What is the basis for claiming Kinder Morgan is a major job creator?

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, there have been a lot of claims made, even here today in the House, about the jobs that would be created by Kinder Morgan, but there is no evidence to back up those claims.

There is no evidence because the National Energy Board refused to hear the evidence of Unifor. The largest union in the oil sands, Unifor went before the NEB to point out that building Kinder Morgan will cost Canadian jobs. The NEB refused to hear that evidence. Could the Prime Minister tell us, on what independent study is he basing the claim that Kinder Morgan creates more jobs than it kills.

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister

Mr. Speaker, when it comes to the environment and the economy, we know the two things go together. That is central to the national interest. In regard to energy and pipelines, there are three elements that need to work together. First, we need to get our resources to markets overseas safely and securely. Second, we put forward a historic, world-class oceans protection plan to protect our coasts, and third, we put forward a real plan to reduce carbon emissions and meet our Paris targets.

We cannot get any of the three without getting all three. That is what our government understands.