Green Party wishes Happy Hanukkah

DreidelsWith Hanukkah beginning at sundown this evening, the Green Party sends best wishes for the holiday season to Canada’s Jewish community.

Observed for eight days and nights each year between November and December, Hanukkah is a celebration honouring the Judean Revolution against the Seleucid Empire in Jerusalem, in the 2nd century BC.

Hanukkah is a festival of lights, traditionally observed with the lighting of candles on the nine-branched menorah each night. The candles serve to commemorate the Miracle of Hanukkah:

When, after a great battle, they had recaptured the Holy Temple in Jerusalem from the Seleucids, the Judean Maccabees discovered that there was only enough oil left to keep the Temple lamp lit for a single day, but this remaining oil is said to have lasted for eight days.

The Green Party of Canada would like to wish all those celebrating Hanukkah this year a joyous holiday season.