Date: 2012/12/04 -- Category/Categories: Points of Order

The Speaker: I would also like to draw to the attention of hon. members the presence in the gallery of Mr. Raffi Cavoukian, perhaps better known by his stage name “Raffi”, celebrated singer, songwriter, musician and recipient of the Order of Canada in recognition of his work with children. Some hon. members: Hear, hear! Print ...

Date: 2012/11/21 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

Green Leader Elizabeth May won top honours at tonight’s 2012 Parliamentarian of the Year Awards, an annual event organised by Macleans’ and L’Actualité. The MPs themselves voted in eight categories to select the winners. “I am so honoured to receive such an enormous award from my colleagues in the House. I am the first woman ...

Date: 2012/11/15 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

We had some very good news at the end of October. Agriculture minister Gerry Ritz confirmed that the Plant Health Centre on the Saanich Peninsula would not be closed after all. As this is the 100th year of the centre’s existence, it was very happy news indeed! In spring 2012, Ritz announced that the Plant ...

Date: 2012/10/03 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Blake Richards : Mr. Speaker, about one year ago, I introduced private member’s Bill C-309, the concealment of identity act, which would fill a loophole in our country’s laws and provide the police with a tool to protect public safety. However, I recently learned that the member for Saanich—Gulf Islands has taken to Twitter to ...

Date: 2012/09/25 -- Category/Categories: Statements

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, it is my great pleasure to rise today to celebrate two events that occurred this last weekend in my riding of Saanich—Gulf Islands. The first was the celebration of the 100th birthday of our local newspaper. The Peninsula News Review has been published since 1912, when it was first called the ...

Date: 2012/09/20 -- Category/Categories: In the News

Publication Source: The Island Tides Source Link: View the full original article >> Author: Staff MP Elizabeth May came to Saturna Island to meet with her constituents on September 7. Arriving on the 10:20am ferry she met with Islanders from 11am-5pm at the Saturna Café and then held a Town Hall meeting from 6-7:30pm, before ...

Date: 2012/09/20 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

From most of my Island Tides columns, one could conclude that my every waking hour was absorbed in documenting the horrific decisions of the current federal government. It has become a truism that Mr Harper seeks decision-based evidence-making in preference to evidencebased decision-making. Fortunately, a great deal of my life is spent working with wonderful ...

Date: 2012/09/17 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

Sixteen months ago, the citizens of Saanich-Gulf Islands chose Elizabeth May as our first elected Green MP. Since then, Canada’s hardest working MP has displayed a determination which rises far above what many thought a single MP could do, building a team that resembles a “small OLO” (Office of the Leader of the Opposition) in ...

Date: 2012/09/14 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

Scientists, many of them wearing white lab coats, and concerned citizens rallied at noon today in downtown Victoria by the federal government building at Yates and Government Streets against the Harper Conservatives’ assault on scientific research, environmental monitoring, information dissemination, and informed decision-making in Canada. Speakers included University of Victoria climate scientist Dr. Andrew Weaver, ...

Date: 2012/09/11 -- Category/Categories: Press Releases

An Award Ceremony for the Saanich-Gulf Islands Recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is to take place in Sidney, BC this Thursday evening with Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands. Names and biographical sketches of the 30 award winners are available by request. When: Thursday, September 13th, 2012 Doors open ...

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