Question Period: Military Action in Iraq

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, brutality and atrocities of all sorts of religious extremists and sectarian violence offend every Canadian and are deeply troubling to every citizen.


However, we have seen five million killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We have seen Boko Haram kidnap schoolgirls.

Are we particularly motivated to send fighter bombers because ISIL puts its barbaric acts on YouTube? Will we ask ourselves why do they do that? Are we falling into a trip in which these religious extremists want the U.S. and Canada to bomb?

Would we not be better off to work with allies, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and potentially even Iran, to support their efforts from Muslim nations to put an end to ISIS.

Hon. Rob Nicholson: Mr. Speaker, as a matter of fact we are working with our allies. The number of allies that are engaged in this process is growing on a daily basis.

I would just point out to the hon. member that the brutality and extremism that is experienced by the people in that part of the world is also a direct threat to Canada.