6.2 Increasing government accountability and ethical conduct

by Craig Cantin | November 29, 2011 5:27 pm

 The Conservative government has been the most centralized and secretive government in Canadian history. It brought in legislation to ostensibly clean up ‘Liberal corruption.’ Remarkably, it has actually made things worse, as it abandoned numerous promises it made while in opposition regarding transparency and accountability. Its ironically named Accountability Act has twelve new blanket exemptions and exclusions preventing certain kinds of government documents from being released, and provides for the possibility that wrongdoing exposed by whistle-blowers could be sealed for up to fifteen years. The Conservative government ‘reform’ has removed the ‘duty to act honestly’ from the code of ethics governing the cabinet and senior civil service.

The Green Party believes in the decentralization of decision making powers and in open, honest government.

Green Party MPs will:


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