Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans (FOPO)

This week the committee met twice in camera to conclude its study on closed containment salmon aquaculture and to begin a report on invasive species that pose a threat to the Great Lakes system.

In the February 28th meeting it was decided that the committee report titled Closed Containment Salmon Aquaculture would be presented to the House by the committee chair.

The same motion determined that the committee would dedicate the March 5th and March 7th meetings to consideration of the Supplementary Estimates, and that the committee would invite departmental officials and the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to the meetings to discuss fisheries management issues and the coast guard.

The motion also set out a schedule for committee business, including plans to continue its study on invasive species in the Great Lakes, meeting with provincial officials and beginning a report on northern and arctic fisheries.