Elizabeth May: Question on Kinder Morgan Approval

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, many British Columbians believed the Liberal election promises last year. I myself did. I believed the Liberal campaign promises that the National Energy Board process was so badly broken that no pipeline could be approved as a result of that process.

No magical process has intervened, no testing of the evidence, there are no facts to justify this decision, and we know that dilbit cannot be cleaned after being spilled.

Will the Prime Minister reconsider and suspend yesterday’s decision to find the facts and the evidence that will show that approving Kinder Morgan is not justified?

Justin Trudeau: Mr. Speaker, the interim process we put in place both extended the consultation period with indigenous Canadians and strengthened the applied science.

We understand we made commitments throughout the election campaign and leading up to it. Getting resources to market in smart sustainable ways is a fundamental responsibility of the prime minister and of the Canadian government. One which was failed by the previous government, but one that we have delivered today.