Airport traffic control and safety concerns for small airports

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, I also have a really important airport in my riding, the Victoria International Airport. It is a superbly run airport. It is smaller than the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

I discovered that the airport authority handles some things and Transport Canada regulates, but in-between there is this entity called Nav Canada. I was distressed to discover that it has been several years since Nav Canada removed air traffic controller supervisors. Nav Canada does not have a single air traffic control inspector who has ever worked in civilian air traffic control, and there are significant issues of concern to air traffic controllers in my riding.

Has the hon. member heard any similar concerns from air traffic controllers in the Halifax area?

Darrell Samson – Member for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook

Mr. Speaker, I did not hear of any specifics in my region concerning air traffic controllers, but I have heard them before. It is an issue that we need to keep in mind as we move forward with this legislation.

As I said, this is a first step and there are other steps to follow. We will be able to capture some of those issues as we move forward.