Media Release: Statement on National Flag Day 2017

Today, Elizabeth May joins all Canadians in celebrating the anniversary of our national flag:

“It’s been 52 years since the modern Canadian flag was first raised on Parliament Hill. National Flag Day is particularly special this year as we recognize Canada’s 150th celebrations from coast to coast to coast. We note our 150th anniversary conscious of the fact that we are on unceded territory of the nations who were here before us.”

“Canada is one of few countries to take its national flag symbol from its natural environment. The single maple leaf represents our intimate connection to the land and sea. The unmistakeable red and white flag is free from political affiliation or colonial remnants, and remains a symbol of our rich heritage influenced by English, French, and Indigenous traditions, as well as many other cultures from around the world.”

“On this special anniversary, the flag reminds us of the sacrifices of generations for freedom and peace for all Canadians. Happy birthday to our Maple Leaf,” Ms. May concluded.