Power, Hope and Sleepless Nights – Elizabeth May on COP 21

November 30, 2015

Publication source: The Elephant Podcast

Nearly 150 world leaders have assembled here in Paris for the start of COP 21, the UN climate summit. And whatever may come out of it over the course of the next two weeks, it’s hard to overstate the crucial importance of this year’s conference.

Elizabeth May has seen these UN climate conferences inside and out. She was at the Earth Summit in Rio when the UNFCCC was first created in 1992, and since then she has attended most, if not all of the 20 COPs. This year Elizabeth May is attending COP 21 as a member of the Canadian government’s delegation. We reached her by Skype a couple of weeks ago to talk to her about what the process is like, what the obstacles to an agreement are, and why when it comes to Paris, there’s never been a more critical COP.

Listen to our interview with Elizabeth May here.