Add Saanich-Gulf Islands to the list

Publication Source: Macleans
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Author: Aaron Wherry

The Green Party reports that Saanich-Gulf Islands was also the scene of suspicious calls. Elizabeth May tells me that her campaign office received about a dozen calls on election day from voters who said they had received calls about their polling stations. She’s not sure whether the calls were automated or whether the information was relayed by actual human beings. But she is fairly resolute on the magnitude of the issue at hand.

It’s really distressing. And I think it’s a larger scandal than the sponsorship scandal, just to put it in some kind of context for people, because the sponsorship scandal was penny ante fraud, taking money for things that should have gone to a different purpose. Pretty routine, sadly. It’s scandalous, it required the Gomery inquiry, Paul Martin did the right thing, but this is bigger because this is a deliberate attempt to defraud citizens of their right to vote. I’m with Pat Martin on this. This is very serious stuff.

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