Date: 2016/11/29 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Speeches

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, it is an honour to rise today to speak to Bill C-26, a bill to enhance the Canada pension plan. I want to start by lamenting, as I did this morning, time allocation, which is bringing this debate to a premature end. I think this is one of those times, particularly ...

Date: 2015/03/26 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

When I was first elected, the consensus among parliamentary observers was that I would never be heard from again. One MP, so it was said, cannot do anything in Parliament. Fortunately, I did not accept the accepted wisdom. I firmly believe in the essential role of Parliament as the living, breathing expression of our democracy. ...

Date: 2013/05/31 -- Category/Categories: Letters

Hon. Andrew Scheer Speaker of the House of Commons 224-N Centre Block Parliament of Canada May 30, 2013 Dear Mr. Speaker, I am writing this letter to provide you with supplementary explanation as to the admissibility of my motions to amend Bill C-60, An Act to Implement Certain Provisions of the Budget Tabled in Parliament ...

Date: 2013/05/29 -- Category/Categories: Points of Order

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, first, I thank the hon. House leader of the official opposition for raising this matter. As you might imagine, Mr. Speaker, I have been in a quandary, unable to imagine exactly how I would put to you the various ways in which I feel my rights are being infringed upon by ...

Date: 2013/05/29 -- Category/Categories: Points of Order

Nathan Cullen: Mr. Speaker, I rise today on a very specific point of order with regard to Bill C-60, an act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on March 21, 2013 and other measures, and the work that was done by the committees that were studying this bill, particularly the finance ...

Date: 2013/05/28 -- Category/Categories: Debate

Elizabeth May:  Mr. Speaker, the hon. Minister of Canadian Heritage said earlier that I had spoken to this bill. In point of fact I have not been allowed to give an actual speech. I have only been allowed to ask a question. In the use of that question, I was able to signal that I ...

Date: 2013/05/21 -- Category/Categories: Debate

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am curious about the procedural and traditional question he raised on extended hours until the very end of the current sitting, with no justification. Another place we could find the money would be the completely unaccountable budget of the Prime Minister’s office, currently at $10 million. We cannot even get ...

Date: 2013/05/19 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

There are so many questions raised by the disclosure, by the Prime Minister’s Office no less, that the Chief of Staff cut a personal cheque to cover Mike Duffy’s illegitimate claims for a housing allowance in the place where he has been ordinarily resident for decades, that even to list them is a challenge. The ...

Date: 2013/04/29 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Goodness knows, I wish the NDP had put forward a motion I could have voted for.  We need a good debate on climate and we need a strong call for government action.  But, I couldn’t vote for that motion. Here’s the text of the motion: That this House: agree with many Canadians and the International ...

Date: 2013/04/29 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

Statement by Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands Elizabeth May on Bill C-15, the Strengthening Military Justice in Defence of Canada Act, which will pass through Report Stage in the House of Commons today: “Although I voted for C-15 at Second Reading, and continue to support many of the core provisions ...

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