chinese we do NOT accept this contract? Why are parliamentarians talking about it but not doing anything about it?

    • eddieo

      Perhaps ALL MPs could sign a petition stating that they our government has been usurped by a traitor and his actions are not recognized as law.

      And where is the GG?

      • Sharon Danley

        MIA of course.

  • disqus_DrEH

    China is a bad actor on the world stage. They are creating artificial islands in the south china sea to ‘create” sovereign territory. We can trade with them but dont let them own anything in Canada that is a natural resource.

  • Dave Cursons

    in this, yet another resource sellout, the Chinese ‘state owned corporation’ still worries me less than ‘corporate owned state’ of Canada.

  • Tye

    Is rather be a poor but autonomous country than hand over one more $1 of our economy to China, who does not share the values we treasure as Canadians. Why are we supporting their growth in power? Is it that important that China become the world’s dominant force? Do we care that little about our own human rights and the environment’s ability to sustain life on this planet?

  • myview

    Everyone needs to sign the Petition and send this info to friends who might not know the ramifications of it. It is tantamount to treason allowing China to be able to sue Canadians because of some Politicians sellout.

  • altor

    ONLY 1 Canadian Politician (Ms. E. May, leader of the Geen Party of Canada and Canada’s representative of the World’s Green Movement, hence, her sensibilities toward the Environment, Eco-systems, Pollution, Heath, Climate Change etc. ) She has argued and decried the effects of Globalization on Canada & other pseudo-democratic countries but none has explained or detailed its “tyrannical” perniciousness.
    Corporatocracy has unleashed their creation “GLOBALIZATION” with ALL Its Discontents imposing PARTYCRATIC Ideological Rule rather than “Constitutional” – AUSTERITY with all its ill ramifications – ARMS RACE by creating a false war on terrorism & creating various terroristic groups to instil FEAR in us through the use of Mass Media to scare us into submission and political enslavement – ECO Disasters through unbridled extraction and insane consumption of various materials lethal to the whole environment and consequentially to life on earth, everywhere ! This has happened not yesterday, but over a period of circa 30 yrs. of unbridled Kapitalism !
    The Kapitalist’s Empire is here to stay for sometime to come. Although, it has manifested its “Tyrannical” perniciousness in myriads of ways and forms WE, the citizens of this WORLD, still won’t acknowledge IT !!! YES, continue to blame Harper, Obama, Cameron and their Parties, vote against them, re-install old foes and new tyrants, recite your mantras, feel proud of your Civic Duties as diktated by convention, (THEIRS) for WE, HAVE FACKED IT ALL UP following OUR MASTERS :”None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-
    (BTW I’m NOT a Communist nor a Conspiratist, I’m just “Informed2Resist2Create”!) READ: Stéphane Hessle’s “Indignez-vous” and commit yourselves against Corruption, political & otherwise.

  • Angelica P

    Help to make more Canadians aware of this traitorous act by Harper. Join this movement and donate to the cause

  • Kirsten Mawle

    It is such as sham Harper is killing Canada.

  • Frannie

    Why is this information not given to the press, so that it can be broad-caste on TV, newspapers and discussed on the radio. This way a broader population of Canada gets to be informed. Is it not time Canadians woke up and took control back, we are the ones that ultimately have the power, if only we would use it. Maybe we don’t believe we have any power. Most Canadians pay their taxes, some Canadians vote, very few Canadians are prepared to stand up and demonstrate against their government or go to their local MP. Unless we decide to stand up as a group and voice our concerns, nothing will change. Is there some reason why Elizabeth May and other politicians that have this first hand information are not allowed to inform the press?

  • Sue

    What actions can we, as citizens, take now? Is a class action lawsuit vs Harper possible? (I have no idea if it would do anything…) I wish we could get the MPs to do what Altor shared re: the Icelandic parliament. I pray we get Harper out of government and then maybe my anxiety levels will start to decrease. I feel unsafe and unprotected as a citizen with him as PM.

  • Elizabeth O’leary Penney

    Not up on Politics in a way to understand all off the contents but do realize some of it. It doesn’t sound like a good deal for Canada our Country.The politicans must believe in selling everything off, bet if we knew everything thats going on in the world & whats to come we probably woud do away with our selves, glad were on the later end of our lives instead of having to live through what this Government has in store for us. Thank you Elizabeth for enlightening the public.

  • Suzanne Blouin

    For two years, I signed and shared all the petitions I found on the subject and wrote to party leaders and most MPs because that’s what two opposition parties and major activism groups invited me to do. I wish we had been out there demonstrating, banging on pots or singing “Let it go” together, shaming this federal government with some peaceful actions for having negotiated such a deal. Notice the timing of the ratification just when cold spells have started all across the country. Well, I’m going to the mattresses, starting with the Peoples’ Climate March in Montréal next weekend and any other event or action you may want to share.

  • Sirob

    The Canadian Security Intelligence Service prepared a comprehensive document titled “The security Dimensions of an Influencial China” last year and is available at https://www.csis-scrs.gc.ca/pblctns/wrldwtch/2013/20130930-en.php .

  • Brian

    Harper’s still living in the Reagan era, under the false belief in the “trickle down effect”…that is, helping the rich helps everybody. How’s that working out so far Canada? What’s that you say – the middle class is eroding because these same corporations we’re so willing to help are so willing in turn to pull out in the interest of supposedly cheaper labour elsewhere? Why not instead work to create a Canada that corporations line up to get into, not because of tax breaks, but because of the positive outlook of the citizens – please Ottawa, give us something positive to get behind!

  • Anneliese Marques

    Read the latest book by Canadian author and social activist, Naomi Klein, “This Changes Everything” which discusses why bug business is actually the cause of climate change. An earlier book “No Logo” is an argument against globalization. I remember when Mulroney pushed the NAFTA agreement through in one weekend. The details were published later. The main difference between Scandinavian countries and North America is that they value quality of life, and unfortunately, we are brainwashed into believing that this must come from money, assets, and a high life style. Remember, they not only have universal healthcare, but education as well. Here, universities are run pretty much like any other business. Also, they practise “slow growth.” An economy based on this is less likely to experience a boom and bust situation and have less impact on the environment. (Rubins, “Slow Growth Economy”)

  • ecp

    Stephen Harper should be brought up on treason charges for selling out our country.

  • dawn

    it is my suspicion that FIPA has much to do with sovereignty issues but not only at a corporate legal level. likely: Harper took liberty to provide an illegal authority to a questionable agreement because he knows the situation politically in Canada would not be able to challenge ths issue. for example, if the NORTHERN SOVEREIGNTY CLAIMS of Canada in the ARCTIC were challenged in a faux show of aggression by Mr Harpers’s pal Vlad from Russia, who I’m sure has NOW INTEREST IN ACTUALLY challenging the NATO ally Canada… but it is convenient if he provides a THREAT.
    this will justify& enable the militarization of the North; which is not actually a concern, but a ‘viable’ threat lends validity to the question.
    China, as well as TPP femands private corporate surveillance of regions wear their mining/drilling/shipping interests are placed. they want to practive whatever method of ‘security’ they choose and not be limited by constitutional&human rights obstacle of the nation of location within their global business jurisdiction.
    Franklin? meet your underwater surveillance & drone robots for industrial & military purpose. it has F**K all to do with ‘Parks Canada’ but guess who’s paying.. just give it a few.

    • dawn

      the sovereignty rights of the indigenous peoples of Northern Canada & the Arctic pose a HUGE obstacle for ‘Harper Govt’ & their ambition “Open Canada’s North to investment”; if a state of National emergency is declared for the sake of ‘DEFENDING OUR ARCTIC SOVEREIGNTY”, Mr Harper accomplishes one of his typical Trojan Toofers.
      any FN that refuses to suspend their rights for National Defence will be portrayed as being AGAINST FREEDOM, enemies of Canada, &etc. A situation where constitutional laws are suspended for sake of Military Defence is COMMON shortcut thru rights laws that slow down ‘productivity’ & diminish PROFIT MARGINS. do you not wonder what Harper is gaining in exchange for handing China this economic authority over Canada? I remember years ago when the deal went thru for shipbuilding, and Chinese icebreakers… obviously all players involved then were well aware of the MELTDOWN AT THE NORTH POLE -with no intent of slowing it down GUE$$ WHY- and the resources bonanza up North&Arctic: and planned well ahead. My bet is that Mr Harper plans to pimp the concept of the shipping jackpot that Canada benefits from in claiming the Northwest Passage as her own, from sea-bed to surface. Chinese Icebreakers will help. China wants resources. the Charter gets in the way of both agendas. If Putin makes a lame claim, it creates a situation in limbo that can be capitalized on supremely. Ask Africa. Ask Peru. and anyone who resists is a ‘terrorist’( I’ve read some of the corporate ‘literature’ its very revealing). With FIPA, even if Canadians figure this BS out, we wont be able to do anything about it. the ‘Franklin Expedition’ is a Harper Trojan Toofer, and is all about destroying FN rights, the Charter, &at same time establishes legal security for the set of Private Corporate Interest he represents for benefit of said corporations; this is in combination with Harper’s bizarre desires&designs to turn a peaceloving nation into an arms manufacturing& military intelligence leader in the new tech world. China&Russia help him accomplish this thru games&deals, and as we plainly see, have their advantages drawn into it.
      we will hear CPC MPs crowing about ‘ growth, development, and regional security’. FYI, take time to read every trade agreement China signs, from Pakistan to China; it ends with the words ‘ growth, development, and security in the region’. whenever I hear it spill out of Harper’s face, I have to laugh. it makes me certain I’m not far off in evaluating who’s running this show.
      cheers :)

  • Terry

    Harper is a traitor and should be charged with treason.

  • altor

    I’d like to know what happened to my other previous posting?
    It seems to me that in Canada exists a tacit understanding to censor any
    criticism against globalization especially if directed, directly or indirectly to members or Parties of #cdnpoli !
    Let me reiterate, the one and only TRUE problem that all democracies are now facing is #globalization ! Avoiding it, brings us closer to a point of NO Return !
    WE are all on the verge of losing our Sovereignties while we quibble on who to represent us in the next election as we lived in a truly “Representative Democracy” ! (scrap this one, too, or ask me to re-post the original text, again!)

  • Patricia

    Elizabeth, is there any way we can get out of this FIPA agreement with China or are we locked in now? IS there a chance it could be unconstitutional?

    I agree with the comments below- I feel that Harper has committed an extreme betrayal to Canada and Canadians.

  • benj

    The third world have to beg the IMF for loans, which come with a loss of sovereignty, and high interest costs. Trudeau just yesterday said “we can’t reduce corporate tax because we’ll scare away foreign investment”.

    Liberals and Conservatives both believe we are a weak feckless infant nation that can’t stand on its own two feet. We don’t need foreign investment. We should charge these people double for the privilege of doing business with us.

    When NAFTA was introduced, I asked the primary writer of it how the guarantee to continue shipping oil at the same rate to the US would pan out when the oil starts to run out. He said “I didn’t think of that”.

    Unfortunately, our electoral system is locked into a foolish party system, and the prime criteria for election is merely the ability to win votes. I support Elizabeth May in wanting to rip up this agreement. I am amongst the 60% of Canadians who voted “Harper-No”. Why should they negotiate a crucial trade deal on my behalf?

  • http://www.arrby.wordpress.com/ Arby

    My view of the matter is that there could be more to this than the clear insanity on display. There may be in this move, a method by which the US can bolster any argument for invading Canada in order to protect it’s own national security. (The US is exceptional and above all laws and can do this sort of thing. Russia can’t.) The invasion I’m envisioning will along the lines of assistance to the Canadian military in dealing with ‘terrorists’ and radicals who are sabotaging tar sands operations and pipelines and fracking operations. If oil is at the core of the US’s national security doctrine, then so is Canada, which is providing a lot of it, free of – it is to be desired – the kind of trouble that attends taking oil from ‘hostile’ people elsewhere.

    It probably won’t be Harper who invites the US in (and Will the US depend on such an invitation?), but that doesn’t matter. Harper is setting things up. And China may be getting set up. As for it’s egregious hacking of a Canadian agency, That could just be that state’s bad behavior on display. But we don’t know. How did it happen? Were they tricked into doing it so that one day, the US could point to it as an example of how it’s presence, through Canada as a proxy, is an unacceptable threat, along with the terrorists (First Nations, enviros, landowners, concerned citizens, etc) sabotaging tar sands operations and pipelines, to it’s national security?

  • Valentine

    This is very disturbing, indeed. I remember the threat of this proposal that circumvents our court system about a decade or more ago but I thought it was defeated and went by the board. I see my impressions were wrong. How was a PM allowed to enter into such a binding agreement so quietly and with no audible opposition. I certainly sense opposition now. What can be done to reverse this dangerous agreement and stop future agreements of the same caliber?

  • Adam

    If this deal is an attack on Canadian sovereignty, could it likewise be considered treasonous to support it in any way?

  • jsomerlea

    When Peter MacKay, a self enabled “JUDAS” betrayed Canada by basically ELIMINATED the Old and to some venerated “PROGRESSIVE” Conservative Party His actions gave onto HARPER the power He needed to ordained the death of a Canada admired and respected throughout the world. The Liberal Prime Minister of Canada kept Canada out of Bush’s war in Iraq and in so doing strengthened Canada a a role as a peace keeping nation at a time when HARPER illustrated his desire to engage in WARMONGERING.
    Since then HARPER in his rise to dictatorial status has reduced Canada to a nation where honor and admiration is totally lost and it will take decades if NOT centuries to eradicate the malfeasance and the damage he has caused and is hourly causing to this once wondrous nation.
    The trade agreements put in place by conservative governments over the years, starting with Mulroney, have eroded Canada’s sovereignty but these put forth by HARPER will completely give Canada, lock stock and barrel, to the dictates of any nation.
    HARPER once said “When He is through no one will be able to recognize CANADA”..How did HE ever get that power is He the Anti Christ?????

  • matt

    What I find even more stunning than our government’s treason is CBC’s silence on the matter, they are nothing more than Harper’s PR team now, it seems, except for David Suzuki, and Harper is trying his best to get rid of him.

  • Nathan W

    I’m perfectly capable of taking up many theoretical foundations of free trading argumentation.

    But 15 years to back out? Trade deals signed with only permission of cabinet, without parliament having expressly allocated this authority?

    This is an overreach of authority to say the least. This should not be viewed as correct practice.

    Not even the American president can negotiate trade deals with such latitude. What they CAN do, is make explicit that, for some period of time, perhaps 6 months of 12 months, that the president has all the authority in the world to sign deals without worrying about Congressional permission (pre-permission, if you will). This can be very useful if there is a lot of consensus/support surrounding a particular trade deal, and you want the negotiator to be taken credibly overseas (by not having parliament or Congress being able to say NO after). This is an extra-ordinary authority, and the converse should be the status quo.

    The status quo that Harper appears to wish to set is that the MP supported by the largest band should have all the negotiating power for treaties in the world, far more power than even the US president, who is explicitly elected by the people specifically for such purposes, has been awarded.

    The prime minister has not been awarded this authority. He has usurped it. We need a law to make explicit when and where the prime minister and his ministerial council can be extended this form of authority, and otherwise that they do not have it.

  • J.E.Harper

    China already has over 50 Billion Dollars invested in Alberta Oil Sands and there are already many problems with unqualified Immigrant workers , working there .There are already 2.9 million slaves, many of them children ages 6yrs to 17 yrs. old in China .That IPhone that you use is made in a large part by 10 yr old boys in lock down , in China .Why would our Canadian Government deal with such a country .This “SELL OUT” must be blocked .

  • concerned1

    Harper has solidified his regressive environmental laws with this action. Any future government comtemplating changes will consider the NAFTA cases lost and a chill will come over their discussion.

    I am particularly concerned about the Communist Party of China’s (CPC)
    “Century of Humiliation” doctrine (wikipedia) because it provides justification for
    vexatious lawsuits. The century of humiliation started in 1839 when the
    West forced China to accept opium imports designed to destroy the fabric
    of Chinese society and it ended with the rise to power of the CPC.
    Xi Jinping, the new Chinese leader, said in his first address to the
    nation, he will endeavour to live up to the expectations of history and
    of the people (in that order). Unfortunately Chinese state owned
    enterprises are not corporations in our sense of the word. There is a
    real possibility that these “corporations” will take orders from the CPC
    that are not based on financial considerations but on political doctrine.
    The thought that we as tax payers will have to bear the burden of
    multi-billion dollar vexatious lawsuits scares me.
    To assume China will be benevolent when it does not suit their interests is naive. To assume that our business will have similar powers in a communist country is also naive. Harper has given the Chinese the right/power/opportunity to use our culture of the supremacy of law to their advantage without a reciprical power.

  • no brainer

    Our kids and theirs are done, screwed, tattooed without A chance of recovery if Harper and China Get to sign the final deal on Oct. 1.
    China, a communist country with an
    Extremely bad history with its own people
    Will now have the right to bid on any and
    All Canadian resources whether it be oil gold Or water etc.etc. They can afford to outbid anyone and there Will no longer be any Canadian law that can force A complete investigation into their plans short Or long termed. Communist China will have full rights to bring Their own company people into Canada and we can
    expect that within 10 to 20 years they will have Full representation if not full run of our Government In this country. China has the money, the people the mind set and now the opportunity Thanks to Harper conservatives to take over Canada.
    What about our descendants?
    Someone please help us.

  • Add

    Presumably, Harper and his corporate ‘advisers’ think Canada will benefit in some way. What net benefit do they expect to get for Canada, and themselves, if we’re locked in and corporations are unlikely to win any dispute as claimed by E. May? You cannot make an informed decision from the stand of just one side of the debate.

  • Lastars

    If Canada took back it’s right to print its own money we’d be free if compound interest and be able to get rid of debt and treat Canada and it’s people better. There still is that nasty problem of the Queen owning us tho, and all the other circus acts.
    Get informed:
    Oh Canada Movie – Our Bought And Sold Out Land –

  • Jannie

    I found a conference on campaign training cheap 80.00 my plan have all the tools I can to get Harpers butt out of the house. Sensible BC is putting it on Oct 3-5 2014 if anyone else needs some tools.

  • Gabrielle Butterfield

    100% agree with Bill.Nobody wants this and everyone feels helpless.Our resources should be for all Canadians .This is not democracy,it is a big bully!

  • Darcy Wells

    The Harper government has shown it’s true colours…. TRAITORS!!!!
    They should be tried and jailed for treason, pure and simple, all laws tabled by this government declared null and void. Hopefully next time someone “buys” the conservative party flag, the voting base will be smarter about their allegiances.

  • wondering

    Looks like it is Harper, not Trudeau, who admires communist China and their contempt for human rights, and their wholly antidemocratic way of life. Should be an interesting future as harper switches Canada’s allegiances with the US and continues to destroy all critics here at home..

  • Dustyn

    Maybe future governments can’t stop the take over from China but the people as a whole sure can!

  • Larry

    You are right there is no democracy in Canada and now even less with ratifacation of the FIPA agrement. No debate no public input Just Harpers gang of thugs. Now we will become a new state of China.

  • shirlohGate

    Seriously ? you are not going to start criminal charges, arrests, against all those involved with this Treason Against Canada, Canadian laws, rights, freedoms, Canadian Constitution , AND THE SEVENTY THREE PERCENT OF CANADIANS WHO OPPOSED THIS ….
    or Canadians are to control our own communities ourselves Under All LawS PROTECTING CANADIANS Against govt …..

  • Wanda

    In my opinion Harper has no interest in Canada’s well being. He is an obvious bigot an there is a little more going on than anyone is aware of. I also believe he has no interest in being re-elected after his term. He’s pretty much put Canada up for sale and will “sit pretty” in the end while our country and people suffer. Why isn’t anyone looking In to that? It’s most certainly “mismanagement”. Canada has never had a prime minister who was so obvious and deliberate with such discusting actions. There’s just no other way to explain but to say, Mr. Harper ought to be ashamed of himself.

  • Lisa Dawn Cheney

    Harper needs to go.Can you imagine anything to do with China of this magnitude. Harper needs his little dick cut off.

  • Ann

    If people would just vote and not for Harper. Can’t anybody else see his horns and tail.

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