Date: 2014/10/23 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I thank all my colleagues for giving me this opportunity to speak on this very serious and grave day. We had a horrible day yesterday. I especially want to thank the Prime Minister for his words today, as well as the Leader of the Opposition and the leader of the Liberal ...

Date: 2014/10/23 -- Category/Categories: Communiqués, Vidéos

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP for Saanich­–Gulf Islands will hold a Press Conference today to speak on the tragic events that unfolded at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill. Date:  Thursday, October 23, 2014 Time: 11:00 a.m. Location: Charles Lynch Theatre 130-S, Centre Block (Parliament Hill) Read Elizabeth ...

Date: 2014/10/03 -- Category/Categories: Période de questions, Vidéos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, brutality and atrocities of all sorts of religious extremists and sectarian violence offend every Canadian and are deeply troubling to every citizen. However, we have seen five million killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We have seen Boko Haram kidnap schoolgirls. Are we particularly motivated to send fighter bombers ...

Date: 2014/10/03 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, with that, let me convey my thanks to all members of this House for the rare unanimous consent to allow a member from an unrecognized party to respond, although I do stand here recognized as a member of Parliament for the Green Party. I want to reflect very briefly on the ...

Date: 2014/09/30 -- Category/Categories: Débat d'ajournement, Vidéos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I rise this evening in adjournment proceedings to pursue a question I asked on June 19, before the House adjourned for the summer recess. I am pleased that the question I raised then allows me to return to an issue of fundamental importance to my constituents. I hold nine separate town ...

Date: 2014/09/30 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am pleased, as this debate continues on the Canada-Korea free trade agreement, particularly on Bill C-41, which would bring the treaty into effect, that as the leader of the Green Party of Canada, I am able to put more fully on the record the position I have stated so far ...

Date: 2014/09/24 -- Category/Categories: Videos

Elizabeth Speaking in New York City Wrap Up Summary Print this page...

Date: 2014/09/22 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, it is an honour for me to speak today to Bill C-13. It is a sad moment because this bill contains all the flaws it had at first reading. I want to also put on the record that I regret the Speaker’s decision. I understand the Speaker’s reasoning, but I would ...

Date: 2014/09/22 -- Category/Categories: Question Period, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, through no fault of his own, had the PMO prepare talking points, leading to a statement that was incorrect. He said, by my notes, “greenhouse gas” levels “are falling”, and then “significant reduction in greenhouse gas” levels. If the PMO had consulted ...

Date: 2014/09/22 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, it is rare, and members of the House will know it, standing as the leader of the Green Party of Canada and member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands, that I have not availed myself of the opportunity to present amendments at committee stage under new rules that were adopted last fall. ...

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