Green Party Advocates for Urgent Extension and Expansion of the Greener Homes Grant Program

Green Party Advocates for Urgent Extension and Expansion of the Greener Homes Grant Program

OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada, echoing the concerns raised by MP Mike Morrice (Kitchener Centre), is urgently calling on the federal government to take immediate action to both replenish and expand the Greener Homes Grant Program.

The Greener Homes Grant Program, a critical initiative for addressing climate change, has offered homeowners grants of up to $5,000 for specific upgrades, fostering environmental sustainability and improving affordability for Canadians. However, recent reports indicate imminent financial strain on the program, putting at risk its ability to achieve its goals.

“The Greener Homes Grant Program stands as a beacon of hope in our collective fight against climate change. Its success in empowering homeowners, reducing emissions, and creating a green economy is undeniable”, said Leader Elizabeth May. “We need to seize this moment to build a legacy of environmental stewardship and economic resilience for generations to come.”

Key Demands from the Green Party:

Replenish Funding: The Green Party emphasizes the need for the federal government to commit to sustained and predictable funding for the continuation of the Greener Homes Grant Program in the 2024 Budget. Recognizing the program’s inadequate target and the looming financial strain, the party urges a swift replenishment to ensure its ongoing success.

Expand Program Scope: To address the evolving challenges of climate change and affordability, the Green Party calls for an expansion of the Greener Homes Program. This includes funding for deep home retrofits, aiming for a minimum 50% energy savings. Examples from successful programs in other jurisdictions, such as Ireland and Germany, serve as models for the comprehensive initiative the Green Party envisions.

Innovative Funding Approach: In alignment with MP Mike Morrice’s proposal, the Green Party advocates for financing the program expansion through a windfall profit tax on Big Oil corporations operating in Canada. This strategic allocation, estimated to generate approximately $4.2 billion, would not only secure the future of the Greener Homes Grant Program but also align financial incentives with environmental objectives.

“The urgency to address climate change and improve affordability for Canadians demands immediate and decisive action”, said Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. “The Greener Homes Grant Program is a vital tool in achieving these goals, and we call on the federal government to prioritize its continued success and expansion.”

“The success of the Greener Homes Grant Program is evident, but its impact is at risk due to financial strain”, added MP Mike Morrice. “The Green Party’s calls for sustained funding, program expansion, and an innovative funding approach. These measures are essential to ensure a green and prosperous future for all Canadians.”

The Green Party of Canada stands united in its commitment to environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and the well-being of all Canadians.