Date: 2011/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Householders

There are many ways citizens can bring their concerns to Parliament.  Presenting petitions to the House of Commons via a Member of Parliament dates back to medieval times and is one of the most historic ways of expressing one’s sentiment on any given issue to the government of the day. Elizabeth welcomes the opportunity to ...

Date: 2011/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Householders

The Ottawa team is a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who assist Elizabeth while in the House of Commons.  They hail from every corner of Canada, including Antigonish, Calgary, Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Richmond, Saanich, Toronto and Vancouver. A team of more than 10 interns from the local universities observe the proceedings of more ...

Date: 2011/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Householders

Our constituency staff can help you if you have problems with federal government departments.  Common problems that constituents may have include difficulties receiving their Old Age Security, Canada Pension Benefits or Employment Insurance.  We can also help with immigration problems or if you have difficulties with Canada Revenue Agency. If you contact our office, having ...

Date: 2011/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Householders

Between June and October, Elizabeth has risen to speak in the House of Commons over 100 times. On average, MPs have risen about half the number times in the same period! Print this page...

Date: 2011/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Householders

Print this page...

Date: 2011/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Householders

Climate Change Mr. Speaker, I am rising today to remind us that 23 years ago next week was the first global scientific conference on the threat of climate change. Canada sponsored it. We were proud to have that conference opened by our Prime Minister, and the scientists gathered there made the following statement: Humanity is ...

Date: 2011/11/16 -- Category/Categories: Householders

It has been the greatest honour of my life to be serving the citizens of Saanich-Gulf Islands as your Member of Parliament.  These last few months have sped by and I have a lot of news to share in this first regular mailing to you. First things first! I hope you will make a note ...

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