Elizabeth May issues statement: Anti-Terrorism Act must be rejected

On Monday, February 2nd, 2015 in Press Releases

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands, is the only Party leader forthright enough to agree with the Globe and Mail editorial published today, which demands the rejection of the new Anti-Terrorism Act proposed by the Harper Conservatives:

“I completely agree with the editorial in the Globe and Mail today that Parliament must reject this bill. In the House of Commons today, I urged all MPs to read the editorial and not allow the Conservatives to turn CSIS into a secret police force.

“The words found under the definition of ‘activities,’ which affect the ‘security of Canadians,’ are so broad that the definition can apply to almost any activity, including nonviolent civil disobedience. This bill could now treat peaceful protesters as potential terrorists.

“Is Stephen Harper using the imagined fear of widespread security threats to score political points before the next election?”

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  • 46nd2

    I would like to see a freeze on any new laws or changes to existing until after the election.

    Elizabeth you have easily proven to be the most honest and honourable of all our politicians given our regular choice between ‘coke or pepsi’ you certainly stand out but until you oppose zionist crimes against humanity in Palestine you are still sugar water.

    Having said that thanks for standing for the Canadian people.

  • Ursula Jensen

    When I listened to him yesterday I had the same reaction. Too many ‘may’ or possibly’s… scary.

  • Joanne Light

    I have written to the congregation at my local Unitarian church to see what the Canadian Unitarian Congress’s position on this bill and other activities such as the G20 arrest in Toronto in 2010 is. Do you know if any churches have taken a position and or spoken out against what this government is doing in this regard?

    • ClaudeL

      You should not filter politics through religion. Ever.

    • niknik

      lol its 2015 and people still care about churches smh

  • Ann MacKenzie


    • Bock

      Ok, How about the ones in Ottawa and Quebec?

  • Justin

    Imagined fear ?!?! Drop her in the middle of ISIS territory !

    • RJC

      Had a lot of terror events in your local lately?
      No? That makes it imaginary.

    • John Adams

      ISIS was created and is funded by the CIA and Mossad. (Zionists). You brainwashed slave. The war on terror is a FRAUD. 9/11 was a Zionists Job to forward their New World Order dictatorship.

  • Vic

    Following in the timid footsteps of Neville Chamberlain

  • Joni McMillan

    This Bill, if passed, is just the thin edge of the wedge opening the door to more govt. control over our rights and freedoms. Be careful what you wish for.

  • John Adams

    Harper is clearly a Puppet to the conspiring Zionist elites behind the New World Order dictatorship. He needs to be charged with conspiracy and treason. Harper was photographed at a secret Bilderberg Group meeting before they placed him as PM. It’s a major world conspiracy he’s involved in. The media & banking owners are all involved.

    • http://members.shaw.ca/duncancrow/ Duncan Crow

      Too bad we didn’t know of his involvement during his campaign; I would have forwarded these keywords if I’da had ‘em.

  • Bob L

    This bill’s main target is NOT ISIS but environmentalists who are using civil disobedience to stop Harper’s destructive petropolitical agenda. Environmentalists are getting in the way of his agenda to expand the tar sands, build more pipelines, and frack the country! He is transforming CSIS into a secret police force! We have to stand up for our freedoms now or lose them forever!

    • Cathie Reid

      Absolutely. With no evidenced or tangible terrorist security threat, this is in direct response to Kinder Morgan’s legal protestations against citizen protesters at Burnaby Mountain (who were forced to cross an unjust NEB injunction line in civil disobedience to protect their lawful conservation lands from unacceptable harm and draw attention to the deficient NEB permit process – where politically appointed industry insiders restricted the consideration of climate, species at risk, and long term human health impacts for full carbon/toxic accounting for pipeline contents, and permitted industry to run roughshot over existing Municipal conservation laws, even while an appeal of the permit had yet to be heard). With Bill C-51, police will have authority to hold citizens pre-emptively without charges for seven days. Peaceful protesters’ social media and cell phones could be monitored and those wishing to cross into the Canadian border to lend support could be pre-emptively stopped. Industry should not be able to have input to craft legislation that Canadians and their Parliamentarians have not had an opportunity to have input into. Harper never had social licence to increase spying on Canadians.


    With an idiot like this at the helm the Greens stand no chance.

  • Kristine Paton

    No, Stephen Harper is using the imagined fear of widespread security threats to allow government to muzzle and intimidate anyone who opposes their views on anything…is he just another puppet dangling on dictatorial strings like George Bush? Please, Canada, use your heads before you lose every right that has been protected up until now!

    • Maggie

      We already have. This is just another one. Harper is evil

  • Merritt1st

    I think that your question “Is Stephen Harper using the imagined fear of widespread security threats to score political points before the next election?” is more of a statement. There can be no doubt that is exactly what he is doing under the banner of protecting Canada and Canadians.

  • Alexandra Boesel

    I appreciate Ms. May’s point of view. I suspect that Mr. Mulcair will also express his opposition to the bill once Parliament resumes. Mr. Trudeau is in fact in support of the bill. He is being political and doesn’t want to appear to be “easy” on terrorism. Mr. Trudeau has stated that he is in support of this bill, as long as there is oversight and checks and balances in place. I personally don’t think there is any way to prevent this bill from passing :(

    • Chris Henn

      It is my hope that all the proposed amendments will keep the bill tied up in subcommittees until the election, at which point it will be allowed to die quietly. This kind of police statism is anathema to the ‘offend no one’ ethos of the Liberal party.

      • Alexandra Boesel

        What if Harper gets re-elected?

        • Chris Henn

          I suppose it could happen, if the Albertan economy can recover from the oil shocks. But whoever wins isn’t getting a majority. So if Harper does get re elected… I hope his budget gets rejected. It could happen!

  • Peter

    Stephen Harper is the most dangerous leader Canada has ever had.
    He has removed environmental acts and laws to promote industry in our National parks, rivers and steams.
    He is still trying to promote fear among Canadians to forward his so called anti- terrorism agenda.
    He has put our troupe’s in harms way for a war we have nothing to do with and he has placed a Canadian war ship in the Black Sea to observe the crisis in Croatia.
    He is also actively trying to take away Canadians rights and liberties to force his agenda.
    It is he who is implementing a shroud of terror amongst Canadians not the terrorists.
    Stand strong Elizabeth May, you have my vote.

    • Michelle

      Who is he doing this for? I can’t believe he is masterminding the whole thing. Whose puppet is he?

  • Random101

    After reading most of your comments I have come to the conclusion that most of you are outright insane. Grow up and use your bloody head.

  • kai

    thank you for being one of the few representatives of Canadians to actually stand up and serve our interests…

  • DJ

    Because of the broad interpretations of this bill and it’s lack of clarity I believe that Bill C-51 “The Anti-Terrorism Act”; should be thrown out of parliament. It is not only undemocratic but is unconstitutional in it’s present form. Will amendments help? They may only lead to more and more confusion. Lawyers are contributing a lot in the form of amendments but will the end product of the Bill be any more democratic. Will it show respect for our privacy and our constitutional rights?

  • Bob F

    I hold Harper responsable for Lac Megantic and appointing Porter to head of our security . But I’m looking for a party that wants to deport terrorists . You can’t begin to imagine how much this super leftist supports this . For the first time in my life I feel I can’t vote . Any ideas to change my mind?

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