Faster Lyme treatment could save suffering

Publication Source: Times Colonist
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Author: Brian Tetlow

Re: “B.C. must act on Lyme disease recommendations,” July 5.

I agree with Gwen Barlee’s opinions because of my own experience with Lyme disease. A few years ago, after working outdoors, I experienced a stiff neck. I went to the local clinic for diagnosis and treatment. The doctor at the clinic prescribed Tylenol and sent me home.

The next day, I flew to England. Soon after my arrival, still suffering the same symptoms, a friend noticed a bite mark on my shoulder. I went to the village clinic the next day. After considering the stiff neck and the bite mark on my shoulder, the doctor immediately diagnosed Lyme disease and prescribed a two-week course of Doxicycline, the usual antibiotic recommended for Lyme disease in Europe. I am positive that, because of this prompt treatment, my stiffness and discomfort disappeared within a couple of days and I am now free of the disease.

I am thankful to the doctor in England for acting so quickly without resorting to the time-consuming testing that seems to be required in Canada to confirm the diagnosis of Lyme disease. I agree with Barlee and Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Elizabeth May that faster diagnosis and treatment in Canada would save many people a lot of unnecessary suffering from this debilitating disease.

Brian Tetlow

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