Date: 2016/12/01 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Elizabeth May: News flash: Mr. Speaker, a parliamentary committee has found as fact that first past the post is inappropriate in any democracy with more then two parties contesting elections. That is actually not a news flash. That was the finding of the first parliamentary committee in 1921. I admit there has been something of ...

Date: 2016/10/26 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Mr. Speaker, I rise to draw the attention of the House to a worsening situation in arms control. Globally, we have seen an alarming development in states modernizing nuclear weapons for what they describe as tactical purposes. This may remind some of my colleagues of Dr. Strangelove. We simply cannot use nuclear weapons. Rather, we ...

Date: 2016/08/17 -- Category/Categories: Statements

On behalf of the Green Party, I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Mauril Bélanger. Mauril was a dedicated parliamentarian and a dear friend. He was incredibly brave in the face of his terminal diagnosis. It was an honour to stand in the House earlier this year as he presided as ...

Date: 2016/06/07 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Statements

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Date: 2016/05/18 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Monsieur le Président, je remercie tous mes collègues de cette occasion d’ajouter quelques mots. This has been a profoundly moving moment in the House, particularly because we are so honoured to have so many people here in the galleries whose families and whose lives have been directly touched. Although this was 102 years ago, it ...

Date: 2016/04/13 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Mr. Speaker, it is such an honour to stand and salute our clerk emerita, Audrey O’Brien. I am without words to express my gratitude as a newly-elected MP coming to this place and embracing my new bible, a big green book, which I took home and read immediately. I am not kidding. Audrey O’Brien knows ...

Date: 2016/03/23 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Mr. Speaker, I thank all of my colleagues here today. I particularly express condolences to all of my friends in the Conservative caucus. I was deeply affected by the words of the leader of the official opposition as we adjust to the enormous shock of losing a friend and colleague. I regarded Jim Hillyer as ...

Date: 2016/03/07 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I rise today to draw the attention of the House to the plight of the very courageous residents, the Inuit peoples, of the village of Clyde River, who have gone to court to stop an approved project, the seismic blasting of their region for a five-year period, five months a year, ...

Date: 2016/01/27 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, later this afternoon there will be a celebration of life, just across the street from here, remembering and celebrating the extraordinary litany of accomplishments of Maurice Strong. Maurice was born in 1929 in the little town of Oak Lake, Manitoba, and grew up in the Prairies through the dirty thirties. I ...

Date: 2015/05/14 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Statements

Mr. Speaker, it is an enormous honour to rise today in my place to pay tribute to a veteran, a war hero and a truly lovely human being. Major (Retired) Charles Goodman, CD, is a constituent of mine and has an extraordinary and distinguished war record. He was part of the Normandy invasion on D-Day. ...

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