Date: 2013/02/05 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

In his report tabled this morning, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development revealed Environment Canada and Health Canada do not have a complete list of substances used in hydraulic fracturing (commonly known as fracking). The report states that “The Minister of the Environment has discretion regarding industry reporting requirements. Environment Canada told us that ...

Date: 2013/02/05 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

The Green Party of Canada is worried by the conclusions reached by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development in his report tabled this morning. “Commissioner Vaughan tells us the Federal government is in a complete state of unpreparedness should an major offshore oil spill happen. He also forecasts a growth of the number ...

Date: 2013/02/02 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

The Joint Review Panel on Enbridge’s proposed risky pipeline and tanker scheme has had countless hours of forceful, brilliant and important testimony setting out the reasons why the project must be rejected.  However, what Dr. Warren Bell did in the Kelowna hearing is extraordinary. Please read this analysis of the social pathologies that lead to ...

Date: 2013/01/28 -- Category/Categories: In the News

Publication Source: The Daily Courier (Kelowna) Source Link: View the full original article >> Author: Roohi Sahajpal Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline has no chance in British Columbia if Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has her way. May was in Kelowna Saturday to speak to more than 300 people at the First United Church. “Has Enbridge ...

Date: 2013/01/28 -- Category/Categories: In the News

Publication Source: Capital News Source Link: View the full original article >> Author: Alistair Waters Local opponents to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline came out in force Saturday night, filling a local church to hear five prominent speakers denounce the project, as well as blast the federal and provincial governments for they have handled ...

Date: 2012/12/02 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Ideally, Canadians would have an opportunity to discuss what energy decisions are most in our national interest:  to export bitumen crude as fast as possible?  To refine the crude in Canada creating tens of thousands of jobs here? To continue to allow Eastern Canada to be dependent on Nigeria, Angola and Venezuela for oil supplies, ...

Date: 2012/11/05 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

There are many different visions of the Arctic. There is Stephen Harper’s annual summer trip with its proclamations of “use it or lose it.” Yet, his promises for deep sea ports, ice breakers, and new research stations are now more noted as absent than fulfilled. For example, the ice-breakers were promised in 2005 and again ...

Date: 2012/10/22 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

The Prime Minister’s goal of six million barrels of oil a day from the oil sands is driving our foreign policy, our trade policy, has undermined our global climate commitments, is eviscerating our scientific capacity and is skewing our economy to one product at the expense of others. Former U.S. President G. W. Bush was ...

Date: 2012/10/22 -- Category/Categories: Uncategorized

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, speaks to several thousand people at the steps of the British Columbia legislature on October 22nd, 2012. She have an passionate speech against the possible Canada-China Investment Agreement during the “Defend our Coast Sit-In”, and was accompanied by Don ...

Date: 2012/10/19 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands, will attend the Defend Our Coast sit-in in Victoria next week. People from across Canada will unite to defend our coast from tar sands tankers and pipelines. May, who has an excellent attendance record in the House of Commons, feels that this sit-in is too important to miss. ...

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