Standing Committee on Official Languages (LANG)

On Tuesday this week,  debate arose on Mr. Costas Menegakis’ (CPC) motion which reads as follows: “that all Committee business of the Committee be held in camera.” Also on the table was the amendment proposed by Mr. Harris (NDP): “that the motion be amended by adding after the words “in camera” the following: “with the consent of at least one member of the opposition or a vote by committee at the start of any sitting of the permanent Committee on official languages where committee business is to be discussed”. Mr. Robert Aubin (NDP) continued his speech about the need for government transparency and openness.

After a 10-minute suspension, a motion put forward by Mr. Godin (NDP) was unanimously passed stating that debate on the motion would be adjourned and the committee would continue the Evaluation of the Roadmap: Improving Programs and Service Delivery.

On Thursday, the committee heard small speeches from representatives from the Department of Canadian Heritage, followed by questions from the committee members. This group is heading the study of the Roadmap and assured the committee that when the study is concluded in a few weeks’ time, the results will be made public. The committee members were rather irritated that they have not been kept up-to-date on the findings of the study. The second half of the meeting, the committee members were discussing the list of witnesses to bring in to meetings for the next few weeks.