Date: 2016/02/23 -- Category/Categories: Parliament

Check back here for more information and analysis when the 2016 Budget is tabled today at 4 PM. The Hon. Bill Morneau Minister of Finance Government of Canada February 18, 2016 Dear Minister, Thank you for the opportunity to submit budgetary suggestions to the Department of Finance and the Privy Council.  I am sharing these ...

Date: 2016/02/18 -- Category/Categories: Press Conferences

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Date: 2016/02/11 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Island Tides, TPP

The federal government has now committed to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. The signing is necessary, the Liberals say, in order to be able to fully debate the TPP.  International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland has compared signing the TPP to “dating,” while ratification is “getting married.”  The minister is prepared to start the consultation by ...

Date: 2016/01/20 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

The question is neither hypothetical nor esoteric.  It is immediate and urgent as governments around the world commit to so-called “trade deals” that have little to do with trade. A trade deal, as conventionally understood, sets out an agreed commitment to reduce and/or eliminate barriers to trade rated by protectionist impulses of governments.  Trade deals ...

Date: 2015/12/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders

I recently sent a newsletter to my constituents on small business. You can read it here. Print this page...

Date: 2015/12/09 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

(OTTAWA) December 9, 2015 - The Green Party of Canada applauds the recent announcement by Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila, to implement a Basic Annual Income. It will make Finland the first in the world to provide a basic income to every citizen. The plan would see Finnish citizens receive 800 Euro a month (C$1,170 at ...

Date: 2015/11/09 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases, Publications, TPP

(OTTAWA) November 9, 2015 –Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party and MP (Saanich-Gulf Islands), commended Jim Balsillie for speaking out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), after reviewing the treaty’s final text. “I congratulate Mr. Balsillie for voicing his strong opposition against the TPP,” said Ms. May. “I am in total agreement with his position ...

Date: 2015/10/23 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases, Publications, TPP

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party (Saanich-Gulf Islands), released the following statement after news that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would allow milk that includes hormones into Canada: “In 1999, Health Canada banned bovine growth hormones (rBST), because of animal welfare concerns, including an increased risk of mastitis, a painful bacteria inflection that ...

Date: 2015/05/28 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Press Releases, Private Members Bills, Publications

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands), today tabled her latest Private Member’s Bill, the Creation of the Small Business Impact Assessment Act, as part of the Green Party’s plan to support Canadian small businesses. “Employing more than 60 percent of Canadians, small businesses are ...

Date: 2015/05/01 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Publications

I have been going into lock-ups and reading budgets for years – and years. I remember the first seriously green budget. It was the Mulroney administration’s 1990 Green Plan – a five-year $3 billion commitment for forests, clean water, climate action and greener technology. Next contestant for greenest budget ever was Finance Minister Ralph Goodale’s ...

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