Question Period: Canada-China Investment Treaty

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am really relieved that the Prime Minister has not yet ratified the Canada-China investment treaty. There is new information that I think is really important for Conservative members of Parliament to consider. A new European report blows a hole through the idea that the arbitration is impartial and unbiased. In fact, there is an elite group of international lawyers, who are making millions out of being global ambulance chasers. They seek the cases, talk governments into entering into FIPAs and reap the rewards of $1,000 an hour as they serve on these cases.


I urge members to look at the inherent unfairness of arbitration.

Hon. Tony Clement: Mr. Speaker, I thank hon. leader of the Green Party for her intervention and question on this issue, but I would remind her that, as we know in this place, in fact, this whole treaty is about protecting Canadians who are investing in China, to give them the same rights and protections that Chinese investors and other foreign national investors already have under Canadian law here in Canada. I cannot imagine the hon. leader of the Green Party would not want that to happen.