Hollandaise Sauce

I have noticed that many of my friends think Hollandaise sauce is “easier” when made from powdered mixes or even in microwaves.  Those mixes or microwaved “short-cuts”  never come close to the rapture of real hollandaise sauce, and they do not save any time.  The truth is hollandaise sauce is quick and easy to make from scratch.

1 egg
¼ pound butter (cold)
1 tsp lemon juice
Pinch of salt

Separate egg, setting white aside for another day.  Use a good quality thick small pan over boiling water.  Cut your cold ¼ pound of butter into 4 smaller pieces.  Stir the egg yolk in with the lemon juice and tiny pinch of salt, while stirring the cold first quarter of the ¼ pound of butter.  (temperature is key in this recipe, and room temp butter will sabotage your sauce).  As soon as melted, stir in the second ¼, and so on till all are smooth and the sauce is thickened.  Never stop stirring.  If you must turn away from your sauce, take it off the heat.  If the sauce separates, it can be rescued by whisking in a small ice cube.

The perfect thing on broccoli, asparagus and of course, on Eggs Benedict (with variations of ham, smoked salmon or spinach, poached egg on English muffin).