Greens support medical treatment in Canada for 100 wounded Gazan children

The Green Party of Canada supports the humanitarian campaign led by Palestinian-Canadian Dr. Izzeldin Abeylaish to bring 100 seriously wounded Gaza children to Canada for medical treatment.

“Dr. Abeylaish has demonstrated tremendous leadership. Can our elected leaders match it? This mission to save innocent children is both humbling and inspirational. I urge the federal government to support this most urgent campaign,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP for Saanich­–Gulf Islands.

“Hatred strips us of our dignity and humanity, both for those who wield it and those afflicted by its wrath,” said Green Party of Canada Peace and Security Critic Ronnie Smith. “These children have names, faces, and families, just like you and I do. Canada is well situated to provide such humanitarian aid, but this government has painted us into a diplomatic corner in terms of the Israel Palestine conflict.”