Supporting Vulnerable Seniors and Strengthening Canada’s Economy Act

On Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 in from Parliament, Questions

Mr. Speaker, I have a question for the hon. member for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country. I have to differ with him initially, of course, in pointing out that Saanich—Gulf Islands is the most beautiful riding in Canada.

The member’s speech focused on the budget but, as I understand it now, we are discussing Bill C-3, a budget implementation bill, a very narrow application of 12 specific measures to which I have no objection. Could he expand on why this budget implementation bill does not actually mention the major measures in the budget?

Mr. John Weston: Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the question from my neighbour from a very beautiful riding to be sure.

What we have been discussing for the last few days, which is of interest to all Canadians, is the budget, which responds to the priorities of all Canadians. The budget implementation bill is the bridge to get us from where we are to where we will hopefully be next week, which is well on our way to implementing phase two of Canada’s economic action plan, knowing that phase one has brought our country to number one in the world in its economic recovery.

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  • dmalcolm

    There is nothing in the platform nor budget of this government that speaks to sustainable living in remote communities such as the 400 or so remote communities in the boreal and Arctic regions (reducing dependency in all areas, and including all aspects of human security such as food security, and environmental and human health). Even in resource rich areas, the wage economy doesn’t necessarily lead to any measure of sustainability.

  • Shannon

    What is the Green party policy on economic stimulus in this recession? We really need jobs, and I agree with Joseph Stiglitz that govt jobs get the economy going, get people working, paying taxes, and things will get better. I have been unemployed for three years now. I need work.

  • Galden

    Let us not be lead into the trap that ‘the oil industry is our only means of survival’ in hard economic times; because the only thing on this planet that has the power of survival is Food. You survive with Food. You don’t necessarily need money, or oil to survive. Money is an unnecessary, not to mention GREEDY middleman, who right now is tarring down Alberta Forests to extract oil. If we work together, we can live without money or oil! The alternative is NATURE! We can live with IT! IT will provide for YOU, but only if YOU Nurture IT! Once you see what the powers of nature can offer you,
    You will Respect it for its true Worth. Crops like Hemp are priceless. Im surprised there are so many politicians in this country who are letting the common day mantra of money and economy blind them, and thus not realize what is in he greater good for everyone in the long run! Money is not the answer to our planets woes! We need to heal this planet and live in accordance with it!
    When our country starts doing this, and our legislation mirrors it, and our leaders mirror it, and most of all when our neighbours mirror it, we will truly be free.
    O Canada, I Stand on Guard for Thee.


    Harper Autocracy
    As near as i can tell this obsessive l of an outrageous dictator in a hurry
    ie. to capture all of Canadas natural wealth, and industry, put it in a bag and hand it and our markets over to.somebody else. To Countries that subsidize. (CHEAT!)
    See CETA and Bill C-35.

    But what do you expect from a guy who grew up SON OF A FOREIGN OILMAN!
    Thats right. His father worked for Imperial Oil for thirty years.
    His only professional qualification is a six month economics course taken in America.
    Go figure!. Heil Harper …………….(or else)

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