Date: 2013/04/02 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

I don’t know Mr. McCullough, but in reviewing his blogs he seems to have embraced the weary cynic style of punditry. The strange attack on me as a pointless entity, “The Stonehenge of Canadian politics” as he would have it, is riddled with the kind of errors that favour “truthiness” over accuracy. For example, he ...

Date: 2013/03/07 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

Public event for Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May for Friday, March 8th is: 11:00 a.m. – Elizabeth May will participate in a press conference with Jane Sterk, Leader of the Green Party of BC and Adriane Carr, Vancouver’s first Green Party City Councilor, on International Women’s Day to outline their current priorities to ...

Date: 2013/01/29 -- Category/Categories: Debate

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I do not know whether I am more offended by the fact that the hon. member for Scarborough Centre continues to attack the Liberals and the New Democrats and leaves out the Green Party, because most of these amendments were put forward by the Green Party, or that she thinks the ...

Date: 2012/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

The leaders of Green parties of Canada, Norway, Finland, Russia and the United States unite their voices in condemning the closure of the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON) by the Russian Ministry of Justice. We believe RAIPON’s closure by Russia is retaliation for the Association’s opposition to oil and gas development ...

Date: 2012/10/03 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada Leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, wishes to congratulate Lorraine Rekmans on receiving a Rosalie Bertell Award this week. “This award is a well-deserved recognition for Lorraine’s distinguished career of more than twenty-five years as an advocate for environmental health and social justice both in the media and in ...

Date: 2012/09/14 -- Category/Categories: In the News, Kinder Morgan

Publication Source: Vancouver Observer Source Link: View the full original article >> Author: Beth Hong While Green party leaders called for all political parties in Canada to come out against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project on Wednesday, a representative from the company took issue with their facts. Federal Green Party MP Elizabeth May, BC ...

Date: 2012/09/12 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Press Releases

Leaders representing municipal, provincial and federal Green parties held a press conference in Vancouver today to denounce the plans to twin the 1,150 km Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline between Edmonton, AB, and Burnaby, BC. Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Jane Sterk, Leader of ...

Date: 2012/09/12 -- Category/Categories: In the News, Kinder Morgan

Publication Source: Georgia Straight Source Link: View the full original article >> Author: Yolande Cole Representatives of federal, provincial and municipal Green parties voiced their collective opposition today (September 12) to plans to twin the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline between Edmonton and Burnaby. “This proposal would dramatically increase the number of super tankers carrying bitumen ...

Date: 2012/09/11 -- Category/Categories: In the News

Publication Source: Macleans Source Link: View the full original article >> Author: Mitchel Raphael Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May is gearing up for the three by-elections (yet to be called) that she hopes could double her caucus of one. She feels the Greens have a chance in Calgary Centre, the riding formerly represented ...

Date: 2012/08/21 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases, TPP

As the Green parliamentary political parties of three nations whose governments are currently in the process of negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), we are issuing this joint statement to express our serious concern at the fundamentally undemocratic and non-transparent nature of this agreement.  Following the leaking of the draft investment chapter of the TPPA ...

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