Elizabeth May: Question on Kinder Morgan Approval

On Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 in Kinder Morgan, Question Period, Uncategorized

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, many British Columbians believed the Liberal election promises last year. I myself did. I believed the Liberal campaign promises that the National Energy Board process was so badly broken that no pipeline could be approved as a result of that process.

No magical process has intervened, no testing of the evidence, there are no facts to justify this decision, and we know that dilbit cannot be cleaned after being spilled.

Will the Prime Minister reconsider and suspend yesterday’s decision to find the facts and the evidence that will show that approving Kinder Morgan is not justified?

Justin Trudeau: Mr. Speaker, the interim process we put in place both extended the consultation period with indigenous Canadians and strengthened the applied science.

We understand we made commitments throughout the election campaign and leading up to it. Getting resources to market in smart sustainable ways is a fundamental responsibility of the prime minister and of the Canadian government. One which was failed by the previous government, but one that we have delivered today.

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  • Jonny Moore

    I guess sustainability was removed from his dictionary….

  • Meg Sears

    Thank you for this important question. I’m hoping that you could point me to the new evidence that was considered by Prime Minister Trudeau in “strengthening the applied science.”
    An argument could be made that dilbit is too toxic to put in a pipeline. The diluent is acutely toxic and explosive, while as you note bitumen is toxic over the long term and cannot be cleaned up. Will the Prime Minister require upgrading of bitumen before transport? The product would be both somewhat safer and higher value. Limited refining capacity would slow the flow, but it would be a more responsible approach than Alberta exporting toxic substances, some of which are very volatile.

    • holycow

      Good points Meg. The downstream processing of both the light condensate – and sulphur laden natural gas would produce further products that have no substantial market. The current oilfield waste from fracking process being pumped and dumped in the old wells with great risk to aquifers. The risk – based regulatory process is putting in place toxic swamps that may take years to come to the surface and risking life for generations to come. The transfer and shipping our waste via diluted bitumen is only shifting the risk, not unlike barges of plastic and garbage dumped in the ocean, to areas of dense populations where emissions and treatment are blatantly endangering and shipping at a loss, to rid themselves of even larger waste disposal costs.

      • Ed Mankelow

        A few thousand job will only be in the construction phase!
        Once the pipeline is built, only perhaps a hundred jobs for pipeline maintenance. and then where will the trained workers go?

  • Rondo Normal

    This from the authors of one of the scientific reports submitted to Government for use in it’s decision on the pipeline.

    “For example, scientists don’t even know the chemical composition of the different varieties of the toxic liquid diluent when it is added to bitumen to help it flow through a pipeline because it is considered a trade secret of industry. This would make it hard for any expert to figure out how to clean up a spill in the ocean. It would also make it difficult to objectively evaluate a company’s spill response plan, the scientists said.”

    The only evidence I see is evidence of ignoring big questions.

  • https://heywhichwayisup.wordpress.com/ satinka

    PM Trudeau says, “We have commttments…” To whom???? How shameful that he would betray the voters in favor of corporate interests and the NWO. I suppose he has been threatened and told how things would be.

  • D Jackson

    I also had a glimmer of hope Elizabeth even though I would never place my vote in the liberal grab bag…I did have some hope…now I don’t…same old, same old. Different party same old stale hors d’oeuvres. I wonder whats for dinner?

    The PM has committed political suicide as far as B.C. is concerned and with any luck the voting population here will wake up and get rid of the motley liberal provincial crew that would throw their dear old Grammy down the stairs for two bits and are doing their best to beggar us all.

    Looks like the only real hope is Andrew running B.C. With a green government protecting this province from the greedy petrol whores and sell out politicians. B.C. still has a fighting chance.

    As far as our local bobble head here in B.C. and the pup in Ottawa passing on their promises…did we really expect anything less than outright deception?

  • D Jackson

    PS: Thank you Elizabeth, for your honesty and your integrity, both it would seem, a rare trait in the house.

  • brent1023

    “Getting resources to market in smart sustainable ways …”
    According the Jeff Rubin, the market they are trying to reach pays $8 a barrel less for Oil Sands product than the Gulf Coast does.
    Finding a shorter route to a market that pays less can hardly be called smart.
    As for “sustainable”, which part of carbon bubble does the PM not understand?
    While proponents claim this shortens the route to asian markets, the price differential does not seem to support this claim.
    It is possible that the tankers will actually go through the newly enlarged Panama canal and end up at gulf coast refineries.

  • preConfederation

    TruD’oh! is Steven Harper 2.0 (the Homer Simpson spelling)

  • ausername

    How do you do it year after year, Elizabeth? I feel so disheartened with what’s going to happen to our province. And now it’s like we’re the bad guys and I’ve been told I’m “anti Canadian” because I’m opposed to Kinder Morgan. And Christy will fear monger about jobs and will likely get in again. I look at my kids and feel guilt for even having them sometimes.

  • David Haynes

    Getting resources to market is what 3rd world leaders do….and salesmen…it is not the JOB of the Prime Minister.

  • Ppool

    I wonder if Just-in and Chrispy will be off for a dinner with Trumpty Dumpty in his Tower of Power? The Narcissus Gang rides again. What planet do they live on? Planet Koch?

    • Will-o’-the-West

      We know who else will sit with them at Trumpty’s dinner: Dicky Kinder (net worth $7.4 billion) and Billy Morgan (net worth $12 billion).

      • Ppool

        Kinder Morgan = It’s a Kinder, gentler, Moregain world. $$ KM.
        “Play it kinder with the corrupt leaders for more gain?” It always works.

  • James Bodie

    The world will need oil for at least the next ten years, probably the next 50 (at a minimum). Trans-mountain will, at the risk of damage to the environment, provide a few thousand jobs for a couple of years, which are needed right now (it is not definite that there will be a major spill before the need for oil has disappeared). And the oil companies need to sell their oil before the price goes up! :) Is it right to cancel work projects when so many need work (in the here and now) when the downside in the same time frame is just a maybe? Van Jones of CNN makes this observation: “If coal companies were messing with spotted owls, we’d be down there, and we should be….But you had human beings being hurt by the same companies and they [leaders] all had an excuse for not coming. It was shameful.” http://rabble.ca/news/2016/11/van-jones-canada-needs-to-stand-tall-against-trumps-whitelash-election-win. Elizabeth, don’t go to jail on principle; it is not worth it. And we need you in the House of Commons.

  • Sharon Kimberley

    The National Energy Board has protected us from this type of decision and since the Conservatives almost eliminated its powers not to mention the environmental protectors – the scientists almost 1,000 who protected and moinitored our natural resources, we need to replace our safeguards for our environment rather than make this decision. Stephen Harper actually used the government as an extention of the oil industry and favoured all the oil industry as well as other extraction industries damaging our natural resources especially in our northern areas without the consent of the people living there making sure that there were n0 safeguards to protect these people from pollution to their water, lands and not using these people to employ in these industries. Further these industries damaged the land and had no obligation to clean up the mess left behind as evidenced in past endeavours. Do not favour this industry over many others – you represent Canadians not the oil industry. Do not give them priority over environmental concers.
    We should have a clause in the Constitution that says our environment has a right to be protected above all else as espoused by David Zukuki. There are countries who have adopted this right. Let’s make Canada one of the countries and set the example for the rest of the world.

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