Distinguished economists validate Elizabeth May’s economic policy

What do Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada have in common with 27 Nobel economics laureates, all four living former chairs of the Federal Reserve, 15 former chairmen of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, and two former Treasury secretaries? They all agree we need carbon pricing and that we need it now.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a statement—January 17, 2019— by a group of distinguished economists pleading for immediate national action to mitigate the serious threat of global climate change. United, they are recommending a carbon tax to stimulate the market. This will not only to tackle the climate change crisis, but will make the North American economy more competitive in the global marketplace.

“For years the Green Party has advocated the Carbon Fee and Dividend system,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada. “The fee and dividend approach ensures revenue neutrality and social equity. What Canadian Conservatives appear to have forgotten is that carbon pricing to harness the market was developed by conservatives to avoid regulation. The delays in implementing carbon pricing mean that now all tools are needed. The recommendations proposed by this distinguished group of economists couldn’t be more timely.”