Trudeau administration’s first year: a performance review

(OTTAWA) November 3, 2016 – To mark one year of the Trudeau administration in government, Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) released an annual performance review measuring developments in 13 key areas: democracy, climate action, environmental law, finance, immigration, health, foreign policy, trade, indigenous issues, justice, fisheries, agriculture and transportation.

The review measures the Trudeau administration’s performance against Liberal platform promises and against the Speech from the Throne. The overarching priority of climate action is one that involves many portfolios.

“This is an administration with new potential covering new territory, and as such, we need new monitoring and evaluation tools,” Ms. May said. “Measuring against the record of the previous government is too low a bar.”

On the Climate file, the GPC celebrates some positive developments – such as the commitment to national carbon pricing and the ratification of the Paris Agreement. However, the Trudeau administration receives only a ‘C’ for its continuation of Harper-era climate targets that will fail to meet our Paris Agreement commitments.

“Approving projects that will drive up greenhouse gas emissions, such as Petronas Pacific Northwest LNG, violates the first rule of holes: if you are in one, stop digging,” Ms. May said.

The only portfolio to receive an ‘F’ is in Justice for Indigenous Peoples. There has so far been inadequate attention to suicide prevention and funding for children’s services. More concerning, the government is failing to honour its nation-to-nation relationship commitments by approving permits for the Site C dam on B.C.’s Peace River.

“While we firmly believe parliament and Canada need a much larger caucus of Green MPs, we hope for the Liberal administration to do the right thing – for Canada and for future generations. The challenges we face are too critical to be blindly partisan,” Ms. May said. “There is still time to take great strides towards a better country for all.”

Read the full performance review here.