Elizabeth says Canada’s current climate targets are a path to extinction

Mr. Speaker, it is ironic that the motion on the climate emergency was moved back due to other government business. This is an emergency, and neither the NDP motion nor the Liberal motion before the House speaks to the detailed response necessary—in other words, to holding to 1.5°C. This is not a political goal but a scientific reality that if we do not hit, we could actually lose human civilization, or worse. It will require at least 45% reductions below 2010 levels by 2030. That is what the IPCC said. Our view, as Greens, is that the IPCC has been over-optimistic about how much time we have. As well, Canada has of course a larger burden of reduction because we are so far behind many other countries.

The Greens are calling for 60% reductions against 2005 levels by 2030. What would be the Liberal target? Right now, the government has held on to the Conservative target under Stephen Harper, which is a path to extinction.