Media Release: Canadians rally from coast to coast to hold Trudeau to electoral reform promise

On Saturday, February 11th, 2017 in Press Releases

Canadians joined rallies in cities from coast to coast today to demand that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau honour his promise on electoral reform.

Elizabeth May, spoke at the Reform the Vote rally in Victoria, B.C., attended by hundreds. Rallies took place in nearly 30 communities including Vancouver, Whitehorse, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Wolfville, Saint John and St. John’s.

“From coast to coast today, Canadians sent a clear message for Justin Trudeau: If you thought you could break your promise to bring in fair voting and no one would care, you were wrong. Canadians won’t stop demanding that you keep your promise,” Ms. May said.

“The Prime Minister is grasping at straws in rejecting what our parliamentary committee recommended. We rejected the kind of proportional representation that could give seats to very poorly supported extremist voices. Moreover, it is under First Past the Post that the Bloc Québecois became the official opposition. Harper’s extreme agenda was never supported by more than a quarter of Canadians. We will hold the Liberals to their promise to end the threat of false majorities, and to make sure every vote counts,” Ms. May concluded.

The National Day of Action on Electoral Reform was organized by Fair Vote Canada and concerned citizens.

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