Green Caucus Week in Review: February 22 – 26

This week, the Speaker of the House ruled on Elizabeth’s Point of Privilege from last week. The Point of Privilege asked that the Speaker help resolve the situation of Greens being blocked from asking questions on Wednesdays when the Prime Minister answers all questions. Unfortunately, the Speaker ruled against Elizabeth’s request. The current situation is intolerable as Green MPs are now down to one question per month in QP. The Green Caucus pushes for every possible opportunity.

Elizabeth debated the failures of Canada’s climate policies in adjournment proceedings. She called out the government for skipping a commitment made in the 2015 Paris negotiations to improve Canada’s target in 2020. The government continues to pretend it did not make that pledge.

MPs also debated Bill C-7, the legislation on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), which recently returned to the House of Commons with amendments from the Senate. In debate, Jenica asked her fellow MPs to be cautious about stoking fears based on untruths about the bill. Green MPs asked the government to commit more funding for mental health and palliative care. Elizabeth noted particularly how a Guaranteed Livable Income is essential to ensure that all Canadians can live with dignity.

Elizabeth, Paul and Jenica wore pink shirts to support anti-bullying on Pink Shirt Day, Wednesday.

On Thursday, Paul sought the Unanimous Consent of the House to pass his motion on Affordable Housing. He asked the government to crack down on the commodification of the housing market before hundreds of thousands more Canadians become homeless.

Later that evening in adjournment proceedings, Jenica pressed the government further on its leadership role in combatting gender based and intimate partner violence. She gave the government some tangible suggestions to start making progress for women, girls, and all who are facing violence at home.

On Friday, Paul put forward amendments to improve Bill C-18, the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement Implementation Act. This transitional agreement replicates the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA) and carries over CETA’s flaws. Paul emphasized the importance of transparency and public consultation as the government begins negotiating Canada’s new trade relationship with a post-Brexit UK.

Jenica, Elizabeth, and Paul wore pink shirts to support anti-bullying on Pink Shirt Day.

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