May to Raise Bill C-38 Point of Order

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands, will raise a Point of Order regarding the omnibus “budget” Bill C-38 at 12:00pm.  It will be based on Standing Order 68 (3):  “No bill may be introduced either in blank or imperfect state.”
“Among other things, I will argue that C-38 is not properly an omnibus bill at all, and therefore cannot benefit from the trend toward over-large and complex omnibus legislation,” said May.  “I will be seeking a ruling that the bill has not been put forward in its proper from and is therefore “imperfect” and must be set aside.”
May noted that Canadians are increasingly standing up to this bill as they learn about its destructive contents.  She is doing her part to represent their concerns in the House of Commons.

To read the text of her point of order, visit the Elizabeth May MP site