Protest Against Robocalls Planned For Monday on the Hill

Publication Source: CFRA
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Author: Phil Gaudreau

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will rally on the hill at noon along with other members of the opposition parties and democracy activists.

May tells CFRA News the rally is focused on voter suppression techniques, and not the Conservative party whom many suspect were behind the calls. “I’m a firm believer in innocent until proven guilty, get the facts first before you make any charges. In my view it’s very clear there was a pattern of false, illegal telephone calls made to voters in many ridings telling them to go to polling stations which were erroneous. It’s a serious crime because it affects the fairness of Canadian’s right to vote”.

The focus of the protest will not be to point fingers, but to strengthen the call for an inquiry according to May. “There is a crime that was committed in – well, multiple crimes right across the country – and I hope the Prime Minister rethinks this and comes out strongly to say that any attempt to defraud a Canadian of his or her vote is deeply disturbing to him as Prime Minister. And that therefore he’s going to call an inquiry.”

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